Stop Taking Calcium Supplements As They Never Work

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To absorb calcium, Vit D is needed but to maintain healthy calcium levels in your body, magnesium, Vit K2 and phosphorus are needed as well. Calcium carbonate, used in supplements, needs stomach acids to solubilize and ionize it. As we age, stomach acids reduce making this form of calcium intake ineffective and increase risk of heart attacks and stroke.

Medicines Cannot Cover Bad Lifestyle Choices

We Brits seem to think that every health problem can be solved by simply popping a pill. And it certainly is true that many are, especially infectious diseases that succumb to antibiotics, antifungals and, increasingly, antivirals.

But that leaves a plethora of  ailments that continue to plague people despite the best efforts of Big Pharma. Most are chronic health problems related to how British people live, especially what we eat and drink, and moreover what we don’t eat and drink, and how we move or probably more likely how we don’t move. In our ageing society, these ails have pushed the annual cost of medical care into the billions of £££s and are threatening to bring down the NHS.

Osteoporosis is a disease on the increase, and although there are drugs to stanch the loss of bone and the debilitating fractures that often result, the remedies are costly, difficult to administer and sometimes have side effects that can be worse than the disease they are meant to counter.

This makes prevention the preferred and more cost-effective option. But efforts to prevent bone disease have focused on a pill, namely supplements of calcium, the mineral responsible for creating bone in youth that must be maintained throughout adult life, which now routinely extends to the 80s and 90s.

And now, as with many other pills once regarded as innocuous, the safety and efficacy of calcium supplements in preventing bone loss is being called into question.

Breaking The Calcium Supplement Myth

Two studies recently published in the British Medical Journal seem to conclude that increasing calcium intake, whether through supplements or through additional dietary sources, is unlikely to boost bone health or prevent fractures. Surprised? I am not at all actually and I will explain myself in just a second.

Study Findings

As per the first study, increasing calcium intake from dietary sources or by taking supplements produces small (1-2%) increases in bone mineral density, which “are unlikely to lead to a clinically meaningful reduction in risk of fracture” (1).

As per the the second study, dietary calcium intake is not associated with risk of fracture, and “there is no clinical trial evidence that increasing calcium intake from dietary sources prevents fractures” (1).

Many people choose to take a calcium supplement in order to treat osteoporosis or to try to prevent it but it really isn’t quite as simple as taking any calcium supplement in a hope that it will improve your bones’ health.

Why Is Your Calcium Supplement Not Working?

In order for the body to be able to absorb calcium, vitamin D is needed and indeed, many calcium supplements contain vitamin D in order to aid calcium absorption. However, this is not the whole picture. It gets more complicated.

If you want to maintain a healthy balance of calcium in your body, just adding Vitamin D to the mix is not sufficient. Calcium works together with magnesium, vitamin K and phosphorus and you need to make sure you get enough of these nutrients as well. It’s actually really important to maintain the proper balance between magnesium, calcium, vitamin K2, and vitamin D (2). The problem with calcium supplements is a lack of balance between these nutrients and this is the reason why calcium supplements have become associated with increased risk of heart attacks and stroke (2).

Another problem with calcium supplements is that calcium comes in various chemical forms. Calcium supplement could contain calcium in a form of calcium carbonate, calcium orotate or calcium bound to various organic chelates (citrate, gluconate, lactate, amino acid) (3).

Calcium carbonate is the most widely used form of calcium in supplements today but its absorption depends somewhat on the calcium becoming solubilized and ionized by stomach acid (3). The problem here is that stomach acid tends to decrease as we age so taking this form of calcium when we are older is not a good idea.


You can now see why calcium supplements don’t work. There are so many variables involved. The best advice is to follow a healthy and balanced diet which includes all the nutrients needed for the body to absorb and regulate calcium. If you don’t get enough vitamin D through food or from sun rays, make sure you supplement and if you think you could be deficient take a test.

Are you taking any calcium supplements and will you continue taking them after reading this?


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Emma Olliff
Star Expert

Emma is a qualified Nutritional Therapist (DipNT CNM) and is registered with BANT (British Association for Nutritional Therapy) and CMA (Complimentary Medical Association). She is passionate about helping her clients achieve optimum health through diet and lifestyle.

Emma Olliff
Star Expert

Emma is a qualified Nutritional Therapist (DipNT CNM) and is registered with BANT (British Association for Nutritional Therapy) and CMA (Complimentary Medical Association). She is passionate about helping her clients achieve optimum health through diet and lifestyle.

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Dick Dupes
Dick Dupes 5pts

What about fosamax? Sorry for my poor spelling. Diane Thanks!!

Atash-meher Panthaki
Atash-meher Panthaki 5pts

Thnks a lot for d information people hv different suggestion as iam suffering from it very very badly its just terrible pn, hv GT tabs vitamins coral calcium 74....;!!;!!Actually its extremely painful my dear close frnds😥😰😢😓😓😎😎😎💏💑💏👀👀👀👀✌✌💋💋💋💋 🎉🎇🎆🎆🎇🎉🏠UTCGdblss you allByeBye

Ayurveda 5pts

thanks for sharing the information

Christine VanAllen
Christine VanAllen 5pts

My family Doctor informed me of this information 35yrs ago when I was diagnosed with osteoporosis ....I miss Dr. Appleby ;0 She new her stuff !

Melissa Jones
Melissa Jones 5pts

I can't remember which research paper I read concerning this but this is essentially correct. In developing countries, where women don't have access to the same diet or lifestyle, there is a much lower rate of developing osteoporosis. The theory is that because those women engage in more weight-bearing exercise, their bodies respond by increasing bone density. In the West, women get much less exercise, have different stressors and have a diet full of processed foods, What's clear is that calcium supplements don't increase bone density. That's why in the West, doctors prescribe medication, they know that supplements don't work.

Jenifer Vijay
Jenifer Vijay 5pts

How about calcium with vitamin D supplements

Eva Data
Eva Data 5pts

Istop taking calcium 3 yrs ago my internst cardiologist told me izs not good

Landa Chukure
Landa Chukure 5pts

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Landa Chukure 5pts

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Landa Chukure 5pts

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Haydee Tito
Haydee Tito 5pts

You right, I have to drink more green juice, I think.

Linda Lu Kennedy
Linda Lu Kennedy 5pts

They do that according to how they want the economy to go.

Summiya Khan
Summiya Khan 5pts

Sodium Carbonate but i dont know why he recomend this its nt safe to eat so dont think to eat thankyou :)

Summiya Khan
Summiya Khan 5pts

From where i can get this supplement calmag D? From supperstore? Thankyou

సింధూర కౌకుట్ల
సింధూర కౌకుట్ల 5pts

They do work. I take calmag D and it does what it does. I will be more than happy to share my supplements if you guys are interested. Cal Mag D nourishes your bones with three natural nutrients — calcium, magnesium, and vitamin D — required for strong, healthy bones at any age.Natural bone loss can begin as young as 30 years old.Made with one of nature’s most concentrated botanical sources of calcium — calcified seaweed. Has more vitamin D in a daily dose than 5 cups of fortified milk to help enhance calcium absorption. Provides 100% of the daily value for zinc, a nutrient important for bone growth and maturation.

Tam Chinnee
Tam Chinnee 5pts

a well balanced meal is sufficient to provide the RDA of calcium.. excessive calcium accumulates and results as stone..

Randy Hill
Randy Hill 5pts

Want calcium - make or buy organic Paneer!

Donn Chin
Donn Chin 5pts

Hmmm...how bout organic calcium? \U0001f604\U0001f603\U0001f609

LS Whitney-Booth
LS Whitney-Booth 5pts

I kind of get tired of the "eat this, eat that" then a few years later: "don't eat this, don't eat that" roller coaster, merry go round. Sheesh. Do whatever you want and maintain regular check ups. How about that?

Selly S James
Selly S James 5pts

Research has proved that over and over, yet I do not understand why people continues to take them.

Marie Savu
Marie Savu 5pts

sesame seeds has high amount calcium

Krupali Salla
Krupali Salla 5pts

I used to have d vitamin d sachets n injections when it was really low Neelo....\U0001f618 but thanks...

Ahmad Shah
Ahmad Shah 5pts

Chonna is best source of calcium. It cure 70 tips of sickness.but not for those who has kidney stone

Norah Jamal
Norah Jamal 5pts

You should drink sometime with vitamin c with it . Like orange or lemon

Raine Kenny
Raine Kenny 5pts

I've had very low vitamin D and the symptoms were awful! It's the sunshine vitamin that many lack, especially in the UK! Now my levels are back up I take vitamin D with calcium.,(vitamin D helps the calcium to be absorbed)

Afia Bhalli
Afia Bhalli 5pts

Such a paradox. You are advising to take vitamin d supplements then why not calcium supplements

Paula Symons
Paula Symons 5pts

Well you don't get told this take vitamin d as well

Greg Crawford
Greg Crawford 5pts

The supplements work if you take the right form of calcium. Vitamin k2 is also needed for proper calcium uptake to occur.

Patricia Marie Cornett
Patricia Marie Cornett 5pts

Magnesium Glycinate will help protect bone health, yes along with proper amounts of Vitamin D and B Complex. We get enough calcium in our diet; it requires Magnesium to be properly assimilated.

Bindu Kemmu
Bindu Kemmu 5pts

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