How Can Stomach Vacuuming Help Build Flat Abs?

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Crunches, push-up, squats can require time, effort and determination. However, now everyone’s doing a simpler and safer ab exercise – stomach vacuuming. Let us have a look at the concept of stomach vacuuming.

What Is Stomach Vacuuming?

Stomach vacuuming is a breathing exercise, that activates, and strengthens the transverse abdominis – your deepest abdominal muscle, by simply contracting it. If you do this right, it can help reduce lower back pain, and improve your posture. Known as the “abdominal drawing-in maneuver” in clinical settings, stomach vacuuming is not necessarily novel; because it focuses on breathing mechanics, it is a pillar of yoga and pilates.

How To Do Stomach Vacuuming?

  1. Work on an empty stomach.
  2. If you are a beginner, roll onto your back with your knees bent, and your feet flat on the mattress (Once you get used to it, you can do it sitting, kneeling or standing).
  3. Next, take a deep exhale, and pull your belly button in towards your spine.
  4. The closer you get, the greater the contraction and intensity.
  5. Hold this position for 15 seconds to start, progress and try holding it up to 60 seconds, taking small breaths as needed.
  6. Repeat this about 3-5 times.
  7. To make the move harder, try it on your hands and knees, sitting straight up in a chair (no back or arm rests!), or on a Swiss ball.

If practised on a regular basis, with a controlled diet and basic workout session, you will start seeing and feeling the benefits, just in a few weeks!

CureJoy Editorial

The CureJoy Editorial team digs up credible information from multiple sources, both academic and experiential, to stitch a holistic health perspective on topics that pique our readers' interest.

CureJoy Editorial

The CureJoy Editorial team digs up credible information from multiple sources, both academic and experiential, to stitch a holistic health perspective on topics that pique our readers' interest.

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ChrissieBond 5pts

Stomach vacuuming??! I'm surprised (and somewhat disappointed) that as an Ayurvedic/yoga based website/page, you make no reference to this originating from the practice of yogic breathing (pranayama). It's true that if one practices certain yogic breathing methods (I refuse to call it stomach vacuuming) regularly and with the correct guidance the core will be strengthened. I speak as a Yoga teacher who has a flat, strong tummy for which I thank my daily pranayama (yogic breathing) and asana (posture) practice incorporating the breath. I'd like to add that my focus is more to do with my health - a 'flat' tummy is good for the heart, supports the lower back, spine and hips and a lot more besides. I hope my comment is taken in the spirit in which it is intended....thank you 😊

Diane Caldwell
Diane Caldwell 5pts

I have had three surgeries on my stomach! And it will still work?

Anika Paul
Anika Paul 5pts

Lol. It came up on feed. Just a coincidence \U0001f633

MrLex Kelly
MrLex Kelly 5pts

Lol, you fact checking me Anika Paul lol. GOOD

Vickie Kurka
Vickie Kurka 5pts

I remember this after my first baby the doctor had his girls do this !! He was right 6 weeks an we were back to our old selves !!!

Adithyan SK
Adithyan SK 5pts

Yes it will help reduce fat in a small rate..but if you wanna get abs you need to work your body off..no shortcuts \U0001f4aa

Ayesha Anu Sharma
Ayesha Anu Sharma 5pts

Thanks a lot ...I would definitely try as I have back pain too.

Jane Gerughty
Jane Gerughty 5pts

I was running for the Dyson. I was thinking of vacuuming now anyway. Wonder if I'll have tire marks . If my stomach goes flat I can live with that.

Laura Rodriguez
Laura Rodriguez 5pts

Is in plain English , what do you mean you need help ? Really !!!! Smh

Teresa Allyson
Teresa Allyson 5pts

I did this bending over for years & people never believed me that I didn't do sit ups or diet.

Vmb Vusala
Vmb Vusala 5pts

No, ironing will help better. For God's sake...

Renee Ford
Renee Ford 5pts

You don't want to know the mental picture that formed before I read the article;-)

EmaLee Noggle
EmaLee Noggle 5pts

I haven't read it and I was imagining doing just so....

Rachel Swope
Rachel Swope 5pts

I'm so disappointed...I thought I just had to use he suction from the vacume over my abs \U0001f629

Doug Clemons
Doug Clemons 5pts

Hopefully people read the article before they break out the Hoover \U0001f609

Dror Lewy
Dror Lewy 5pts

I guess ill be vacuuming my stomach from now on.

Farha Huma
Farha Huma 5pts

Please check your inbox . Thank you so much

J Alex Watts
J Alex Watts 5pts

You'll see results with anything combined with a "controlled diet and basic exercise" :-/

Linwë Ar-Feiniel
Linwë Ar-Feiniel 5pts

"Work on an empty stomach, whilst your still in bed"... My kinda exercise :P

Myrna-Elois Washington
Myrna-Elois Washington 5pts

In yoga, it's called the "breath of fire," especially when performed while in the lotus posture. When practiced on knees and hands, it's called the "cat pose." I've also learned it as a singing exercise to strengthen the diaphragm. It's been extremely effective for a few thousand years. Try yoga; it's extremely powerful.

Ayurveda 5pts

Thanks! :) Chandra Devi Mehairjan-Kalpoe

Gdotv Vu
Gdotv Vu 5pts

We were doing this before it was cool lol