Amazing Benefits Of Sitting On The Floor To Eat

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When sitting on the floor, you usually sit cross-legged (in sukhasana or half padmasna). These poses aid digestion. One feels more calm, eats slower and feels full faster. Makes you more flexible and the digestive system is relaxed. Builds good posture and increases life span. Keeps knees and hip joints healthy. Strengthens heart by improving circulation.

Sitting on the floor is an ancient Indian tradition and has its roots in yoga and Ayurveda. Here are some health benefits of sitting on the floor to eat.

Aids Digestion

When you sit and eat on the floor, you usually sit cross legged, in an asana known as sukhasana or a half padmasna. These yogic poses are well-known in aiding digestion (it is believed that when one sits in this pose while preparing to eat, there is an automatic signal for your brain to prepare for digestion). Apart from that when you eat from a plate placed on the floor, you will have to naturally bend forward slightly and go back to your starting position to swallow. This constant back and forth movement is said to cause the muscles of your abdomen to get activated and leads to increased secretion of stomach acids, making it easier to digest food.

Helps In Weight Loss

When you sit down and eat, your brain calms down and is better equipped to focus on the food you eat. Moreover this position helps you feel full faster. One of the main reasons people overeat is because they do not know when they are full. This happens because the vagus nerve (the main nerve that transmits signals from the stomach to the brain) sends signals to the brain as you eat, telling if you are satiated or not. When you sit on the floor this nerve is able to perform better and transmit signals more efficiently. Since this position makes you eat slower than you would while sitting on a table, it gives your stomach and brain time to cognate the signals of feeling full, thereby preventing overeating and bingeing.

More Flexibility

When you squat or sit in padmasana, the muscles in your lower back, pelvis, around your stomach and those of the upper and lower abdomen stretch, thus reducing pain and discomfort. This, in turn helps your digestive system relax and stay in a normal position. Moreover, the regular stretching of these muscles makes you more flexible and healthy.

Improves Posture

Good posture not only helps prevent injuries but also reduces the chances of excessive strain on certain muscles and joints, which can lead to fatigue and quicker than normal, wear and tear. When you sit on the floor your posture is automatically corrected, making your back straight, lengthening your spine and pushes back your shoulders, beating all the common aches and pains that come with bad posture.

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Key To Living Longer

A study published in the Journal European Journal of Preventive Cardiology found that people who sat on the floor in padmasana and were able to get up without any support were more likely to live longer. This is because being able to get up from that position takes a considerable amount of flexibility and lower body strength. The study found that those who were not able to get up without support were at the risk of being 6.5 times more likely to die in the next six years.

Keeps Your Knees And Hip Joint Healthy

By sitting on the floor, we strengthen the lumbar region of the body, reducing back pain and discomfort. The hips open, making our pelvis and legs more flexible. Core muscles are strengthened, and the ankles also get gently stretched. Constant bending of the knees, ankles and hip joint helps keep them flexible and free of diseases. And with flexibility comes better lubrication between the joints making it much easier to sit on the floor.

Relaxes The Mind And Calms The Nerves

Sukhasana and padmasana poses calm the mind and relaxes frazzled nerves. In Ayurveda, eating with a calm mind helps aid in better digestion.

Strengthens The Heart By Improving Circulation

When your feet are below your heart (as in a position when sitting on a chair), the blood circulation is being directed to your feet, as opposed to when you sit cross-legged on the floor where your heart receives the benefit of better circulation.

CureJoy Editorial

The CureJoy Editorial team digs up credible information from multiple sources, both academic and experiential, to stitch a holistic health perspective on topics that pique our readers' interest.

CureJoy Editorial

The CureJoy Editorial team digs up credible information from multiple sources, both academic and experiential, to stitch a holistic health perspective on topics that pique our readers' interest.

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Brenda Biddix
Brenda Biddix 5pts

great unless injuries have blown out your knees and as muuch as you would love too you cannot

SurajKhuraijam 5pts

That's because people in europe(west) according to their cold climate your joints are stiff.

Prashant Jadhav
Prashant Jadhav 5pts

This is the very ancient time way of eating in India!! infact we also dont know from how long we practising this.

Milin Prajapati
Milin Prajapati 5pts

Yes learn from Hindus, that's why they eat on floors.

Saraswati River
Saraswati River 5pts

Hồ Trang Hoang Nguyen maybe the Dalat center should change to the floor instead :">

Tabatha McMurray
Tabatha McMurray 5pts

My family sits on the floor for dinner. My husband is from Somalia, so its traditional.

Sunita Verma
Sunita Verma 5pts

I like to sit on the floor while eating...

Richard Johnson
Richard Johnson 5pts

Concentrating on levitating limits your ability to enjoy the flavor of the food.

Robin Hammers McNeece
Robin Hammers McNeece 5pts

I've always preferred sitting on the floor while eating, I had no idea it was beneficial, I thought I was just weird.

Casey Tyler
Casey Tyler 5pts

And another reason why the Japanese are so healthy

Raksha Patel
Raksha Patel 5pts

Hindu religion efore pohpet....more.then.ten thousand years old...

Sanobar Basha
Sanobar Basha 5pts

Even before ancient india, prophet Muhammad (saw) , in his time practiced sitting on the floor as a sign of humbleness and same health benefits!! It has been carried forward since then or before.

Anita Patil
Anita Patil 5pts

Sitting on the floor u are comfortable and enjoy eating food

Gloria Guillen
Gloria Guillen 5pts

I wish I could....two back surgeries.When I was younger I would go to this Asian restaurant and sit on the floor on cushions and it makes so much sense.

Sumara Bashir
Sumara Bashir 5pts

This is the proper way to eat then u can't eat to much

Lyndsay Lou
Lyndsay Lou 5pts

haha that is awesome. floor forever =]

Laura Roberts
Laura Roberts 5pts

No floor. For me who is gonna help me up. Is this practice for the young.

Ayurveda 5pts

Yes they do have the practice :)

Supin Cummings
Supin Cummings 5pts

I'm like to siting on the Floor when I'm eat meal That is true I'm still flexible \U0001f603

Ayurveda 5pts

Not really :) floor is a better option

नारायण सोमै
नारायण सोमै 5pts

What about sitting on the chair in crossed legged position/padmasana while eating ? Would it have same benefit as sitting on the floor?

Vade Sankar
Vade Sankar 5pts

Sitting on a chairs cut off circulation to the legs. As a result it weakens the heart. Count how many hours we sit in a chair in a day... You can have my chair...

Hamida Sidik
Hamida Sidik 5pts

You have to get up that's good for health

Neelam Bhatia
Neelam Bhatia 5pts

This is one of the part of Indian culture & there must be any logic.can anyone know about ?

Taruna Patel
Taruna Patel 5pts

It help you to digest the food in this asana

Amanda Tan
Amanda Tan 5pts

Yup yup... hehehe.. that is the catchy part eh ;)