Early Signs And Symptoms Of Brain Tumor


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Headaches that increase with activity, motor seizures or convulsions, pressure at the location near the tumor, sluggishness, changes in judgement, muscle weakness or paralysis, loss of consciousness followed by contractions, changes in speech and vision, difficulty swallowing, arm or leg weakness in one side and facial weakness.

Primary brain tumors can be either malignant (contain cancer cells) or benign (do not contain cancer cells). We are going to discuss the early warning symptoms of brain tumor. However, sometimes you may not experience these symptoms of brain tumor or might experience it under another medical condition. It is advisable to see a doctor if you experience any of these signs of brain tumor. Some general symptoms of brain tumor include:

Signs And Brain Tumor Symptoms

  • You might experience headaches which may increase with activity or even worsen early morning.
  • Motor Seizures or convulsions. These are the sudden involuntary movement of the muscles. Seizures can be myclonic or tonic-clonic.
  • You may experience single or multiple muscle twitches, jerks, spasms, loss of control of body functions, loss of consciousness followed by contractions, change in colour, change in sensation, vision, smell, and/or hearing without losing consciousness, nausea or vomiting and fatigue.

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Symptoms Specific To The Location Of A Brain Tumor

  • Pressure or headache at the location near the tumor.
  • Difficulty with fine motor skills is linked with a tumor in the cerebellum.
  • If you feel sluggishness, changes in judgement, muscle weakness or paralysis the tumor is located in the frontal lobe of the cerebellum.
  • Changes in speech or difficulty in retrieving words can be linked to a tumor in the frontal and temporal lobe of cerebrum.
  • Arm or leg weakness on one side of the body, or confusion with left and right sides of the body are linked to a tumor in the frontal or parietal lobe of the cerebrum.
  • Difficulty swallowing, facial weakness or numbness, or double vision is a symptom of a tumor in the brain stem.

You may also experience vision changes, loss of a part of vision, or double vision in some cases. If you even slightly experience one of more symptoms, it is advisable to have a word with your doctor.

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CureJoy Editorial

The CureJoy Editorial team digs up credible information from multiple sources, both academic and experiential, to stitch a holistic health perspective on topics that pique our readers' interest.

CureJoy Editorial

The CureJoy Editorial team digs up credible information from multiple sources, both academic and experiential, to stitch a holistic health perspective on topics that pique our readers' interest.

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correysmith321 5pts

The moment that my wife saw our son twitching his left arm uncontrollably as well as complaining about constant  headache pain is when both her and I got scared. We were not sure about how to help him out because neither of us experienced something like that. We ended up doing our best to massage the arm and giving him a medication that gets rid of headache but, they did very little that we had to take him to a medical clinic to see if he really has a tumor. http://www.summitviewclinic.com 

Sabrina Voelpel Lewandowski
Sabrina Voelpel Lewandowski 5pts

I had a brain tumor...if anyone out there has questionable symptoms - go to your doctor. Many more people are surviving this disease, and treatments have improved over the years.

Perla Baraquel
Perla Baraquel 5pts

Pag nag lilinis po ng ears after linisan kumikirot ang ulo!ano po tawag dun?

Carmelita LB
Carmelita LB 5pts

Is cluster headache the same symptom as brain tumor?

Eugene Belden
Eugene Belden 5pts

I had most of my right temporal lobe removed 10 years ago. I was diagnosed with epilepsy. The abnormal growth (pathology report) was diagnosed after the first scan was miss read 5 years before. I've have been one of the successful stories, the surgery has made my life much more enjoyable.

Alma L Castro
Alma L Castro 5pts

I had a brain tumor surgery 7 years ago and I still have headaches and migraine but my tumor had not grow back

Sadhna Singh Hamchander
Sadhna Singh Hamchander 5pts

Every article I click on, before I start reading I am directed to a menu page. Havent been able to read your articles. Am I doing something wrong

May Vivien Lim
May Vivien Lim 5pts

Waking up in the morning with a pounding headache with an impending migraine with visual disparity... Is that an early sign of a tumour?? History of severe migraine since 7 years old..

Swati M Singh
Swati M Singh 5pts

Are fibrimyalgia and migraine anyhow related to it as well

Roshni Khan
Roshni Khan 5pts

From last three years I'm suffering to first stage of brain tumor.. Its turn into second stage .is there any remedy in Ayurveda?

Ayurveda 5pts

Thank you! :) Kiran Acharya

Kiran Acharya
Kiran Acharya 5pts

Wow....thnk u. i mean, guys ur very helpful (ayurveda) post more..

Ayurveda 5pts

Maria Eichhorn Extremely sorry to hear that!

Balachandran Nair
Balachandran Nair 5pts

My aunty is one of the patient. She did her 1st operation 15 years back. Now 2nd time tumor grows. Wat can ayurveda advise. Is ter any pil to consume or need 2nd operation??

Maria Eichhorn
Maria Eichhorn 5pts

Yeah, my sister in law was told she had anxiety. Years later a new Neurologist finds a benign tumor growing under the pituitary gland.

Shon Babar
Shon Babar 5pts

4 years ago my husband was diagnosed early symptoms was vomiting when he eat he start vomiting

Laial Harb
Laial Harb 5pts

For a fact you actually can have all these symptoms and not have an actual brain tumor.. It's called pseudotumor cerebri " fake brain tumor " your brain tells your body you have a brain tumor but in fact you don't !! You get all the symptoms of a brain tumor but there is nothing there, the only way to relive the pain and the pressure in the brain is through a spinal tap, which will last you at the most 2 weeks depending on how sever your fake brain tumor is . I have this kind of tumor and many ask how do you feel what do you wish for how do you live with it ? It's very rear I believe 1 in 10,000,000 those where the stats when I first was diagnosed with it, sometimes I say to the doctors I wish I had a real tumor because that way I know I can fight something that is there, I can get treatments for it. With the fake brain tumor you can't do anything no treatment no cemo no nothing except spinal tap or diomox 500mg which even when taken you'll still need a spinal tap.

Kyle Scealf
Kyle Scealf 5pts

I do not read these because the symptoms always mimic other problems yet I will panic and think I have a tumor.

Kim Scott
Kim Scott 5pts

This page seems to be worse than webmd.com. Every other post is about common symptoms with a fatal outcome.

vsareti 5pts

Traced skull base tumor of 2.4 CMs dia, in the year 2005.   In Hyderabad, the eminent neuro surgeon, told me that I would be alive for 8 more months and also informed that surgery would lay me on the bed forever or I would die on the operation table as the tumor is located in a critical area surrounded by bone and nerve structure.   I was suffering from diplopia (double vision) and severe blasts of head ache during the time which I wanted to jump off from 4th floor of my apartment, unbearable with pain, for 4, 5 times.   The head ache was lasting for about 20 seconds.   One early morning, I got head ache.  I woke up with pain and after the pain was diminished, I switched on the TV and I found Astha Channel in which Swamy Ramdev Baba was explaining pranayam with its specific benefits.   I bough a CD of that programme and started practicing pranayam.   After 2 months, surprisingly, the head ache and double vision were disappeared almost.   In the meanwhile I underwent Gamma Knife Radiation in the AIIMS, New Delhi.  The doctors said that the effect of the radiation would seize the growth of the tumor for about 4 to 5 years.   Now, it is almost 10 years completed and I am still alive.  But the tumor size has increased up to 2.9 CMs dia.   I never stopped pranayam and I am living on bonus.   This is my case.   But I never come under depression and I almost forgot that there is a tumor in my brain.  

Tiarsha Tc Boatwright
Tiarsha Tc Boatwright 5pts

Yes I have one in my teeth I'm getting it remove from the impact I'll be fine

Ayurveda 5pts

Thank you Patricia Franza Carrasco :) We do have lot of great info and good people like you!

Stacy Do-Ann Dumas
Stacy Do-Ann Dumas 5pts

In the two tumor cases I witnessed in our medical spa each tumor was linked using Quantum Reflex Analysis to dental infection which the dentist could not locate. After the patients fixed their teeth using our dental protocols the tumors disappeared in days... Consider the unseen in your home and health...

Dawn Smith Jones
Dawn Smith Jones 5pts

This is interesting. I had a brain tumor and none of these were my symptoms.

Tanu Mitra
Tanu Mitra 5pts

Medicine can dissolve the tumor that is what you mean if I understood correctly,

Tiarsha Tc Boatwright
Tiarsha Tc Boatwright 5pts

Tumors hurt but there are medication that can ease pain and sometimes dissolve away treatment is good