Quick Natural Remedies for Constipation


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Natural Remedies for Constipation

Constipation is one of few topics that you discuss freely even with family and friends. The problem is literally subdued behind closed doors. But people who suffer know the painful and frustratingly long hours spent on the water closet.

Constipation can be an on-off thing for most lucky people some time during their life and can be caused by dehydration (less water intake during the day), medicines, illness, lack of fiber in food, etc. Symptoms might last for a day or two and getting back to normal healthy routine gets the system back on track. If things don’t get back to normal within 3 days seeking medical advice is recommended.

For many unlucky ones the suffering is a daily routine and is one of the most common and easily noticeable signs that something is not right with the stomach, intestines, or general digestive system. Constipation is not a disease or illness as such, though it can be a symptom of other digestive tract disorders or infections.

Treating it with chemical-laced laxatives and OTC medicines can provide temporary relief but the impact on gut flora and the GI tract can be damaging in the long run. Repeated use of these medicines can impede the body natural process and can cause ulcers, and other problems. Going natural allows the body to recover and heal itself without any side effects.

Here are some articles written by experts on Curejoy on how to relieve constipation naturally:

CureJoy Editorial

The CureJoy Editorial team digs up credible information from multiple sources, both academic and experiential, to stitch a holistic health perspective on topics that pique our readers' interest.

CureJoy Editorial

The CureJoy Editorial team digs up credible information from multiple sources, both academic and experiential, to stitch a holistic health perspective on topics that pique our readers' interest.

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ClaytonSmith1 5pts

Thank-you as these suggestions are great! Also consider the Ayurvedic solution Triphala and/or taking Probiotics with several strains, perhaps as may as 15 or more. Few strains don't work as well.

andrea2 5pts

My 10 daughter had been constipated for over 2 years, now just turned 13 this month.

Long story cut short:-

Having seen her own doctor; then 2 specialists; spent 10 days in hospital under observation; had some pretty painful examinations, some very invasive, had adult does of 3 types of medication concurrently; nothing made a difference, told it was "her norm" to go once every 3 weeks!!!!! Yes you read that correctly.

Some 9 months after being told this, my daughter is diagnosed with Anorexia Nervosis, my poor child, was simply unable to eat as nothing was coming out!!!

We have spent Sept to Dec 2015 in the US at an eating disorder clinic. One of the first things they did was run "Every Blood Test Kown" results were what they expected for a severely Anorexic child.

With the addition, that they advised us that along with lall the expected results her Thyroid result was very low, pracally none existent. We were asked if doctors in the UK had checked her Thyroid levels due to her history with constipation. The answer to this was no, although they had done much more invasive stuff, this simple test they had not done.

Please, if your child is suffering from sever constipation for months on end, insist they draw blood and test Thyroid Level, what my poor daughter has gone through and still going through due to "Incompetance" is beyond belief.

Tahir Rashid
Tahir Rashid 5pts

for this u need the most used compound known as husk....its used from decades..

Kanagavalli 5pts

Vilakam thanthal enna ?? Athaivitutu ..com il poiparunnu mm

Mike McCoy
Mike McCoy 5pts

While sitting bring your knee's & feet together then with your hands together lean down to your left as if you wanted to touch the floor but don't. Then do the same on your right. Do this slowly keeping your knees & feet together, before long you will have luck without straining\U0001f603 !

Kinjal Shah Doshi
Kinjal Shah Doshi 5pts

Hello ayurveda just went through ur site of lemon cucumber wala... I hv read somewhere tht ths drink is to be prepared in glass jar... I mean plastic is nt advisable... Is it?

Lisa Saddler
Lisa Saddler 5pts

Your experiencing opioid constipation. That sucks. Glad you found a homeopathic remedy.

Bhavit Panchmatia
Bhavit Panchmatia 5pts

I thought this might help with your little problem Corinna Chelsea Jones ;)

Lisa Zackery
Lisa Zackery 5pts

Eat more fruits, vegetables, and you have to have fiber in your diet. Less processed foods and more water. Movement gotta get up and walk, run some form of exercise

Shubham More
Shubham More 5pts

Hey Ayurveda please i want Diet & Work out plan in tabular form picture please!!!!!!

Barbara Templeman
Barbara Templeman 5pts

Fiber. And lots water.. Pro- biotics..fruits veg.. Less meat

Albert Henry
Albert Henry 5pts

Yes this one but I don't see the word diet in that page but u did mentioned on some people comments it should be in parallel with diet so it will work u said and I commented what was the diet I think,

Dayaramani Divya
Dayaramani Divya 5pts

Pooja rajani can u please let me know which shop in dubai can I get this aloe Vera gel

Pooja Rajani
Pooja Rajani 5pts

Friends .......drink this miraculous juice to get rid of constipation and diegestive system problems quickly.....no side effects

Albert Henry
Albert Henry 5pts

Not this. for the one , cucumber, lemon cilantro,water leave all overnight repeat that for 3 days burns fat u wrote in connection with diet .. I am asking that diet wat should be the diet?

Albert Henry
Albert Henry 5pts

Pleasure, still u have not shared me about good diet for fat burning

Ayurveda 5pts

Thanks for sharing! :) Fran Duck

Ayurveda 5pts

Iamdong Estenzo Thanks for the info! :)

Ayurveda 5pts

Albert Henry Thanks for sharing! :)

Elisa Klein
Elisa Klein 5pts

Magnesium oil rubbed on your feet daily. Works like a charm and I am on narcotics. That should say everything.

Albert Henry
Albert Henry 5pts

Dry grapes soaked in hot water over the night, consume first thing in morning

Lisa Saddler
Lisa Saddler 5pts

Apples, figs or prunes, Epsom salts, castor oil, or go ask your grandmas or mother's.

Fran Duck
Fran Duck 5pts

Warm water with olive oil maybe 2 tsp or Himalaya salt 1 tsp in glass for 7 to 10 days

Lisa Franklin
Lisa Franklin 5pts

Don't click. Just makes you click other articles.

Victoria Kennedy
Victoria Kennedy 5pts

Vegan diet and water and exercise like walking add some lemon to your water or fruit yes good old vitamin C

Iamdong Estenzo
Iamdong Estenzo 5pts

Oatmeal, or lemon juice can help relieve constipation..

Moonsamy Naidoo
Moonsamy Naidoo 5pts

while sitting in the loo massage your chin gently.this works

Jean Whelan
Jean Whelan 5pts

Drink plenty of water Eat plenty of fruit Eat plenty of raisins

Ayurveda 5pts

Thank you for the tip Selly S James :)

Selly S James
Selly S James 5pts

Plum juice. Work perfect and fast like laxative and with no side effects.

Jasvir Bansal
Jasvir Bansal 5pts

खुले में लोगों को शौच करते हुए देखा है ? वह सब से परफेक्ट तरीका है। इंडियन स्टाइल की टायलेट सीट पर बैठ कर शौच करने से समस्या दूर हो जाएगी।