Is Pregnancy After 30 Dangerous For Mother And Baby?

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Curejoy Expert Claude Butler Explains:

Older women can and do have a healthy pregnancy after 30. However, older mums are at an increased risk of developing ongoing health conditions, such as diabetes and high blood pressure. These conditions can affect your health, and how well your pregnancy and birth goes.

Miscarriage and ectopic pregnancy are the more common complications in older women, as are pregnancy complications such as gestational diabetes, placenta praevia, pre-eclampsia and premature birth. As likely as these problems are in older women, this doesn’t mean that they will happen.

Complications That Have A Higher Chance Of Occurring In Older Women

1. Genetic Abnormality: If you’re an older women, you have a higher chance of having a baby with a genetic abnormality. These include Down’s syndrome or the rarer chromosomal conditions like Edwards’ syndrome or Patau’s syndrome.

The risk of Down’s syndrome, according to age, is:
Age 20: one in 1,500
Age 30: one in 900
Age 40: one in 100

2. Stillborn: There is a small risk of having a baby who is stillborn if you are over 40. The risk is highest at around 41 weeks of pregnancy. However, the rate is still low, at less than 10 stillbirths per 1,000 births.

3. Having Twins: Although fertility levels fall, the odds of having twins increases. While the use of fertility treatment increases the occurrence of multiples, older women can also naturally have twins without medical intervention.

4. Gestational Diabetes: This type of diabetes, which occurs only during pregnancy, is more common as women get older. Tight control of blood sugar through diet and physical activity is essential. Sometimes medication is necessary, too. Left untreated, gestational diabetes can cause a baby to grow significantly larger than average — which increases the risk of injuries during delivery

5. Premature Babies: Older mothers are more likely to have babies that are born premature and that are in a breech position.

6. Fetal Distress: Some research has found that fetal distress is more common in older mums, particularly first-time mums over 40. This may be another reason why caesarean rates are higher in this age group.

7. High Blood Pressure: Research suggests that high blood pressure that develops during pregnancy is more common in older women. Your health care provider will carefully monitor your blood pressure and your baby’s growth and development. You might need to take medication or deliver your baby before your due date to avoid complications.

8. Spontaneous Miscarriage: There are possibilities of having problems in sustaining the pregnancy. This is because the hormonal variations in a woman’s body can cause spontaneous miscarriage. Studies have found that about 9 percent of recognized pregnancies for women aged 20 to 24 ended in miscarriage. The risk rises to about 20 percent at age 35 to 39, and more than 50 percent by age 42.

9. Longer Labour: There’s some evidence that older mums are more likely to have a longer labour. This could be because the muscles of the uterus (womb) may not work as efficiently as women get older.

10. Bleeding: Older mothers are more likely to have bleeding before pregnancy. This is mostly due to the way the placenta implants lower in the uterus.


CureJoy Editorial

The CureJoy Editorial team digs up credible information from multiple sources, both academic and experiential, to stitch a holistic health perspective on topics that pique our readers' interest.

CureJoy Editorial

The CureJoy Editorial team digs up credible information from multiple sources, both academic and experiential, to stitch a holistic health perspective on topics that pique our readers' interest.

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LaylaCurb 5pts

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Charmaine Spillane
Charmaine Spillane 5pts

Who dictates the right time My mother was 39 and her friend Complications happen at anytime- age Whereas men shag until your ancient That's fine but who wants a grandfather as a dad Don't read this crap

Cassi M Nance
Cassi M Nance 5pts

Not if the mother takes good care of herself during pregnancy

Kevin Collier
Kevin Collier 5pts

Dang... I knew I should've started my family while I was in high school! (Just kidding)

Maja Džanić Blažević
Maja Džanić Blažević 5pts

Patriarchal culture is strong on the planet Earth nowadays. Anyway,despite its current power, it serves no woman or man to have a fulfilling life. However, there are tiny spots of matriarchacy still living in aboriginal cultures of Australia and in some remote villages of China, and some other spots on planet. It is our duty as women who bore their children to this planet, to talk respectfully of delivery, to empower other women who will be mothers one day, by sharing our experiences of delivery as a unique power of woman's body instead of spreading patriarchal fear of woman's body and woman's ability to sustain life and to bring life to the world ( even if that life sometimes is not perfect according to patriarchal standards).

AthonwyDoherty 5pts

People commenting on this article need to learn that anecdotes are NOT evidence!

Repeat after me: "Anecdotes are NOT evidence!"


Unless you have actual data to back up your counter claims, please stop acting like your points have merit.

Stephanie Oduola
Stephanie Oduola 5pts

Hmm. I don't believe this. I had 1 at 22, 36, and 42.5. All healthy.

Lynn Sims
Lynn Sims 5pts

Thanks Wendy! I usually love their articles but this one is on the depressing side!

Monique Elwell
Monique Elwell 5pts

BULLSHIT! I had two after 30 & the only problem was , my son was so large a baby. Not a bad deal, just a little tougher. 3rd @ 38 was not a prob.

Urmi Rakshit Chakraborty
Urmi Rakshit Chakraborty 5pts

Well said Maja Dzanic Blazevic...and Stephenie Brown... In India specifically the patriarchal prejudice runs strong... it is a personal choice at the end of the day... Provided no risk involved...

Chonda Fisher
Chonda Fisher 5pts

Sarah was 90. The same God that blessed her is the same God still reigning on the Throne. There's absolutely nothing too hard for Him.

Mera Luna
Mera Luna 5pts

Back home, mother give birth on her 1st baby at 50+.

CA February
CA February 5pts

My daughter's name is Maya pronounced same way as Maja

Earlene Lynn
Earlene Lynn 5pts

If your going to have children have them when your younger! Had all three here in my 20's and now over 60 enjoying life with grown married children and grandchildren......,life is Good!

Renita Pedro
Renita Pedro 5pts

Well thankful I had all three in my 20's , I'm 51 so my babies days are over but I do have a few friends who've had babies in their 40-50....I'll be honest, I just couldn't do it in this stage of my life, the crying and the million whys all day long , would do me in! lol... ;)

Kathy Schmidt
Kathy Schmidt 5pts

I was 34 when I had my son 28 years ago. We are both fine.

Cristina Sierra
Cristina Sierra 5pts

Glad 2hear, there is still hope 4me:) im 36 and want more kids!

Stephanie King-Rodriguez
Stephanie King-Rodriguez 5pts

I had two after age 35 .....at the time , percentages for my age were higher for "abnormal" pregnancies only because my age group were having babies less frequently...both of my " latter age " babies are healthy and extremely intelligent ...now days , the statistics are reducing due to women waiting later to have babies. Its all about fudging numbers to scare women into unnecessary testing ...I went through literal hell with my last pregnancy and he's nearly an Einstein as well as the perfection of health .

Donna-Jean Isnor
Donna-Jean Isnor 5pts

It's a known fact that women's eggs age. To believe this does not have an impact is simply lying to yourself.

Angie Jakubowski
Angie Jakubowski 5pts

I had 2 perfect pregnancies after 30. First one at 35 second one at 38.

Robin M. Jackson
Robin M. Jackson 5pts

I got pregnant naturally at 42 and had my beautiful, healthy son two months before my 43rd birthday. I was told all of these stats before I got pregnant. Thankfully, people are more than statistics. Incidentally, my son is 11 months old today.

Teresa Sunshine Babcock
Teresa Sunshine Babcock 5pts

I see someone without a vagina wrote this. How nice to have a man weigh in on female reproductive health and childbearing, after all, it's make opinion that counts.

Shilars Rs
Shilars Rs 5pts

I had my first set of twins full term and healthy with the grace of divine at age 37

Lyla Hafeez
Lyla Hafeez 5pts

Handle her responsibilities? Are you kidding me? Somehow a mom is her twenties is better able to handle her responsibilities than at any other age? Your article seriously pissed me off, you aren't a doctor why are you posting misleading information?

Robertta Lanktree
Robertta Lanktree 5pts

I had my last child at 35,my best pregnancy. You guys are full of crap,if people grew up before they had kids it would solve alot of problems.

Sofia Elizabeth Medina
Sofia Elizabeth Medina 5pts

Stephanie Brown you're right and even with that, my second and third babies were born when I was 42 and 45 and both pregnancies and babies were much more healthier than the first one born at 35... not to mention 2 miscarriages at 32 and 33.

Suzy Taylor
Suzy Taylor 5pts

What a load of rubbish!!!!! A friend of mine had a downs son in her 20s and a perfectly healthy one in her later 30s!!!!! IVF is mostly taken place when a woman is in her 40s (I know this personally ). Being fit and healthy is the most important thing and most women in their 20s drink alcohol eat crap don't keep fit and don't have knowledge of life!!!

Artemis-Elektra Tiffany Batcheller-Harris
Artemis-Elektra Tiffany Batcheller-Harris 5pts

My son's mother had him at 40 and it was her first live birth. He's very healthy and energetic. Yes, there are risks and we were told that. Didn't stop us from having our son. \U0001f609

Susan Prosser
Susan Prosser 5pts

This is utter rubbish! I had my daughter at 31!! Beautiful and healthy! If this is true, why don't women go into the menopause earlier! Hmmm? This is yet another crazy modern life theory! Rubbish!!!!!!

Jayashree Acharyya
Jayashree Acharyya 5pts

Nothing will go wrong if the woman take care of the body and stay fit. Really stop scaring people now.

Laura Eldrich
Laura Eldrich 5pts

Great question, and a great place to get a free reading for that is www.freepsychichelponline.com

Jasmine Lee Knight
Jasmine Lee Knight 5pts

Stupid article. Don't guilt trip women. I'm not rushing to have a baby now. Ugh

Erin Daniel
Erin Daniel 5pts

My mom was 34 and 37 and both her pregnancies were easy too!

Toni Moslemi
Toni Moslemi 5pts

I failed to mention that the "after 30 pregnancies" were complication free, labored at home, quick complication free deliveries. 4th child was born 20 min after we arrived at the hospital. My water broke, I showered, read to my then 4yo and braided her hair thru contractions over a 3 hr period, then a 20 min drive, took 10 min to get into the delivery room, waited a few min for my doc who is a friend to arrive and pushed a few times. Haven't seen a doc since except when I run into him in our mutually favorite restaurant. Don't let anyone tell you that you are too old! :) I nursed all four babies from 36-41 months. If you want to know more about the importance of light and health and fertility and aging, you can begin with Dr. Jack Kruse on FB, or his books, forum or blog. Anyone wishing to delay parenthood should research light, D3, DHA and CT (cold thermogenesis. The nicest part of this healthy life style is that there is very little to purchase. You wake with the sun, spend time in the morning sun, turn off the blue lights, turn off the electrical work/entertainment when not needed, practice CT, eat seafood and healthy fruits and veggies and fats, drink clean water, watch the sun set, sleep 7-8 hrs regularly. Use no blue light for at least one hour before bedtime. Affordable for many. Choose occupations and hobbies and exercise that takes you outdoors instead of indoors all day in blue light. Choose homes with natural light and open the windows. If you already have a child I encourage you to research what an indoor/wifi screened lifestyle is doing to their bodies and minds. If you want the opportunity to have grandchildren natural light is the way to go. Good luck!!!! I'm still learning if anyone has knowledge beyond what I have mentioned please send my way....

Diana Low
Diana Low 5pts

I would say 40 is the new young