Papaya Seeds Benefits: For Gut Health, Liver And Kidney Detox

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Papaya seeds contain nutrients that help heal cirrhosis of the liver and improve kidney health, preventing renal failure. Its anti-inflammatory properties help treat arthritis and joint disease. It contains an alkaloid called Carpaine that kills intestinal worms and amoeba parasites. Papain, in papaya seeds, helps in effective digestion of protein. Avoid if pregnant.

Benefits Of Papaya Seeds

Most of the time when we eat Papaya fruit, we trash the Papaya Seeds. But little do we know how beneficial they are and how they can prevent and cure a plethora of ailments related to the liver, gut, intestinal worms and even diseases like Dengue. The following is a list, that illustrates papaya seeds benefits.

Liver Health

Papaya seeds contain vital nutrients that help heal cirrhosis of the liver. Grind or crush 5-6 Papaya Seeds and have them with food or juice, especially lime juice. This should be done for 30 days. Moreover eating small amounts of Papaya seeds regularly helps in detoxing the liver and keeps liver diseases at bay.

Kidney Health

Researchers at the University of Karachi have found that Papaya Seeds can be used to improve kidney health and preventing renal failure. The same works wonders for kidney poisoning related diseases.

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Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Papaya Seeds are anti-inflammatory making them great for alleviating arthritis, joint disease, swelling, pain, and redness.

Anti-Bacterial And Anti-Viral Properties

A small amount of Papaya Seeds has been found to kill harmful bacteria like E. coli, Staph, and Salmonella. They also help fight viral infections and cures Dengue, Typhoid, and numerous other diseases. In Nigeria, Papaya Seeds with Milk is an excellent cure for Typhoid fever.

The seeds have been extensively used in Costa Rica to fight against Dengue fever. The juice from papaya leaves can help cure the same.

Arresting Cancer

Papaya Seeds contain agents that stop the growth of cancer cells and tumors. They contain isothiocyanate which works well for colon, breast, lung, leukemia and prostate cancer.

Destroys Parasites

The Seeds of Papaya contain an alkaloid called “Carpaine” that kills intestinal worms and amoeba parasites. Whereas the Papaya Fruit helps metabolize proteins and makes the gastrointestinal tract an extremely hostile place for parasites to live and thrive. Studies have shown that children in Nigeria have got rid of parasites in their gut 75% of the times, by consuming Papaya Seed Juice for 7 days.

Natural Contraceptive

Papaya Seeds are excellent natural contraceptives for both men and women, without any side-effects, unlike the over-the-counter contraceptives that have numerous adverse effects on prolonged use. For centuries, both men and women in the Indian subcontinent and in parts of Southeast Asia have traditionally used the papaya fruit and its seeds as a form of birth control.

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Aids Digestion

Both unripe papaya and papaya seeds are high in the enzyme papain. Papain is a beneficial aid to protein digestion but best avoided for women currently or trying to get pregnant.

For males, eating one teaspoon of Papaya Seeds every day for 3 months can greatly reduce sperm production without affecting libido. Moreover, this effect is temporary: when Papaya Seeds are discontinued the fertility comes back to normal.

Making Papaya Juice

  • Use 2 papaya leaves
  • Wash and cut into smaller pieces
  • Pound and squeeze the pulp through a filter cloth
  • Only 2 tablespoons of juice can be squeezed out
  • Two tablespoons per serving once a day

How to Eat Papaya Seeds

Papaya Seeds can be eaten raw (though that gives a strong, pepper-like but bitter taste), ground or crushed in Salad dressings, milk or honey.


The goodness of consuming Papaya Seeds are many and not limited to the above list. That being said, one should partake only small quantities of the seed and that also, not very frequently. Excessive consumption may lead to many side effects, notably pregnancy related issues.

As a precaution, pregnant women should not use papaya seeds or the enzyme-rich green papaya. This warning on their use would also extend to breastfeeding. Additionally, while papaya seeds do have strong anti-parasitic properties, they may be too powerful for young children’s gastrointestinal tracts, so a doctor should be consulted before giving them to infants.

CureJoy Editorial

The CureJoy Editorial team digs up credible information from multiple sources, both academic and experiential, to stitch a holistic health perspective on topics that pique our readers' interest.

CureJoy Editorial

The CureJoy Editorial team digs up credible information from multiple sources, both academic and experiential, to stitch a holistic health perspective on topics that pique our readers' interest.

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Sukhwinder 5pts

Very informative article. But Hawaii papayas are GMO,s and certainly be avoided. They are generally round and you can go with long ones. Always use green long papayas along with skin and seeds preferably in green smoothies to get the maximum benefit from seeds and skin as they contain more enzymes like papain. These enzymes are lost in the process of ripening. Unripened papayas are best when its skin is still green and you need just 1/10th of whole papaya in your green smoothie a day.

BaberSiddiqui 5pts

Love  to read all that.. thanks for sharing

Trieu Duy
Trieu Duy 5pts

Hi everybody, Curejoy...I got 6%, and you? Test now... aK0lDex (y) start now ->> http://goo.gl/c2IVvm ... good article of page: Try using papaya seeds to help improve your gut, liver and kidneys ==> ...curejoy.io/papaya-seeds-gut...

Janet Kraft Bublitz
Janet Kraft Bublitz 5pts

How can this be? They are 99.9% genetically modified plants! Hawaii's crops are inedible.

Kaila Martin
Kaila Martin 5pts

Love them but Hawaii is allowing them to be GMO grown. Need to raise my own to be sure. Poison, round up seeds don't get it for me!

Jnh Lifestyles
Jnh Lifestyles 5pts

Thought only the young leaves are cure for dengue, didn't know until now that the seeds are too! #jnhlifestyles

Moh M. MB
Moh M. MB 5pts

dba mahrap matunaw ang seeds?

Joy LQ
Joy LQ 5pts

I agree, I'm just whining a little.

Angela Peck
Angela Peck 5pts

I just finished eating some - from a GMO-free, organic papaya, of course. Yum.

Ayurveda 5pts

Enjoy the benefits that comes along

Maria C Llamas
Maria C Llamas 5pts

I would just make sure the papaya is organic without GMOs!!

Winston Thompson
Winston Thompson 5pts

and going to the bath room when you are consepated ,there also burn your tounge when eating them

Isabel Garcia
Isabel Garcia 5pts

Excellent ! 2 spoons on a salad ! ( kale, spinach, apple, pecans, goat cheese, raisins, pomegranate & balsamic vinaigrette dressing great for dinner ) Or blend on a papaya juice & 1/2 lime ! Thanks Ayurveda for shearing this Wonderful info. \U0001f64f\U0001f3fb

Joy LQ
Joy LQ 5pts

One taste and you'll know why we typically don't. It's an awful bitterness you'll never forget.

Fernando Valentine
Fernando Valentine 5pts

I've eaten these raw by the mouthful. They are as spicy as hot peppers.

Marcellus Rabon
Marcellus Rabon 5pts

Thanks for info Yah. It's good to know, but how to fix it?

Ayurveda 5pts

Go for it! Cynthia Van Beverhoudt-Harris

Ayurveda 5pts

Debbie French Thanks for sharing!! :)

Dacia Waller
Dacia Waller 5pts

Oh cool...thanks! I get my papaya at the farmers market usually and always ask to make sure they're not gmo.

Maureen Sutton
Maureen Sutton 5pts

Dacia Waller here's a simple solution. Just make sure they are not GMO. Papaya #1 GMO crop in HI

Judy Hernandez
Judy Hernandez 5pts

Every time I eat papaya, I end up having the serious runs