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Oil Pulling For Whitening Teeth: Does It Really Work?

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Natural Teeth Whitening

My journey with oil pulling began on a very vain note; I wanted whiter teeth. On a few different dentist visits the well-meaning hygienists suggested, without me inquiring, that my teeth could be much whiter if I started using custom whitening trays. Considering I thought my teeth looked fine (albeit aging gracefully), I was somewhat put off by these suggestions.I began to think that perhaps I should invest in these trays and did a little research to discover the following.

What is oil pulling?

Oil pulling is an ancient ritual that dates back 3,000 years which involves swishing oil in your mouth and “pulling” it through your teeth for approximately 20 minutes as soon as you wake up. Recommended oils are sesame, olive, or coconut oil. I use coconut oil as I love the taste and it contains anti-bacterial properties. It is recommended you use one tablespoon of oil. Once you have sufficiently pulled, it is very important to discard the oil into the trash, and not swallow it. The oil contains all of the toxins that you are trying to rid from your body. Afterwards rinse your mouth with water and brush with toothpaste (flouride-free is recommended).

Does Oil Pulling Really Work?

The oil acts as a cleanser pulling toxins out of our mouths and bodies that we accumulate from everyday life. Although 20 minutes a day might seem daunting, it is easy if you do it in conjunction with another task. I do it while I am making the kids’ lunch for school each morning. If I don’t have time for the full 20 minutes, I at least do 10. If I need an extra boost of immune support, I add doTERRA Essential Oils depending on the issue. Lemon if I’m fighting a cold, clove if I’m having mouth issues, and oregano for swollen glands.

Natural way to whiten teeth:

I say “discovered” loosely as this is an ancient technique with its roots deep in Ayurveda, yet it has also become a recent trend in the health + wellness community. More important than just teeth whitening, I learned about the myriad health benefits associated with this technique including: -Joint Health -Heart Health -Immune Health -Detoxification -Circulatory Health -Reduced Teeth Sensitivity -Gum Health Also a bonus surprise benefit for me, daily oil pulling helps reduce my TMJ (Temporomandibular joint dysfunction). For this reason alone I oil pull every day and have been doing so now for a year and a half. Whether my teeth have become whiter, I’m not really sure nor do I really care, as all of these health benefits outweigh any vain attempt for whiter teeth. And since starting this practice, I have not been recommended teeth whitening services anymore.

Side effects of artificial whitening:

The active ingredient in teeth whitening is Carbamide Peroxide, a peroxide-bleaching agent. -Teeth whiteners are not classified as drugs; therefore the FDA does not regulate them. -Pregnant and lactating women should not use a teeth whitening substances. -Not recommended for people under the age of 13. -Most common side effects are gum sensitivity and tissue irritation if swallowed. Although my research was unclear as to how “safe” these bleaching ingredients were, I felt uneasy about putting trays of gel in my mouth for 1-4 hours at a time with the potential to accidentally ingest some of the ingredients that could inflame my body. Also what about the gel that gets on your gums? We are surrounded by toxins every day, the last thing I needed was to add another potential toxin to my already compromised immune system. I decided to research alternative methods and discovered oil pulling.

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Although I certainly cannot prove if any of these health claims by oil pulling have scientific backing, Dr. John Douillard, who specializes in Ayurveda, has does some research on this topic and would be a good resource if you are interested in learning more. Have you ever tried oil pulling? If not would you ever start? Do your research to feel confident of taking it up. Happy pulling! To know more about Janelle Casella – visit www.perfectlynourished.com

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Janelle Casella

Creator of perfectlynourished.com. Certified Nutrition + Health Coach, Blogger and Entrepreneur helping busy women women restore health naturally for increased mental clarity, improved sleep, management of autoimmune issues, and ideal work/family balance.

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Tiphanie Benoit
Tiphanie Benoit 5pts

Oil pulling is great, though it always makes me crave an Almond Joy, lol

Ann Marie
Ann Marie 5pts

Oil pulling is when you put a teaspoon of coconut oil in your mouth. Swish around mouth for about 10-20 minutes , Then spit out. Do not swallow

Kakali Mohanta
Kakali Mohanta 5pts

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Nadira Chitiva
Nadira Chitiva 5pts

Can I do this even if I have cholesterol and takin. Meds

Nadira Chitiva
Nadira Chitiva 5pts

So just put the oil on the brush. And that's it?

Shorty Smalley
Shorty Smalley 5pts

I've got a massive bottle of coconut oil that my in law brought back from Trinidad can I use that to brush my teeth o dnt think I dare use it lol. any tips

Ayurveda 5pts

Kindly use Chrome or Firefox browsers to access the links

It's My Health
It's My Health 5pts

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Ellie Rice
Ellie Rice 5pts

I did this every day for months & months. No help for receding gums or did not make a difference of the color of my teeth. Mouth always tasted so clean. I do love OIL PULLING THOUGH!! I like sesamae oil best!

Deep Raj
Deep Raj 5pts

wt an stupidty of d page i open it n nthng to see in d link damn it

Reina Croteau-Hall
Reina Croteau-Hall 5pts

I have been brushing my teeth with coconut oil for 5 weeks. Gone are stains that the dental hygenist could not remove! No more fluoride laden toothpaste for me!

Sonya Jay
Sonya Jay 5pts

Been doing this since January. Love, love, love it! I buy Dr. Bronners Coconut oil by the case from my coop.

Martina Háchová
Martina Háchová 5pts

What are the benefits - exactly (except whitening teeth)?.. but not in terms "improoving your health", please...

Tarnisha Beck
Tarnisha Beck 5pts

it REALLY REALLY DOES..........work....and SMELLS GREAT.....

Nicole Von W
Nicole Von W 5pts

Tried iy but gagged :( Would love to really do it

Ayurveda 5pts

Tenisha Renai Martin Yes but results may take longer! :)

Ayurveda 5pts

Nicole Gibson You're welcome! :)

Nicole Gibson
Nicole Gibson 5pts

What I didn't know is that you pull first, then brush. I was doing it the opposite way...Thx for enlightening me

Hayden Neal
Hayden Neal 5pts

It did the opposite for my wife and myself, made our teeth go grey.

Diolazo Wynes
Diolazo Wynes 5pts

Why 20 mins? Or 10? Thats too much mouth action...

Maria May
Maria May 5pts

I use it a lot :) I don't have much grey hair at all, a strand here and there, I'm 45, love coconut oil

Arpita Saraiya
Arpita Saraiya 5pts

Can this method be used if you have preexisting fillings and caps?

Maria May
Maria May 5pts

Good for hair, skin, teeth, preventing Alzheimer's, etc

Robert Hayes
Robert Hayes 5pts

Coconut oil is one of the best things in the world and

Mary Turner
Mary Turner 5pts

Glad to hear it is working for you. I have heard the same from others also. Been meaning to try it myself just haven't got round to it. Good to see you had an open mind to try for yourself. Unfortunately from my personal experience mainstream health professionals do not have an open mind. Would be interested in hearing your dentists response, but do not be put off if he is still skeptical. Trust your instincts.

Liliana Santoro
Liliana Santoro 5pts

I started oil pulling about 4mths ago I always had bleeding gums and asked my dentist about this and if anything could be done and he said ohhhh not really basically cleaning brushing is important, told him about oil pulling and his thoughts and he said no don't think so and don't believe everything you read on internet ??? I went ahead and decided to try this oil pulling with coconut oil ,I have not looked back the results have been marvellous !!! My gums don't bleed anymore when I brush my teeth morning & night ??? Plus all the other good that this is doing to my body , I'm so happy that I decided to go with my gut and try this so if there is anyone out there that is sceptical about trying this go ahead give it a go you have nothing to lose !!!! I did and so so happy for it . When I go back to my dentist nxt visit should b dec will tell him about my great experience !!! Wonder what he'll say ??,,

Ray Valdez
Ray Valdez 5pts

My daughter in law Sophia Valdez sells doTERRA oils she is on Facebook

Suzanna Conn
Suzanna Conn 5pts

What is the technique of oil pulling please, anyone?...

Donna Sonneville
Donna Sonneville 5pts

Pulling works on gingivitus&as a natural antibiotic.I pull but find it just too difficult to do for a full 20minutes.

Wanda Tiger
Wanda Tiger 5pts

I don't know about this. But use only coconut oil and eat at least a spoonful twice a day on its own as well. Love the stuff and my fingernails have never been so strong!

Uniquely Devine
Uniquely Devine 5pts

It works to detox your body aswell. Oil pulling is like liquid floss.

SamsaraSpa 5pts

The Whole World needs to Wake Up to the Beautiful Benefits of " Fusion Ayurveda" - which Incorporates Ancient Ayurvedic Wisdom with Modern Day Spa Treatment Modalities ! Ayurveda HAS NO dangerous Side Effects - unlike Chemical Based Treatments ! ( SamsaraSpaRetreats.com )

SamsaraSpa 5pts

Ayurveda needs to be "Re-Discovered" !

Nancy Ortiz
Nancy Ortiz 5pts

Its when you swish the oil around in your mouth thru ur teeth to remove toxins

Janelle Casella

Creator of perfectlynourished.com. Certified Nutrition + Health Coach, Blogger and Entrepreneur helping busy women women restore health naturally for increased mental clarity, improved sleep, management of autoimmune issues, and ideal work/family balance.