5 Natural Ways To Boost Your Kid’s Immunity This Winter

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Probiotics help keep gut balanced with healthy flora, which strengthens your kid's immune system. Vitamin D increases immune function by a factor of 3-5, and is better than vaccine. Move your kid to a whole foods diet. Other ways to keep your kid's immune system healthy are by using essential oils, limiting screen time and reducing use of chemicals at home.

In the past, I always dreaded winter. My kids would always bring home the bugs from school, and the whole family would end up getting sick. I have one child left in the nest, and over the past two years I have been incorporating some natural ways to keep him well, not just for winter, but for the whole school year.

1. Adding Probiotics And Vitamin D

I hit the jackpot a month ago. My kid learned to swallow pills! In the past, I had tried to hide probiotics in his food, and he always caught me. He could taste it, even if I snuck it in. After teaching him to swallow pills, I started him on a probiotic/prebiotic pill with 5 billion CFU’s. His multi-vitamin is a chewable gummy with zero sugar, and it’s got the extra vitamin D he needs due to gene mutations.

The probiotics/prebiotics help keep his gut balanced with healthy flora, which strengthens his immune system. The vitamin D increases immune function by a factor of 3 to 5, according to this article by Dr. Mercola, and is better than any vaccine.

2. Moving To A Whole Foods Diet

One of the best changes we have made over the last two years is slowly moving the entire family to a whole foods diet.  I have dramatically reduced the amount of processed foods I buy. My kiddo eats many more whole foods than he used to. He had a rash on his elbows that would not go away no matter what we tried to apply to it topically. I eliminated gluten and dairy from his diet, and the rash disappeared. He is now completely gluten free and takes his lunch to school every day. Removing the inflammatory foods from his diet has made a huge difference in his attention span, mood, and most of all immune health.

I have autoimmune thyroid disease caused in part by leaky gut, so I want to help my child prevent future issues with his thyroid by preventing the leaky gut now while he is still young. The bonus of this prevention diet is a stronger immune system, a win-win!

3. Using Essential Oils

One of my non-negotiable changes is the use of essential oils. Without fail, I diffuse a protecting blend of therapeutic grade oils every single night in our bedrooms. Since making this change, I have noticed that he gets sick much less often, and when he does, it seems to be much less severe.  As a mom, I love the fact that my kid does not get to the point where he feels completely miserable. When a seasonal threat shows up, we increase our usage of the essential oils and boom, it goes away!

My child has his own little zip up case of roller bottles that contain diluted essential oils.  He knows how to apply them topically on his skin. I don’t have to worry that he will overdose or have a reaction the way I would if I was giving him the synthetic remedies sold at the drugstore. I have complete peace of mind that his body is being supported in wellness, every day. To find out the one and only brand of essential oils I use and love, send me an email. I can help you buy them at the wholesale cost!

4. Limiting Screen Time

If your child is like mine, then you have heard the complaints when you limit screen time. The tablet, video games, and TV are very addicting. We make it a point to limit his time, and it gives him three things that help keep him healthy: fresh air, creativity, and sleep!

When he is not allowed to be on the screens all day long, he has to come up with alternative activities. He has been getting into drawing lately, and I see his creativity being nurtured and I love that. I know kids can lose their creativity as they get older if they do not keep nurturing it. I have learned as an adult; it is vital to good health to keep this part of us alive. He also plays outside more and gets fresh air and sunshine, like every kid did back when I was growing up.

Limiting screens at night has made a huge difference in his mood during the day. The blue light emitted by screens signals our brains that the sun is still up. By avoiding the blue light in the evening, keeps him in step with the circadian rhythm that helps our sleep deep and sound. Sleep is restorative and helps strengthen our immune system.

5. Reducing Chemicals At Home

The average home contains 61 toxic chemicals. When I started researching toxins and their effects on our health, I knew I had to make some changes. I started replacing our personal care items with organic, gluten free, non-toxic versions. I started making homemade versions of things such as mouthwash and medicines. I replaced all of my cleaning products with either homemade versions or non-toxic versions. I changed out all off the plastic in my kitchen with glass.

Our bodies recognize chemicals, toxins, drugs, and foreign particles as antigens, and it causes an immune response. How can we expect our immune system to function as it should when it is under fire constantly from the chemicals found in our homes? Removing as much of these offenders as possible will help ensure that the immune system is ready at all times to work properly against threats.

Christine Merritt

Christine Merritt is dedicated to empowering women to heal their digestion and their spirit and create a life of financial and time freedom. She teaches her clients to harness the power of real food and God’s abundant gifts to create harmony within their body and soul. She teaches her team to empower other women to grow personally while learning how to manifest a rich and abundant life.

Christine Merritt

Christine Merritt is dedicated to empowering women to heal their digestion and their spirit and create a life of financial and time freedom. She teaches her clients to harness the power of real food and God’s abundant gifts to create harmony within their body and soul. She teaches her team to empower other women to grow personally while learning how to manifest a rich and abundant life.

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Rinky Karthik
Rinky Karthik 5pts

Thanks..Can you share which Multi Vitamin brand and probiotic brand you use. There are a lot in the market and not sure which one is the best

ChristineMerritt 5pts

Hi! I would love to help you with finding the best choice for your kiddos. Send me an email at [email protected]



Tara Rivera
Tara Rivera 5pts

Thank you Theresa Calderone Coache. I just got her some ederberry and probiotic yogurt smoothies. I also use essential oils on her as well but not every night, but I will start now!!! Thank you!!! :)

Alice Khalkad
Alice Khalkad 5pts

Thanks Natalie so helpful! Natalie Ibragimov

Sarah Tonin
Sarah Tonin 5pts

That was interesting we should start doing essential oils

Kimberly Albright
Kimberly Albright 5pts

Use essential oils and you still need to worry about reactions and overdose. Don't think you don't because they are natural. Always be mindful and knowledgeable.

Irene LopezRivera
Irene LopezRivera 5pts

Simple answer boost you child immune system with Vitamin D2...trust they wont even catch the flu!!!

Rajiv Sharma
Rajiv Sharma 5pts

No side effect in Ayurveda, and it is too good if you believe AYURVEDA. GOD give you good healthy ideas to be fit. Take care.

Erin Fielding
Erin Fielding 5pts

You couldn't pay me to get a flu shot. - Someone who has read the product inserts...

Pawittar Singh Hans
Pawittar Singh Hans 5pts

This ancient method of treatment Ayurveda is without any side effects if is treated by a well qualified DOCTOR not the Quacks !

Jane Wilson
Jane Wilson 5pts

Let them eat dirt. Been the best immune booster of all time.

Ashok Dhakras
Ashok Dhakras 5pts

Simple, staple, square meals Activeness Herbal Extracts Constructive attitude That is how we should raise our children

Shivanarayan Lal
Shivanarayan Lal 5pts

बक-अप, अब मेडिकल कालेजों की आवश्यकता ही नही रही|

Lilianne Charlebois
Lilianne Charlebois 5pts

Whenever we had stomach flu, my mom would put a heaping teaspoon of cornstarch in a cup of hot milk and repeat this 2 to 3 times a day until we got better.If you don't like the bitter taste add a bit of sugar in it. It works.

Shelby Harris Corbin
Shelby Harris Corbin 5pts

That's all fine and good, with several naturals ways to try to keep healthy. But none of those replaces a flu vaccine, which will prevent people from becoming sick with the strains of flu which they've been vaccinated against. The very young and the very old are the ones more likely to die from flu and if a shot/mist will protect us from death and illness then we are getting it. It's worked so far!

Teresa Howlett Kelly
Teresa Howlett Kelly 5pts

but remember i CANT boost mine.. its already in overdrive and attacking my system ... wah...

Ashlie Elizabeth Gray
Ashlie Elizabeth Gray 5pts

Jen Hill, we already do most of these but your kids have still been sick, and had weird symptoms at that!!

Nicat6 5pts

Hello where can I get probiotic/prebiotic pills and the gummy ones for the vitamin D. There is a lot out there and would like to know which ones you recommend....Thank You

ChristineMerritt 5pts

Hi! Send me an email at [email protected] and we can discuss your options. 😊



Ahmad Shah
Ahmad Shah 5pts

Seasoning friutes n vegetables which God gifted in season is the best remedy from God.thats the natural way to defeat from sickness\U0001f60a

Carol Skinner
Carol Skinner 5pts

Essential oils! doTerra's OnGuard is amazing and all natural ! PM me if you'd like me to order some for you

Sam4vish 5pts

hi i also have thyroid and reading ur article i have few qns, can u pls explain eating gluten free will help kids not grtting thyroid? Is there any way to avoid gerting thyroid to kids?

ChristineMerritt 5pts

Hi! Send me an email at [email protected] and we can discuss your options. 😊



Heather Farringer Dickman
Heather Farringer Dickman 5pts

Amy Krolow, this is a great read. And...the mention of essential oils tells me we're heading in the right direction :)

Ashley Dillingham
Ashley Dillingham 5pts

We do all this here already with all of of us! And it does help tremendously with the rest of us, but our boys inflammatory response is triggered by the exposure to the germ, so it only helps our boys so much. Once that response has been triggered, their bodies go wackadoo and attacks itself - they rarely ever actually get the sickness. Their immune systems are actually overactive. So basically they need a bubble. \U0001f633

Allison W Gurley
Allison W Gurley 5pts

Hey Ashley Dillingham, we should try this with the boys!

Lisa Cunningham
Lisa Cunningham 5pts

Dee Ash ....YES! We had a wellness day at work and the dr (a chiro) said 3 ESSENTIAL things were a good probiotic, vitamin B and C!! He said liquid form of vitamins is best :)

Dee Ash
Dee Ash 5pts

There is no share button under this post. I've had my son on Probiotics and Vit D for a while again now. Did last winter too. It has kept him healthy.

Dee Ash
Dee Ash 5pts

I can't share this post with my friends.