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Top 5 Vegan Bodybuilding Diet Foods

When people imagine bodybuilders sitting down for lunch, they generally tend to picture a hulking great brute of a man, tucking into mountains of chicken, steak, eggs, fish, and various other forms of meat and animal-derived proteins to hit the daily macros. Protein, an essential macro-nutrient for bodybuilding and indeed[.....]

Side Effects Of Bergamot Oil

Bergamot oil is a food and beverage additive which is extracted from a fruit. Due to its pleasant smell, it is also used in soaps, creams, and perfumes. It promotes a sweet citrus flavor to everything it is added to. There have been studies which show the effectiveness of bergamot[.....]

Natural Ways To Remove Cheek Hair

Excess facial hair can be exasperating, affecting your appearance. It is common to have some amount of fine and light colored hair on the face in all women. But, some women have excess hair on their upper lips and cheeks, which could be due to the higher-than-normal levels of male[.....]

DIY Crystal Essence To Clear The Air Of Static

Emotions have energy that hang in the air. There’s a sense of stagnation that builds in the atmosphere when it’s stuffy. Electric and magnetic fields (EMFs) are a particularly noxious form of clutter. Electromagnetic pollution from electronics and WiFi floods homes and offices – and even our parks and nature – with[.....]

5 Benefits Of Arthritis Gloves

If you have arthritis or know someone who does, you know that doing even simple everyday chores can be difficult. Though Arthritis is common among the elderly, it can also affect any age group and population. More than 50 million adults in the United States have some type of arthritis making it the leading cause[.....]

Top 5 Reasons To Delay A Newborn’s First Bath

Every mother dreams of welcoming her little one with a beautiful skin immediately after birth. But, your baby comes with a white, cheese-like coating on its skin. Of course, your bundle of love does not look cute. But, do not clean it. Wait for 8-24 hours to give your baby its[.....]

How To Get Rid Of A Lazy Eye Naturally

Lazy eye also called as amblyopia onsets during childhood. It happens when one eye of the child doesn’t develop like the other one. It affects the focusing ability, where one eye has better focusing capability than the other. As a result, when the brain gets both blurred and clear images from the[.....]

10 Facts About Your Teeth That Will Amaze You

For most of us, someone’s smile is the first thing we notice about them. This is perhaps why we go to such lengths to ensure our pearly whites are always at their best. We spend a small fortune on getting cavities filled, on braces to straighten out our teeth, on[.....]

Is Hot Yoga Good For You?

Yoga has already gained immense popularity in the United States with studios popping up in almost every neighborhood. Yoga trainers are busy trying to innovate and create new forms of yoga to solicit more interest. Among the new forms of yoga that have emerged, hot yoga has attracted some attention, especially[.....]