Quick And Easy Weight Loss Tips

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Eat breakfast regularly, snack on fruits and vegetables, get ample sleep and stay stress free to lose weight effortlessly. Sit while you eat, this aids mindful eating. Avoid mindless binging and diet soda. Keep yourself hydrated and fill yourself with high fiber foods to avoid snacking. Indulge in walking, especially after meals to burn calories and aid digestion.

Eating healthier and getting yourself to exercise does take some work, but a few simple lifestyle changes can definitely help you lose weight over time without even trying too hard.

Quick And Easy Weight Loss Tips

Listed below are  a few tips to lose weight which can be applied to your current routine instantly:

  • A Well-Balanced Meal: A well-balanced meal at the start of the day is a key part of any weight loss plan. Research shows that those who breakfast regularly typically consume about 100 fewer calories during the course of the day and weigh less than those who forgo food in the morning. This strategy works, in the long run, too.
  • Proper Sleep: Sleeping fewer than five hours a night could send the scale soaring 30% higher than if you got seven hours or more, suggests a study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology.
  • Eat Sitting Down: Mindless eating is the enemy of weight loss. Studies out of Cornell University’s Food and Brand Lab show that we unconsciously eat more out of bigger containers, and in social situations.

    “If you’re sitting down at a table, though, you will be more mindful of what you are eating”.

  • Relax: A low-stress lifestyle may keep belly fat away, suggests research published in the journal Psych Neuroendocrinology.
  • Forget About Diet Soda: Research out of the University of Texas at Austin found that people who drank diet soda tend to have a larger waistline.
  • Opt For Raw: Fruits are naturally sweet, high in fiber, and full of hydration. Fill up on fruits and raw vegetables, you’ll be less likely to crave other high-calorie foods.
  • Go Walking: Walking is an easy way to keep fit.
  • Keep Yourself Hydrated: Keep your body refreshed and hydrated with plenty of water.
CureJoy Editorial

The CureJoy Editorial team digs up credible information from multiple sources, both academic and experiential, to stitch a holistic health perspective on topics that pique our readers' interest.

CureJoy Editorial

The CureJoy Editorial team digs up credible information from multiple sources, both academic and experiential, to stitch a holistic health perspective on topics that pique our readers' interest.

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LetitiaAsnoah 5pts

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Anu Sharma
Anu Sharma 5pts

your address and phone no please

Malavika Deo
Malavika Deo 5pts

I am that first picture and I do see the need to get that excess fat off me, not for looks/ beauty but for health reasons. I think that was their intent as well. It was not size or body shaming. Personally, I never want to be skinny again. I just want to be healthy.

Wendy Beresford
Wendy Beresford 5pts

Not that I know of, but to be honest, I haven't really searched for one - this one just popped up on my timeline so thought I'd give it a try but its not for me!

Della Amewunoo
Della Amewunoo 5pts

How to loose weight give us tips on dat okay please

Cynthia Kassis
Cynthia Kassis 5pts

I was excited about this page but then too found some adverts I didn't agree with or see how it applies at Ayurveda. I'm really bummed. They do have some great info but then something silly like this pops up. It's there another page out there you would recommend?

Joyce Misquitta
Joyce Misquitta 5pts

It did not take the weight to pile on quickly so how can one lose it quickly? Let's concentrate on good health instead of body shape.

Rinaldo Davis
Rinaldo Davis 5pts

The implication is that there something wrong with the first picture, that is why the question was asked I presume. The first picture probably represents a healthier woman.

Malavika Deo
Malavika Deo 5pts

I eat right and walk every day. It has not worked for me. I have not lost any weight. I still continue with my routine any way.

Eliza Wilt
Eliza Wilt 5pts

There is nothing wrong with the first picture. Everyone is beautiful in their own ways no matter what they or any others think

SyReyn Fernandez
SyReyn Fernandez 5pts

How to lose weight?..hope u will give me an advice ayurveda..thank u

Sami Thapa Basnet
Sami Thapa Basnet 5pts

I love the first pic... It suits on my face type.... M happy with this.... :P

Olga Rojas
Olga Rojas 5pts

That's exactly the first thing I thought

Sandra Vasti Eriksson
Sandra Vasti Eriksson 5pts

In this page it seems everything is about looks/beauty/outside..No. Sorry. There is health tips, but with MEN in the pictures. Beauty tips - women...Zzzzzzz\U0001f612\U0001f634

Wendy Beresford
Wendy Beresford 5pts

A confirmed fan of real ayurveda, I've unliked your page because of your constant stream of photoshopped weight loss adverts - this is not ayurveda! You are no better than big pharmaceutical or Cosmopolitan and should be ashamed.

Beth Cork
Beth Cork 5pts

I hate headlines like this. It is NEVER effortless to lose weight. It takes eating right and exercise.....it's not effortless.

Deb Wilhelm Cherry
Deb Wilhelm Cherry 5pts

How are any of these suggestion making losing weight effortlessly?? Seems like the same stuff that doesn't work and is very hard to lose weight.

Jo Felsman
Jo Felsman 5pts

I dont believe its for all! I have nothing wrong with my digestion..i have studied ayerveda, tcm & nutrition & raw food swells the body in the wrong constitutions, depletes the spleen & can make some people so sick! Pls be mindful, as without diagnosis, its impossible for you to recommend a diet for all people!!! The raw food diet has kicked off in the West, yet we are getting more & more obese!? Ayerveda never recommended a diet for all....but specific after thorough diagnosis....it can be quite harmful & create sickness in many people!

Ayurveda 5pts

This weight loss is for all.The bloating could be for many other reasons :)

Ayurveda 5pts

We have no problem with the first picture but many people face problems with excess of weight gain or obesity hence we share these articles to help them with weight loss! :)

Meg Rodriguez
Meg Rodriguez 5pts

Perhaps, They find it not in proper shape anymore..

Jo Felsman
Jo Felsman 5pts

How bout eating for yr dosha! I am vata & if I filled up on raw foods as suggested, my stomach bloats & I swell!!!! Who are you recommending this diet type for exactly?

Vidisha Prasad
Vidisha Prasad 5pts

Please consult your physician n get your blood work done . check for hypothyroidism , anemia, vitamin D .

LS Josie WB
LS Josie WB 5pts

I do all that and still have stupid muffin top

Anna DiGiambattista
Anna DiGiambattista 5pts

Try the "myfitnesspal" app. I thought I was doing really well on my own too and couldnt figure out why I couldnt lose. The app showed me I was eating too many calories even though I was eating clean. The pill can make you retain some water but typically it's only 5lbs or less. Move more eat less. Only way to lose weight. Dont eat after 7pm.

Jennifer Christiano
Jennifer Christiano 5pts

Okay, this may be too personal a question. .but I eat clean, small meals, snacks throughout the day, drink tons of water, exercise a bymuch as I can, maybe not too intense all the time but walk about 2 miles a day commuting... and my weight is gaining every month and it's very frustrating. Could it be birth control?

Ann Murphy
Ann Murphy 5pts

Boom! Just like that, you are out of my feed. Disgraceful that you use Aryurveda so deceptively.

Ellen Auger
Ellen Auger 5pts

I just saw this image in my feed and I am hoping no one who sees it think this is what you a woman should aspire to look like. You're doing it wrong.

Estephanie Portus
Estephanie Portus 5pts

I prefer the first pic!!! Been a Brazilian is import for me to have a nice and feminine shape :)

Marie Savu
Marie Savu 5pts

if thyroid problem hard to loose...

Rose Lim
Rose Lim 5pts

my concern is around abodmen area. how to loose weight here particularly?

Katie Samuella Hershberger
Katie Samuella Hershberger 5pts

That "want" doesn't even matter.....our minds have been conditioned since we were little to believe that skinny is the way to be accepted.

Mary Sanderson
Mary Sanderson 5pts

Great tips!! Eating raw, walking, and hydration...makes perfect sense, thanks! :)

Sabr'iï Naà
Sabr'iï Naà 5pts

I prefer the second but the important is that your good in your body if it's a healthy body so yes the important is to respect the imc do not have a big imc or small imc

Sabr'iï Naà
Sabr'iï Naà 5pts

Avoid sugar drink water no soda don't eat meat everyday and walk if you have to go to the shop and you can use your feet do it and stop the elevator rake the scales

Branka Torbica-Brocilo
Branka Torbica-Brocilo 5pts

Worrying about everything being posted and not knowing what to do for the best causes more harm than good. Health is often down to common sense.