Do I Lose Vital Nutrition Through Masturbation?

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In Ayurveda, nutrition consists of 4 things: The sensual objects we perceive; Our actions, thoughts, and feelings; The environment around us; Dietary range. Once energy is expended, through any channel our bodies and minds start metabolizing again, and if our “diet” of the four above is wholesome and plentiful, we will be able to regenerate our energy.

This is a question that you have to really answer for yourself, based on honest self-observation and a clear understanding of Ayurvedic concepts. Ayurveda teaches that whatever makes the body grow heavier, more lubricated, more warm, and that which promotes a feeling of happiness is “nutritious”.

So this is different from modern nutritional science in that Ayurveda teaches that nutrition comes from all the substances we “consume”:

  • The sensual objects we perceive
  • Our actions, thoughts, and feelings
  • The environment around us
  • And our dietary range

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These factors together are the essence of nutrition. True, it’s easy to abuse any of the “life-giving” (nutritious) aspects of life. But as long as we strive to honor life and steadily develop our awareness and connection with our own Life Force and the consciousness of Nature, we can learn what’s right for us.

With male fantasy, masturbation and ejaculation there is no doubt an energy loss and often a sleepy feeling afterwards. But there is also a sense of relaxation and healing in healthy masturbation; a moment of relaxation that actually helps us start a new energetic cycle within our bodies on many levels.

The minute we expend our energy, our bodies and minds start metabolizing again, and if our “diet” of the four objects in the bullet list above is wholesome and plentiful, we should be able to regenerate our energy as the energy of the moon is regenerated by the glance of the Sun.

So it’s up to us to restore our energy – no matter whether it has been depleted by exercise, work, or pleasure.

While there can be a sense of loss (of something nutritious and life-giving) from masturbation – often that sense of depletion and loss is a result of emotional despair that drives masturbation or if masturbation is attended by shame afterwards. Or if we are not taking care of ourselves.

On a much more challenging level, it is taught in Ayurveda, Yoga, Taoist, and Chinese Medicine that masturbation depletes the body of both a vital metabolic substance (fluids) and a vital energetic substance (Ojas/Qi). And this would be a concern if one indeed was practicing yoga as a brahmachari and performing internal yogic acts to store both fluids and Life Force.

If you are doing 100% serious yoga and you have committed your life to spiritual discipline, then the “nutrition” you require is different from a regular person. This type of lifestyle requires that one does not even fantasize, as even letting the mind wander into narcissistic thoughts represents a fall-down from the path. So the question of masturbation should not even be an issue in a committed practitioner. Just in the same way that an individual on a diet must restrain themselves, a yogic “diet” of sexual and energetic conservation is altogether a different lifestyle with its own observations and results.

In this one replaces the nutrition of sensuality and physical comfort and love with the nutrition of the spirit. That is brahmacharya.

Alternately, there is a method of semen retention during sex and during masturbation itself that can be practiced as a middle-path when one does not specifically renounce all sensuality in their yogic lifestyle. I know several men who have practiced this way for decades and are now in their sixties with great energy and vitality. They say that semen retention and internal yogas have given them boundless energy.

So the variety of conditions that a person may be in can therefore flavor the answer to the question. Though there are so many hard-liners who believe that only semen retention and “ūrdhva retas” practices are recommended in Ayurveda, they are sadly ignorant and lack compassion and true understanding of the heart of Ayurveda.

One does not require a baby to eat the same foods an athlete requires. Each person is at a different stage in their development and so the concept of what is nutritious to them is contexted by many factors in their lives.

The most important nutrition is self-respect. You must therefore analyze this question for yourself and learn to take care of your body, mind and emotions through svādhyāya and the deep commitment to discovering your Dharma, which is like the Sun and which will guide you to grow strong according to your fullest potential.

Om Kailas

Kailas practices Advanced Craniosacral Therapy, and Advanced Ayurvedic Healing, including Clinical evaluations, herbology, pulse diagnosis, medical intuitive readings, and many other therapeutic techniques.

Om Kailas

Kailas practices Advanced Craniosacral Therapy, and Advanced Ayurvedic Healing, including Clinical evaluations, herbology, pulse diagnosis, medical intuitive readings, and many other therapeutic techniques.

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dfd 5pts

haiz pls answer directly author zzz

Nancy P Gee
Nancy P Gee 5pts

wow. we must have a lot of time on our hands

Sadhana Tiwari
Sadhana Tiwari 5pts

Tulsi will gain a huge sea of worshippers... Of a different kind

Sadhana Tiwari
Sadhana Tiwari 5pts

If your idea is that powerful you've hit a jackpot

Sadhana Tiwari
Sadhana Tiwari 5pts

Common sense is not all that common . Discharge your negative ideas

Sadhana Tiwari
Sadhana Tiwari 5pts

The energy supply lasts a lifetime. It's heavy duty production ensuring unlimited supply . The only hindrance is disuse .I suggest keep the machine well oiled and in working order .

Norman David
Norman David 5pts

Yes, you will become malnourished if you do it everyday without proper nourishment such as balut and penoy.

Sadhana Tiwari
Sadhana Tiwari 5pts

How can a discharge be termed a loss ? The amount is piddly and the gain in return... Heavenly , to say the least

Upried Pandji Ireng
Upried Pandji Ireng 5pts

Yes if some one do it over and not only vital nutrition that lose also the inner energy will lose and weak.

Upried Pandji Ireng
Upried Pandji Ireng 5pts

Yes if some one do it over and not only vital nutrition that lose also the inner energy will lose and erak.

Terrence Esperanza Sabben Sutton
Terrence Esperanza Sabben Sutton 5pts

God might have said not to .. But one million plus nuns and priests if honest would admit its a stress release 2nd to nun ..

Shemara Lakin
Shemara Lakin 5pts

Probably why God said not too, besides the lustful thoughts you're having at same time!

MaxmilionAliA 5pts

Exactly! it's so sad and sickening to see the internet infested with ''Masturbation is healthy there's nothing wrong with that'' its disgusting and those people probably dont have a religion..

Deepak Mittal
Deepak Mittal 5pts

I can make a power suppliment for it....from purest herb tulsi.....after using an old man can take full enjoyment of his life......

Jalpa Vinal Patel
Jalpa Vinal Patel 5pts

It's not about worrying! It's just facts. About enjoying the life no doubt about it.

Sadhana Tiwari
Sadhana Tiwari 5pts

The production never stops and never dims either . Stop worrying and start enjoying

Ricardo Siachongco
Ricardo Siachongco 5pts

yes the sperm is very vital element of the body,it's the cream of the cream.its take sometimes for the body to produce it...

Jalpa Vinal Patel
Jalpa Vinal Patel 5pts

Well it takes longer to make it. So if you do it less would be better for your body!!! And when it comes to effects on mind that's whole another deep subjects to talk. So less or non would be better.

Nevin Mccone
Nevin Mccone 5pts

Wanking causes u to burn very very few calories surprisingly

Shari Bozarth Weber
Shari Bozarth Weber 5pts

Don't know about nutrients, but I think the loss of brain cells is pretty obvious!!!!!!!

Phillip A. Urban
Phillip A. Urban 5pts

If this is true, I'd look like coming out of a minimum 30 day hunger strike \U0001f602

Sandra Fernandes
Sandra Fernandes 5pts

I didn't read the article, but I heard a scientist a while ago talk about when men ejaculate they lose a pint of blood... They probably should be saving it to procreate. After all, that's what I think its supposed to be for lol

Kath Macc
Kath Macc 5pts

And this is a male based editorial...hmm why?

Brian Neeld
Brian Neeld 5pts

I don't think I could ever do it. Brave soul

Rozaida Umali Tepora
Rozaida Umali Tepora 5pts

"Dear friend, I pray that you may enjoy good health and that ALL may go well with YOU, even as your soul is getting along well."-3 John 2

Vijayan Paipra
Vijayan Paipra 5pts

God knows this and fit the main switch out side home for easy reading

Vijayan Paipra
Vijayan Paipra 5pts

When we are unable to quench our hunger with sufficient food (feast )then we have to have a lime juice. Satisfaction

Daryl Grimm
Daryl Grimm 5pts

So the sweet smelling person, hasn't gotten laid in a while. That's a great thing to know. I learn something everyday, some of it is just plain useless.

Daryl Grimm
Daryl Grimm 5pts

Really? Who cares? Nobody gets out of this alive anyway!

Sadhana Tiwari
Sadhana Tiwari 5pts

Well the amount spent is so minute that you can't label it as " a loss ". The body doesn't smell sweet as all body secretions carry a specific smell which isn't " Oil of musk ". In fact it is quite disagreeable .

Yaqub Amaki
Yaqub Amaki 5pts

Affect both men & women, that's fair

Jeff Castin
Jeff Castin 5pts

Somebody told me couple months back that because of their religion you're not supposed to masturbate even when you're single... I'm single,it happens... As far as Loosing nutrition over it I wouldn't worry too much about that...lol ..funny,,, its healthy.

Brian Neeld
Brian Neeld 5pts

BKS iyengar and Gandhi both say that if you save your semen your body smells sweeter

Heather Johnson
Heather Johnson 5pts

Hahahaha, I must be tired but that pic cracks me up.

Fazil Zaina
Fazil Zaina 5pts

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