How To Use Ghee For Skin Care? A Simple Ayurveda Method

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To use ghee for skin, take 10 ounces of ghee and mix with sufficient water. Add fresh water and continue mixing. Repeat this many times till the ghee turns into white with a butter like consistency. This can act as a natural moisturizer, relieves burning sensation, wounds, chicken pox scars, can be applied around umbilicus for excessive bleeding in pregnant women.

It is a common notion that ghee is used only orally. But in Ayurveda, ghee is extensively used for skin care. A special but very simple ghee preparation is used in many skin conditions like burns, wound scars, skin marks, burning sensation etc.

How To Use Ghee For Skin?

This ghee remedy is called as Shata dhauta ghrita in Ayurveda.

  • Shata = 100
  • Dhauta = washed with water
  • Ghrita = ghee or clarified butter

What You Need?

  • Ghee – 10 ounces
  • water – sufficient quantity.

In this home remedy of ghee for skin care, we add ghee with equal quantity of water. Mix it thoroughly by hand or a machine for 3 – 5 minutes, letting out the water. Add more fresh water and continue mixing. This process is repeated as many times as possible. In Ayurveda, it is advised to repeat the procedure 100 times. But in practice, it is usually done for 20 – 30 times.

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The ghee turns to white colour. It will be smoother to touch and will have butter like consistency. It feels a lot cooler to touch.

Benefits Of Ghee For Skin

  • This Shata dhauta ghrita is used to relieve burning sensation, to relieve burn wounds, wound scar, herpes wounds, chicken pox scars, etc.
  • It acts as natural skin moisturizer, if used daily. It can be applied over face, left for 10 minutes, washed with warm water.
  • In pregnant woman, with unexplained bleeding or spotting, traditionally, it is advised to apply this Shata dhauta ghrita around umbelicus.
  • In Ayurvedic leech therapy, after the treatment, to reduce the burning sensation and to check further bleeding, this ghee is applied of the affected area.

Shelf Life

4 – 6 months

Because this ghee eventually contains some remnant moisture inside, it is not ideal to store it for more than six months.    It should be stored in a clean, dry air tight container.  Over exposure to air will cause foul smell.

Dr Janardhana Hebbar

Senior Ayurvedic Consultant at CureJoy, Dr. Hebbar has authored 4 books on Ayurveda. Special interests are Kayachikitsa (Internal Medicine) and Shalya chikitsa (Surgery).

Dr Janardhana Hebbar

Senior Ayurvedic Consultant at CureJoy, Dr. Hebbar has authored 4 books on Ayurveda. Special interests are Kayachikitsa (Internal Medicine) and Shalya chikitsa (Surgery).

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IftekharHassanmollah 5pts

Frying my two eggs on Ghee every morning keeping me health for the past 50 years and there exist nothing like it in terms of taste. Bitch like Margarine or vegetable oil is nothing but poison. Yes, Ghee does have more fat, but Ghee does have more nutrition too ! Yes, mix ghee with water, beat/whip it and now you have the best skin tightening cream. Add a pinch of turmeric as carrier and watch your skin glow like fairy around seventh heaven flying around....

merryclinic 5pts

Using the things which are available to a person is what makes them natural. There are so many things that are going to help out if used correctly. The reason is that they don’t have any side effects. 

Vishal S Jindal
Vishal S Jindal 5pts

Do what grandma used to do. Its the best advise you can get. Grandma uses ghee for cooking, for recovering patients, for skin. Read rujuta divekar for chemical aspects on why ghee is good

Katie Jones
Katie Jones 5pts

Delya Schock, Golly GHEE we're doing it right!!! But we mainly like to eat it...

Sadhana Tiwari
Sadhana Tiwari 5pts

India is infatuated with Ghee . In early 20th century , Indians were a famished lot. A roly poly person was scarce among the scrawny populace . With a dismal milk production, Ghee achieved a status prized by many , procured by few. Basically , it is a type of fat which gives you energy when ingested and shine when applied on the skin. It's image took a beating, when it was blamed for matters of heart . Regarding taste , it still is king . Literally , something to die for .

Sarah Newman
Sarah Newman 5pts

Elliot Winch gheeeeee \U0001f602\U0001f602\U0001f602\U0001f602

Winston Thompson
Winston Thompson 5pts

u can use it for making roti and other things everything dosent work well with every one.like coconut oil when use on feet it leave u looking like a fish scaley but it is good for many things

Lakshmi SasiKumar
Lakshmi SasiKumar 5pts

I know a friend of mine who had used it on his skin and trust me you can see big great difference..

Anil N Benjune Shah
Anil N Benjune Shah 5pts

If the nose is bloked, can't breath, put a drop of melted ghee in both the nostrils. It will help.

Milin Prajapati
Milin Prajapati 5pts

Who told u that? Ghee is most healthy I take it in my rice 2-3 spoons. Yummyy..

Charmaine Kroats
Charmaine Kroats 5pts

I used it for a very long time and for some reason it left a shine as if my skin absorbed it..

Neela Shah
Neela Shah 5pts

If some body not like d taste of ghee than what to do

SüshmíTãä Rôy
SüshmíTãä Rôy 5pts

Boil the milk and let it cool down u will get a layer over the milk take it out u can collect those layers in a bowl after boiling the milk any time for a week or few days. Than what u hv to do is put all those collected. Creams in a pan and keep it on the stove in a low flame u will be able to see that a sticky liquid is getting released from those creams and the remaining part is getting seperated thus collect the liquid slowly which is a ghee within 5 min u can hv a ghee. Which tastes good. Just remember to keep the flame low otherwise the cream will get burned and u won't get anything out of it.

Chetna Sharma
Chetna Sharma 5pts

Yes ghee is very useful n common thing in my country

Sristy Mahfuz
Sristy Mahfuz 5pts

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Renu Jagasia
Renu Jagasia 5pts

ghee is clarified butter. Melt butter on slow fire till it becomes clear and a white foam gathers on top. with a slotted spoon, skimm the top off. Use it to saute fish, vegetables along with olive oil . It adds flavor to the dish . and

Gagan Mahal
Gagan Mahal 5pts

Is it helpful in getting rid of dark blemishes on face

Reshma Loetawan
Reshma Loetawan 5pts

Chequitta Ristie, k moest aan je denken\U0001f600\U0001f600\U0001f600

Ayurveda 5pts

Definitely you can eat it! :)

Tom A To
Tom A To 5pts

The eyes and the feet are the seat of Pitta. I put melted Ghee in the eyes after working the feet with Ghee and and a Kanse bowl. The Kanse bowl is a special tool made from 5 different metals that activate ones Meridians. This treatment not only lubricates all the tiny muscles behind the eyes but communicates with the cells to release trapped "heat" in the body. Of course there's a bit more to the treatment but that's it in a nutshell.

Lalita Araneta
Lalita Araneta 5pts

yes i tried once when i was in Abu Dhabi marami kasing ghee doon.

Sam Clingan
Sam Clingan 5pts

Just make sure it's true ghee, made from cultured cream.