How To Purify Blood Naturally?

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How To Purify Blood Naturally?

Purifying the blood means flushing out all the built up toxins and waste from the body. It is very essential to keep your blood free from impurities. Here are a few natural ways to cleanse your system and purify your blood:

1. Drink Plenty Of Water: This is one of the first and most vital steps in cleansing your system. Increase your water intake and aim to drink atleast 8 glasses of water throughout the day. Also consume fruits and vegetables with higher water content like melons, tomatoes and cucumber. Water is very important in the process since it flushes out all the impurities and toxins from the system and helps the kidneys and bowel to perform their normal functions of eliminating waste more efficiently. It is also good for the skin as it removes wrinkles, and keeps the skin young and healthy.

2. Neem: Boil neem leaves and have neem water in the morning. This is one of the most effective remedies to purify and cleanse the blood.

3. Garlic: Garlic has the ability to boost liver function by aiding in the production of enzymes which help the liver to clear toxins from the body.Chew some pieces of garlic daily, since it is very effective in blood purification.

4. Herbal Tea: Tea when mixed with certain herbs can become an excellent blood cleansing beverage that removes toxins and waste from the body. Some commonly used and easy to make types of herbal tea are ginger, peppermint, and dandelion. They also have other health benefits.

5. Avocado: Avocados are very healthy for both the body and the skin. They remove artery destroying toxins from the blood. Also rich in Vitamin E, they protect our skin from damage and the harmful effects of oxidative stress.

6. Carrots: Carrots are an amazing natural source of Vitamin A, potassium, fiber, biotin, Vitamin C, manganese, pantothenic acid, folate, phosphorous, Vitamin B and molybdenum. Vitamin A thickens and stimulates the dermis where collagen and blood vessels are present, and it also boosts blood flow to the surface of the skin. It also helps in the eradication of pre-cancerous skin lesions and promotes a strong cellular membrane around the cell. Having carrot juice in the morning can help purification of blood and also keep your skin healthy.

Dr Janardhana Hebbar

Senior Ayurvedic Consultant at CureJoy, Dr. Hebbar has authored 4 books on Ayurveda. Special interests are Kayachikitsa (Internal Medicine) and Shalya chikitsa (Surgery).

Dr Janardhana Hebbar

Senior Ayurvedic Consultant at CureJoy, Dr. Hebbar has authored 4 books on Ayurveda. Special interests are Kayachikitsa (Internal Medicine) and Shalya chikitsa (Surgery).

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Gary Ramsay
Gary Ramsay 5pts

Beet juice is good for your blood also

Kewal Jutlla
Kewal Jutlla 5pts

Be a blood doner , give blood to save others ,and you don't need any thing else, looks great , love it , x

Anand Oswal
Anand Oswal 5pts

Hello der... Ayurveda... Pls ping on my messenger

Tanu Hasham
Tanu Hasham 5pts

What's wheat grass where can buy it in Canada thx

Deepak Mittal
Deepak Mittal 5pts

Use wheat grass juice.....for seven days......for max blood related problems....

Ayurveda 5pts

Yes it does.. Worth a try

AJinkya Waradkar
AJinkya Waradkar 5pts

Nidhi Pathak knw u wont drink ny of em still try\U0001f601

Rajkumar Singhal
Rajkumar Singhal 5pts

Used vestige product 100./. Aurvedic 9990541574/7838418244

Ashuk Ahmod
Ashuk Ahmod 5pts

Everything is good within limits but these days you cannot buy any thing that is organic. You can hae a glass of b beet juice every day, with the chemicals in them you will get sick

Carol Soza
Carol Soza 5pts

Thanks Laura honey! I will definitely use this and bookmark this site. it's so interesting because I just bought a kind of beats and pickled them and also roasted a bunch so I guess I'm on my way

Katharine Corp
Katharine Corp 5pts

Nirit Ovadia Hull,Kaye Richter,Sarah Fish,Jennifer DeLorenzo-Diamond,and Kathleen A. Curtis :-)

Yolanda Marks
Yolanda Marks 5pts

Fresh is always better..... They do have the in a jar instead of a can...... ijs

Ada Pearson
Ada Pearson 5pts