How To Lower Cholesterol Naturally?

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Freshly squeezed orange juice can lower cholesterol. Herbal tea with peppers, ginger, honey, and lukewarm water is good. Ginger, grapes, red yeast, oatmeal, red wine can help reduce cholesterol. Chromium helps maintain blood sugar level through proper utilization of insulin. Exercise is important to lower cholesterol and eat several small meals a day.

How to Lower Cholesterol Levels?

The causes of high level of cholesterol can be varied in nature. It can be due to foods consumed by an individual. It can also be due to the excessive hard drinks that a person consumes. It is not a disease, but it can really cause many other diseases. Thus one having high level of cholesterol needs to be very careful regarding his/her health. Here are a few ways by which one can lower the cholesterol level naturally.

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1. Orange Juice Is Tasty And Healthy

Freshly squeezed orange juice is known to lower the level of cholesterol in human body.  One orange a day in the morning can do magic.

2. Herbal Tea Helps A Lot

If you think that your cholesterol level is more than average then you can prepare an herbal tea. It should contain peppers, ginger, and luke warm water. After that you need to add honey to it and the tea is ready to be consumed.

3. Ginger Is An Effective Medium

Ginger is a natural way to reduce cholesterol and as it thins the blood helping in effective circulation, it becomes much easier for the blood to reach different parts of the body which in turn prevents several diseases.

4. Chromium Is An Effective Mineral

Chromium is an effective mineral to help you reduce cholesterol. Chromium also helps you to maintain your blood sugar level through the proper utilization of insulin. Hence, you can try and consume chromium pills or keep foods that contain chromium as a part of your diet.

5. Grapes, A Natural Way To Reduce Cholesterol

Grapes can be really helpful as a natural way to reduce cholesterol. The skin of the grape consists of a compound which really helps in the lowering of the cholesterol.

6. Consume Red Yeast

You can consume red yeast in order to reduce the cholesterol in your blood in a natural way. Red Yeast is effective in cutting down the level of LDL and that is good for your health.

7. Consuming Oatmeal Can Be Helpful

Oatmeal though sometimes not good to taste, is a rich source of soluble fiber that helps in lowering as well as dissolving the cholesterol in the blood. Other than oatmeal, you can also consume legumes and other food items which contain soluble fiber.

8. A Glass Of Red Wine Is Good

You can have a glass of wine which raises the HDL level which in turn helps you to lower your cholesterol level. Also, having red wine helps you to feel fresh as it has got anti-oxidants to help you stay healthy.

9. Exercise Is The Key To Stay Healthy

If you are planning to lower your cholesterol level, you should try out exercising. You can try out jogging in order to get some fresh air to your lungs. You can also try stretching and similar other exercises.

10. Take Food In Small Quantities

You should take several meals during a day, instead of taking just two meals a day. This helps you to fight your cholesterol level in a natural way.

Hence, try these ways out to have a good and healthy life that is without the accumulation of huge amount of cholesterol in the body.


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Emma Olliff

Emma is a qualified Nutritional Therapist (DipNT CNM) and is registered with BANT (British Association for Nutritional Therapy) and CMA (Complimentary Medical Association). She is passionate about helping her clients achieve optimum health through diet and lifestyle.

Emma Olliff

Emma is a qualified Nutritional Therapist (DipNT CNM) and is registered with BANT (British Association for Nutritional Therapy) and CMA (Complimentary Medical Association). She is passionate about helping her clients achieve optimum health through diet and lifestyle.

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matakamala 5pts

Stop eating meat. Cholesterol is only in animal foods.

Jovialyogi 5pts

@matakamala not so much, as vegetarians have high cholesterol, too.  eating inflammatory foods (refined grains, sugars, oils) are the reason VLDLs are oxidized creating issues.  our bodies make cholesterol and it's absolutely essential, but it's when it's oxidized when it (and other formed elements like platelets) is deposited in arteries creating issues.  

Jovialyogi 5pts

Telling people to supplement without altering their cholesterol increasing diet, mainly caused by sugar, refined flowers and seed oil combinations, not just because of fat, is NOT an effective way to reduce cholesterol. Don't just supplement; address the root cause.

Paul Keenan
Paul Keenan 5pts

Why are you still propagating this myth? The high cholesterol theory has always been utter nonsense and has been debunked.

Upried Pandji Ireng
Upried Pandji Ireng 5pts

Sampun ngantos dahar mawi menu ingkang ngandung minyak, gajih. Nglaksanakaken jalan - jalan seminggu kaping sekawan rutin.

Veronica Grace
Veronica Grace 5pts

It's the sugar combined with cholesterol. Refer to Dr. Hyman

Jorge Cruz
Jorge Cruz 5pts

Oooooo ok amor esa no mela savia

Sunil Nilkanth Rokde
Sunil Nilkanth Rokde 5pts

Eat 2 tablespoons flax seeds I Linseed) daily to reduce LDL & triglyceroides, Eat 2 tablespoons asylum husk (Isabgol) with hot water at night, Eat curry leaves, betal leaves, drink bottleguord juice to reduce cholesterol ....

BrianLetamendi 5pts

They forgot to say dairy eggs meat and fish raise cholesterol

Jayme Cordova
Jayme Cordova 5pts

Wow, how very Un-scientific....perhaps try cutting the head off of a chicken...

Michael Stevens
Michael Stevens 5pts

I take honey and cinnamon on my toast every morning to reduce cholesterol. Is that ok Sneha.

Praveen Kumar
Praveen Kumar 5pts

Which type of capsules you used.Pls tell me...

Paul San Miguel
Paul San Miguel 5pts

Drink lots avocado seed power good to lower you calesterol...

Daniel Ames
Daniel Ames 5pts

I used my capsules that have 30 different fruits and vegetables in them for a whole year and my cholesterol dropped 100 points. I'm so thankful because the prescription meds made me feel aweful!

Richard Warrington
Richard Warrington 5pts

Niacin is a vitamin and if you're deficient and take it you will get a reaction and if you take the amount that prevents a reaction it will heal you not hurt you. Doses well over 3,000 have been taken and no one I know of has been hurt. I've taken 3000 a day for years and my cholesterol is perfect. It is uncomfortable being decision and taking it, you do need to take the proper dose to prevent the deficiency reaction or you'll get that the rest of your life. I wouldn't want to get the deficiency reaction the rest of my life and I wouldn't want to do with bad cholesterol and triglycerides the rest of my life.

Reesie Bulosan
Reesie Bulosan 5pts

You can also limit or eliminate animal products. When you go vegan you don't take in saturated fat and only small amounts of cholesterol.