How To Activate FAT Burning Hormones In Just 3 Steps?


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Stop consuming all sugar. Eat lot of vegetables with beans. Juicing vegetables every day also helps but without the fiber it is not as cleansing as fresh veggies. Use only vegetable protein, reduce carbs and add healthy oil/fat. Eat less (3 small meals) and stick to a tight eating schedule. Don't eat anything after 7 pm. Add some light-weight training or juice fast.

How To Activate Fat Burning Hormones?

If you remove all foods high in sugar, starchy veggies, sweet fruits especially the juice, snacking, and half of your carbs especially grains and rice, and then workout with light weights for 30 minutes every other day, the body will build new muscle from the protein and burn fat for energy for the next 12-48 hours after the workout.

Here Is My Challenging But Very Effective 3-Step Fat Burning Approach

Step 1

STOP consuming ALL sugar!

  • No starchy veggies.
  • No fruit juice at all and only fruit low in sugar like apples.
  • No sweets of any kind or any product with any type of sugar or sweetener (OK, some stevia and a little honey is fine).
  • No alcohol, cookies, candy, cereals, processed foods with added sugar, etc. Nothing with sugar.

Why? Because if your body has simple carbohydrates then it will just use the calories or energy from this source and not bother burning any existing fat reserves.

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Don’t bother with further steps until you have completed step #1

Step 2

Eat A Lot Of Vegetables With Beans

  • Have greens for breakfast, (fried or steamed is fine, even juiced is ok).
  • Have large salads for lunch and dinner (follow individual body-type recommendations).

Half your plate for each meal should be vegetables!

Prefer raw vegetables and steamed cruciferous vegetables.  Why?  Because it takes more calories or energy to digest raw vegetables and with their high fiber makes them very cleansing, thus perfect for weight-loss. Easy, eat LOTS of greens!

Juicing Vegetables Every Day

helps too but without the fiber it is not as cleansing as fresh veggies.  If you have blood sugar issues, focus on dark greens.  Celery, kale, parsley, spinach are the best.  For a heavier juice with more protein add asparagus, string beans and cauliflower. To sweeten it up use limes not carrots, beets or apples. To replace a meal just add about 6 tablespoons of hemp seeds and a couple teaspoons of freshly ground flax seeds.

Use Only Vegetable Protein, Reduce Carbohydrates And Add Healthy Oil/Fat

  • Stop all animal protein and replace with legumes: Beans (kapha-type and Pitta-type) and lentils (Vata -type).
  • Use coconut oil instead of butter, and sunflower oil instead of olive oil
  • Gradually reduce carbohydrates such as rice and other whole grains to half servings (1/2 of a fist size)

Prefer meals of beans or lentils with lots of veggies and a small portion of whole-grains with a little oil.  Why? Your body needs protein to build new muscle and tissue as a result of the light weight training.  Both protein and oil (fat) are very satisfying for the body and takes away cravings.   Remember, there must be some oil and a good portion protein with each meal.  Otherwise, you will become nutritionally deficient and will start craving more carbs, and we know that leads to fast weight gain!

Step 3

EAT LESS! Stick To A Tight Eating Schedule

  • Never eat after 7pm even fruit. Try to eat earlier like 5 or 4.
  • Drink only water with lemon or herbal teas between meals; no fruit juices etc.
  • Eat 3 small meals a day or just 2 meals, or just have a salad for dinner. In other words: EAT LESS!

Why? The body burns fat between meal so the longer you can make the space between meals the more fat you will burn. But don’t skip meals even breakfast.  Do a late breakfast and early dinner or skip dinner sometimes.  No matter what,  don’t start snacking on “healthy” snacks. You need to be cooking and preparing two or three complete meals each day.  Also don’t start juicing every meal and not using a plate!  Cook, prepare, sit down, eat slowly and when you are starting to feel full, stop. Simple.

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You may have to work at this for a few weeks or even a month.

Step 4 – Bonus Step

Add Some Light Weight Training And/Or Juice Fasting

Do 30 Minutes Every Other Day

  • Do 10 minutes of solid cardio first, like running in place or biking to break a sweat and get your heart rate up
  • Do at least two sets each and rest 1- 2 minutes in between sets
  • Each set should be until you have some muscle strain (work up to it).
  • Do some cardio to warm up and cool down but focus on the weight training to build muscle.

You don’t need a gym to to do this, just run in place, use a step or go up stairs etc. and then lift some weights or some big cans of beans! Just works those muscles!

If you cannot work out everyday, then the next option is to do juice fasts and eat only two meals a day.  Make your choice, workout or eat a lot less.

  • A juice fast will further “force” the body to lose more weight if this type of therapy is suitable or even necessary.

This protocol is the final focus of my weight loss program since good eating habits, food combining and meal planning should be done first. Additionally, a colon cleanse and liver detoxification are absolutely necessary to successfully lose weight and naturally keep it off. Thus, digestion and eliminate must good as well as sleep.  Just as important, a person should be nutritionally sound without nutritional deficiencies and have good energy levels before following this program.

Khabir Southwick

Khabir Southwick is a professional health consultant, Ayurvedic and Naturopathic practitioner, whole-foods nutritionist, master herbalist and formulator, public speaker on natural self-care and author of numerous natural health-care programs.

Khabir Southwick

Khabir Southwick is a professional health consultant, Ayurvedic and Naturopathic practitioner, whole-foods nutritionist, master herbalist and formulator, public speaker on natural self-care and author of numerous natural health-care programs.

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vishalsurana25 5pts

Pathetic. Eating less is worst way of losing weight. It doesn't take away of tendency to regain weight. Effective way is to add-on muscles to increase your calorie burning. One more thing, brain is smarter than what you think. If anything is deficit for some time then brain will start preserving it. Eating less will trigger trauma for brain and you may end up getting lethargic. Effective way is to cheat the brain by eating smarty and then burning super smartly. I reject your steps big time.

sneh8477 5pts

Whoever wrote this blog is not realistic. ...

Ceekay Sallymo
Ceekay Sallymo 5pts

Carolynn Michael Ondego Patricia Aminat Raheem this read looks interesting. Carol please tag our other wassap members

Kara Straley
Kara Straley 5pts

Kristi Sträley eating disorder trigger much?

Gabi Borbely
Gabi Borbely 5pts

Corn, peas, parsnips, potatoes, pumpkin, squash, zucchini and yams are all examples of starchy vegetables. Non-starchy vegetables are typically flowering parts of the plant. Lettuce, asparagus, broccoli, cauliflower, cucumber, spinach, mushrooms, onions, peppers and tomatoes are all considered non-starchy vegetables.

Alan Lee
Alan Lee 5pts

What is starchy vegetables?

Vanessa Warren
Vanessa Warren 5pts

Well, my fat burning hormones were telling me to go to hell.

Amanda Dellow
Amanda Dellow 5pts

Um this has nothing to do with ayurveda, actually it's the opposite. Bogus page perhaps

Kristina Pannel
Kristina Pannel 5pts

There's a lot of truth in this article however I think it's extremely strict! Sugar intake must definitely be under control in order to lose weight and stay healthy but don't forget your brain needs food too! Fruits do not make me fat, not sure about other people. And it's unhealthy to starve yourself, so eat when you're hungry people!! not 2x a day. Eat a bit of everything is what i would say just choose unprocessed good quality food. Plus weight goes when you're relaxed and happy not overly concerned about it all the time! Peace and love!

Al Bastet
Al Bastet 5pts

Fictional... Doesnt happen in reality

Love Peace
Love Peace 5pts

Great article Very informative\U0001f44c

Vanessa Santiago
Vanessa Santiago 5pts

This is absolutely sustainable. The article doesn't mention it, but once your body receives actual nutrition and exercise, that's all it starts to want. And will reject the crap we try to feed it. It becomes common sense and you look forward to the exercise. This lifestyle will improve your mental, physical, and emotional capacities. It truly is the best lifestyle and absolutely not a diet.

Vanessa Santiago
Vanessa Santiago 5pts

Its difficult but absolutely accurate. (EXCEPT THE SUNFLOWER NO SUNFLOWER OIL!!) Its correct.

Vanessa Santiago
Vanessa Santiago 5pts

Your plans are far more difficult to do. We cannot wait for government to control what we eat. We have the responsibility to vhoose whar we eat. And the post is dead on. Its a change...an adjustment. But its worth the discomfort because it will absolutely work. And it is a lifestyle not a diet.

Crystal Seaver
Crystal Seaver 5pts

Uuuhhhh this is true but not realistic for most, a bit too excessive of a leap i think, most people with weight issues are going to be like ..."oh yeah sure let me just do that right now"My 3 steps would be:Hold the government responsible for alliwing food to be poisoned.Get them to change the regulations by eliminating toxins, chemicals and excessive sugars, carbs, salts etc.Now eat the new clean food that nourishes your body, feel happier healthier and lose weight ... The end.See my plans simple too! \U0001f611

Julipres Lor Banate
Julipres Lor Banate 5pts

My pleasure. Im an avid follower of yours. Your quotes were always meaningful to me. ♥

Ayurveda 5pts

Very True :) , thanks for adding in

Julipres Lor Banate
Julipres Lor Banate 5pts

Stop eating crap. Lessen sugar and if you can deal without it then stop. Avoid carbonated drinks for aspartame is really unhealthy. Dont laydown every after meal. DONT BE LAZY: a simple exercise is healthy.. :*

Ollie Yollie Pollie
Ollie Yollie Pollie 5pts

Buy a trampoline ,,the easiest and cheapest gadget for exersize ..you can exersize on that forever and works pretty well and you can shed some fats ,,start your music and start dancing ,,u will do one hour in the morning and 30 minutes before going to bed ,,guys so nice band i love the result ,,

Sherry Ann
Sherry Ann 5pts

This is not a healthy way to lose weight. Total crap advice.

Carlos Budet
Carlos Budet 5pts

Easiest way to burn fat is by activating kaio-ken x20 and doing zanzoken training for an hour each day. ^^

Maureen Barr Anderson
Maureen Barr Anderson 5pts

Is there any food left on this diet as it definitely is a diet and not a sustainable lifestyle

Anusha Rose
Anusha Rose 5pts

I'm going to try this from tomorrow. Ayurveda, keep in touch with me to keep up this promise....

Vicky Fox
Vicky Fox 5pts

I don't think Ayurveda teaches us to eat raw food.

Amy Mullikin
Amy Mullikin 5pts

I think apple cider vinegar with Mother in it helps too, I mix with oj. Do 2 cap fulls 1-2 times a day.

Mridula Agarwal
Mridula Agarwal 5pts

I hv a very bad constipation problem. With this how I ll do

Jazz Kardasz
Jazz Kardasz 5pts

Do as heavy weights 3 x times a week as you can...more muscle means u burn more fat...all cleanses n detox r BS...that is the job of your liver n colon naturally...no fruit juicing ever..eat whole fruit sparingly, ...but none for an hour after excercise... 3 cups of black coffee... 1 before training...google weight training n Dr. Mercola... the older u get the more important it is...interval training...90% diet 10 excercise...the two together always

Shilpi Soni
Shilpi Soni 5pts

fat lady in the cartoon is more cutieeeeeeee