How Can I Make Traditional Ghee?

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Curejoy Expert Claude Butler Explains:

Ghee can be used in place of butter and is an ideal cooking oil, as it does not burn unless heated excessively. It makes a wonderful body oil for massage and can serve as a base for herbal ointments (for burns, skin rashes, etc.) and can even be used for lamps, with wicks made from cotton balls.

Generally, people use butter to make ghee. But traditionally, ghee is made in a different way. Here’s the traditional ghee recipe.

Traditional Ghee Recipe

1. Collecting the cream

-Collect cream from full-fat milk in a glass container. To get a sizeable amount of cream for ghee, it must be collected over 8-10 days. To collect cream, boil the milk, let it cool and collect the top layer of cream and transfer to a glass container. Do not use plastic or any other type of container.

-Store the cream in the refrigerator. In case you have time, boil milk, cool it and store it in the fridge overnight. The top-creamy layer in the morning will be much better, so you can do this every day and collect the cream.

-The milk cream that is collected over time will start separating from the water and go to the bottom.

2. Mixing the cream

-After collecting the cream, transfer the collected milk cream in a food processor and run it at a low speed for 1-3 minutes.

-You will notice that the butter will have separated from the milky water or whey. The milky water is known as buttermilk which can be garnished with coriander and spices for a cool, summer drink.

3. Making the ghee

-Transfer the butter in a deep bottom pan with low-medium heat

-You will start seeing clear bubbles, lower your cooktop to your lowest heat setting.

-Keep heating it until you see a clear film on top which is the ghee. Once this appears, turn off your cooktop.

4. Filtration process

-Pass the ghee through a fine sieve or muslin cloth to collect the pure ghee in a clean glass container.

-Ghee does not need to be refrigerated and will store will for 6-7 months.

CureJoy Editorial

The CureJoy Editorial team digs up credible information from multiple sources, both academic and experiential, to stitch a holistic health perspective on topics that pique our readers' interest.

CureJoy Editorial

The CureJoy Editorial team digs up credible information from multiple sources, both academic and experiential, to stitch a holistic health perspective on topics that pique our readers' interest.

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Ayurveda 5pts

:) But not what you get in processed in bottles!

Ayurveda 5pts

Dalvir Ubhi Thanks for the recipe! :)

Dalvir Ubhi
Dalvir Ubhi 5pts

U can also make from unsalted butter . Heat butter on medium heat and after 10 to 15 minutes solids from butter stay in bottom and transparent portion u can filter it in glass jar .

Ålćyønëe Papry
Ålćyønëe Papry 5pts

Can u pls tell how can i make home made coconut oil??? pls provide the process..

ManjunathReddy 5pts

Mr. Claude Butler, the process you have described is not the traditional method. This is the process by which the Dairy Industry prepares Ghee. Ghee is always, always made by churning curds and getting Butter first. Then the Butter is heated to get Ghee. A pinch of Turmeric is added to it just before you pull it out of the fire. Also add a couple of Betel leaves (The betel (Piper betle) is the leaf of a vine belonging to the Piperaceae family) to give it flavor.

Yaduveer Agnihotri
Yaduveer Agnihotri 5pts

Traditional and natural odour ghee is prepared by boiling milk on fire at low temperatures to come fat with cream on surface of milk, milk become pinkish and consumed, cream layers collected for 4-5 days and added some yughurt to ferment for one day and then heated for ghee.

BriannaT 5pts

If I just boil the unsalted butter and drain it, will I still get the same health benefits as the longer method?

Neeru Sharma
Neeru Sharma 5pts

ढूध से मलाई रोज इक्कठा करके एक पात्र में रखा जाता है उसमे कुछ बूंद दही मिलाकर रखने से वह कई दिनों तक खराब नही होता फिर उसको मथ कर मक्खन निकाला जाता है फिर उस मक्खन को कड़ाही में गर्म करके घी निकाला जाता है जो घर का शुद्ध देसी घी होता है! यह प्रक्रिया बहुत काल से भारत के कई घरो में घी निकालने के लिए की जाती है कलांतर में लोग इसी क्रिया को लकड़ी व् मिटटी के बर्तनों में किया करते थे जिससे उसका स्वाद और भी बढ़ जाता था हमारे भारत वर्ष की संकृति है ही अनोखी प्रतेक वस्तु घर में बनाई जाती थी दूध से सम्बन्धित वस्तुएं आज भी उसी प्रकार से बनाई जाती है

Paul Thebeau
Paul Thebeau 5pts

Ghee is one of the most amazing things ever...

Ayurveda 5pts

Yep you can do that as well!

Neelkamal Maharaj
Neelkamal Maharaj 5pts

Too long of a process..we just make our ghee with the unsalted butter once a month..same thing..