The Amazing Healing Powers Of Pink Salt.

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Instinctively we are drawn to water, especially the big oceans. We like returning to this specific vibration of the ocean. The primordial ocean from whence we came and have a connection to. Vacationing or even walking on the beach has renewal, reenergizing capabilities. We feel recharged after spending time at the beach.

Pink Salt: Ancient Natural Healing Food

More and more people are seeking out holistic methods, natural foods and medicines and utilizing natural salts seem to be part of this healing method. There are so many positive healing qualities of natural crystal salt. We find it in skin care, inhalers, cleansing treatments for illnesses, bath salts for detoxification and respiratory ailments.

Allopathic medicine has endorsed using salts for a very long time. One of the oldest and largest salt works in Europe occupies the royal salt mines of Wieliczka, Poland. It is here where a hospital was dug out of a salt mountain some 740 feet below the ground surface. This hospital has a success rate of 90%for those suffering from asthma, lung disease and allergies. Now there are many underground therapeutic spas located in Germany.

Health Benefits Of Pink Salt:

. Natural salt has a neutralizing force.
It can neutralize radioactive radiation just to give you an idea of it’s power. It isn’t just this power in purity of air but also it’s healing effects or resonant vibrations that can activate our self healing and self regulating power. When our body is sick and lacking it’s natural frequency, for example from the depletion from chemo or radiation therapy, salt can bring us back into more of a balanced and recharged state. Thereby replenishing the body with it’s energy deficit. In principle, all symptoms of illness can be therapeutically neutralizing with salt.

. Metabolism and Digestion:
– You can drink salt and water (Sole’) which will stimulate your metabolism and digestion. Electrolytes are created which improves the body’s conductivity and stimulates circulation. In fact, Sole’ lowers blood pressure if it is high, and raises it if blood pressure is low. The primary attribute of Sole’ is to restore balance. I know that doctors tell us to stay away from salt but which salt are they referring to? For common over processed table salt this is a true statement but not for salt having in tact holistic properties. I speak about real, whole, pure crystal salt.
– Sole’ is an exceptional harmonizer in balancing acid/alkaline pH in the body. It will flush out heavy metals such as mercury, lead, arsenic and amalgam, even calcification. Crystal salt breaks down molecule compounds. This is when salt and water is taken internally.

. Salt Bath:
Now let’s look at crystal salt and it’s cleansing ability externally, as in a therapeutic Sole’ bath.
– One would think salt bath as a bath that takes moisture out of the body but instead a Sole’ bath maintains a natural, protective layer of the skin and the skin does not dry out. Sole’ baths are great to restore the skin. A Sole’ bath is so effective that it will allow toxins to be extracted through the skin (the largest organ of the body) by way of osmosis.
– Meanwhile when toxins are removed, minerals are absorbed through the skin. Taking a Sole’ bath is like taking an energy bath. Bioenergetic deficits are rebalanced. Our body’s electric current is charged up leaving us feeling light and strong.
– A Sole’ bath activates the natural regulatory mechanism of the body and it’s self healing powers.

All this great therapeutic qualities come when taking a Sole’ bath but one big item not mentioned until now is it’s relaxing effects on the mind, body and spirit. Bathing quietly allows for a deep state of relaxation which helps to regulate our breath and our blood circulation. This helps with having an extra ordinary healing effects through the absence of gravity. Mind, body and spirit experience their fullest integration.

Written by Diana Ross:  E-RYT 500 restorative yoga teacher, survivor that cares and founder of Breast Cancer Yoga.


Stacey Chillemi

Founder of Healthy Living Inc., Stacey Chillemi actively writes about alternative & holistic wellness. Her first published book, Epilepsy You’re Not Alone in 1998, helped millions of people understand and cope with their disorder enabling them to live a happy, healthy and productive life.

Stacey Chillemi

Founder of Healthy Living Inc., Stacey Chillemi actively writes about alternative & holistic wellness. Her first published book, Epilepsy You’re Not Alone in 1998, helped millions of people understand and cope with their disorder enabling them to live a happy, healthy and productive life.

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Jessie Kumar
Jessie Kumar 5pts

Lots of grocery stores carry it now a days

Donna McKinney
Donna McKinney 5pts

I just bought a lamp. Sure hope it's as good as they say.

Carolyn Emery
Carolyn Emery 5pts

I still have a pound left from my Oahu trip. Good for what ales you.

Heather MacAuley
Heather MacAuley 5pts

The sodium is much lower than table salt and the vast amount of minerals on it has an extra protective effect. Naturopathic doctors call it the mineral net. But still, it may not be fully safe unless the ND checks your response to it. Getting minerals often re-lowers BP so it can work out. Plus, eat vegetables for minerals.

Heather MacAuley
Heather MacAuley 5pts

Health food stores for sure but also odd places like winners

Josephine C Chua
Josephine C Chua 5pts

We use Himalayan pink salt for over five years now and also got three Himalayan salt lamps. \U0001f44d\U0001f44d\U0001f44d

Mely Flores
Mely Flores 5pts

Where do we buy it in the Philippines?

Julie Merkley
Julie Merkley 5pts

New Directions Aromatics you will find them online

Elizabeth Adams
Elizabeth Adams 5pts

We have one I also have a Himalayan salt inhaler for my asthma & allergies

Danielle Cravens
Danielle Cravens 5pts

Tina Regnier Davis Elizabeth Marie Janes Michael J Davis Jeremy Honkylips Janes we talked about how awesome this stuff is the other night!

Kathy Rueger
Kathy Rueger 5pts

Have used Celtic sea salt for at least a couple of years now....love that all the trace minerals haven't been bleached out of it

Alison Francis
Alison Francis 5pts

i know the pink salt is good... i am just not sure the one i bought is,... there are a lot of fakes around. Next time i will buy from a reputable brand

NancyElliott 5pts

Soles is that the brand name of the salt and where do you get it?

Erik Snip
Erik Snip 5pts

Alison Francis if you were still wondering!

Liz Fox
Liz Fox 5pts

It's fab really nice when you're tense. Don't have a bath much but it's soothing when I do x

Deverie Brooks
Deverie Brooks 5pts

Please take a moment and read. People with high blood pressure

Ayurveda 5pts

Have you checked online?

Dana Sandu
Dana Sandu 5pts

Buna Gratiela mersi ptr sarea pink care miai sugerato .

Elizabeth Adams
Elizabeth Adams 5pts

I would think you'd be able to make your own maybe with coconut oil & the salt. I'm sure there are recipes online. Then you know exactly what's in it! :)

Ken Ken
Ken Ken 5pts

No..and also i will need therapeutic oils..

Amit Kotkar
Amit Kotkar 5pts

Kindly pls what is rate salt per kg?

Ayurveda 5pts

Have you checked online?

Ken Ken
Ken Ken 5pts

Where i can get himalayan salt scrub?

PruThvi Rathod
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Avanika Nayyar
Avanika Nayyar 5pts

Great healer powers of different salts helps in different ways