What Happens When You Are Lacking In Magnesium?

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Magnesium is an essential mineral that is used by every organ in the human body. The chemical contributes to energy production and activates enzymes. Magnesium is found in many different foods, including green vegetables and whole grains.

Women normally need between 310 and 320 mg of magnesium each day to maintain proper body functions. Daily magnesium requirements increase to 350 to 400 mg for pregnant women. If you don’t get enough magnesium from your diet, you risk developing magnesium deficiency. The symptoms of low levels are similar in women and men. Talk to your doctor if you think you’re suffering from magnesium deficiency.

Symptoms Of Magnesium Deficiency

Stomach Discomfort

Stomach problems are the most common side effect associated with magnesium deficiency. You may experience prolonged bouts of diarrhoea accompanied by nausea, vomiting or abdominal cramps. Stomach discomfort may also contribute to a temporary decrease in appetite. Seek additional care from your doctor if diarrhoea persists, as it increases your risk of dehydration.

Unusual Body Sensations

Magnesium helps transmit messages between the nerves. If you are lacking in magnesium, you may experience nerve-related problems such as diminished nerve function. This can cause unusual sensations, including numbness or tingling. These sensations may be uncomfortable and may limit your ability to voluntarily move the affected body regions. Consult your doctor if these symptoms persist or become severe, as they may also be signs of additional health issues.

Muscle Cramps Or Seizures

You need sufficient magnesium for muscle contraction and relaxation. When your magnesium levels are unusually low, your muscles can contract irregularly, causing muscle cramps, weakness and heart rate abnormalities, the Office of Dietary Supplements warns. Additionally, low magnesium levels may result in abnormal electrical activity in your brain, leading to seizure symptoms. Contact your physician as soon as possible if you experience any of these magnesium deficiency symptoms.

Personality Changes

Unusual personality changes may arise from insufficient magnesium levels in your bloodstream. You may become abnormally irritable, agitated, confused or anxious, the University of Maryland Medical Center warns. You may also experience difficulty sleeping, which can exacerbate personality changes. If shifts in your personality become severe or disrupt your relationships with friends, co-workers or loved ones, consult your medical provider.

Hypocalcemia (Low Calcium Levels)

If your body is lacking in magnesium, you may also develop unusually low calcium levels, a condition called hypocalcemia. Symptoms associated with low calcium include weakness, increased urination, stomach discomfort, unintended weight loss, depression, confusion and memory loss.

Hypokalemia (Low Potassium Levels)

Low magnesium levels may contribute to decreased potassium in your bloodstream — a magnesium deficiency symptoms called hypokalemia. Unusually low potassium levels may cause constipation, muscle cramps, heart rate irregularities, weakness or fatigue. Discuss these symptoms with your physician as soon as possible if they occur.

Emma Olliff

Emma is a qualified Nutritional Therapist (DipNT CNM) and is registered with BANT (British Association for Nutritional Therapy) and CMA (Complimentary Medical Association). She is passionate about helping her clients achieve optimum health through diet and lifestyle.

Emma Olliff

Emma is a qualified Nutritional Therapist (DipNT CNM) and is registered with BANT (British Association for Nutritional Therapy) and CMA (Complimentary Medical Association). She is passionate about helping her clients achieve optimum health through diet and lifestyle.

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Achie Emzita-Jeanes
Achie Emzita-Jeanes 5pts

Use magnesium oil on your skin to increase your mg level. This is not epsom salt. This is mg chloride.

Chrissy Windley
Chrissy Windley 5pts

sounds like mine is low especially the calcium part too.

Lauren Cullins
Lauren Cullins 5pts

Sorry I was trying to say the oil is magnesium chloride...

Lauren Cullins
Lauren Cullins 5pts

You can use magnesium oil on your skin. I know for sure they sell it at whole foods. Epsom salt is magnesium sulfate, the oil is magnesium which I believe absorbs and stays in your body better. If you google magnesium oil form, a lot of good info pops up.

Karen Antcliff-Vale
Karen Antcliff-Vale 5pts

What ways can you build up you mg. Level besides soaking in an Epsom Salts bath or doing a foot bath with Epsom salts?

Danc Erwit Chhybrid
Danc Erwit Chhybrid 5pts

a serving of hempseed contains half of the daily value. the problem is absorbtion since magnesium is laxitive

Danc Erwit Chhybrid
Danc Erwit Chhybrid 5pts

mag is responsible for the electric impulses that control muscle contraction and relaxation. cramps and fatigue . foods high in mag- hemp seed, greens, bannana , yogurt, avacado. magnesium taurate or citrate.. avoid mag oxide and aspartate. caffeine alchohol and especially opiates deplete mag. definately the safest and most widely needed supplement.

Andrea Munoz Cagle
Andrea Munoz Cagle 5pts

My doctor prescribed a simple magnesium supplement. How you take it depends on your symptoms. If you have the constipation the pills are ok and you likely won't get diarrhea but will become regular. As long as the dose is not too high. And you may need to take half the dose in the am and half in the pm. But if that is your issue taking the supplement will do wonders to get your body up to speed as it pertains to depression and insomnia and headaches and all that while you work the magnesium rich foods into your diet. I had every single symptom, muscle cramps and all, and was taking multiple Rxs. So far I have been able to stop taking two and have cut another one to half the dose. I may never be drug free but I would like to be as homeopathic as possible.

JamesOkomba 5pts

Thanks but I will like to know the name of the Mag medicine, bcz I having the same problem .

Lolo Krikorian
Lolo Krikorian 5pts

I wish these people that advising us the public that how wonderful this and that is they had the knowledge of telling us that there many different Magnesium and if you take the wrong one it would do the opposite like Diarrhea none stop . Please do your research find out which one is the right one for you

Theresa Rubus Burns
Theresa Rubus Burns 5pts

My thyroid meds must be taken on an empty stomach, then wait an hour to eat. I haven't taken any thyroid medication in 4 months. I feel great. This obviously isn't for everyone. After education myself on my condition i had a feeling it may be dietary, so I decide to do this experiment. The dietary change was a great benefit, no just to me, but my entire family.

Kelly Skrjanc
Kelly Skrjanc 5pts

Gets rid of headaches to during your period. Calms you to during that time

Nishi Bery
Nishi Bery 5pts

How to check if levels are low ?

Jen Armstrong
Jen Armstrong 5pts

Supplements can effect thyroid medications depending on what exactly the supplements are. In some cases its just a matter of spacing the right amount of time between when you take your medication and take the supplement.

Jen Armstrong
Jen Armstrong 5pts

Plexus Biocleanse is an awesome source of Magnesium. It also oxygenates the body down to the cellular level and gently cleanses the GI tract for better efficiency in absorbing nutrition and overall better intestinal health. Www.midatlanticslim.com

Joanne Merriman
Joanne Merriman 5pts

72 plant derived minerals in each sizzling minerals wafer one a day try today your body will thank you. www.simplynaturals.com/114721

Theresa Rubus Burns
Theresa Rubus Burns 5pts

Or is it that you have thyroid problems due to a magnesium deficiency? I have thyroid issues too. I did an experiment. I started drinking a green smoothie every morning. High in magnesium. My energy levels went up. I Weaned off my thyroid meds. After a few months it was time to check my thyroid levels, All were in good range.

Barbara Blackwood
Barbara Blackwood 5pts

I was told it would interfere with thyroid medicine if I took supplements. Not true??

Susan Day
Susan Day 5pts

I become deficient due to thyroid problems. Liquid magnesium is best and works very quickly.

Byron Walton
Byron Walton 5pts

Thanks for this and the other one u just sent about diabetes. I'm checking the first one out now.

Shaienda Marie
Shaienda Marie 5pts

That is so crazy how this stuff affects you if you don't have enough of it!

Sonia Luisa G S
Sonia Luisa G S 5pts

What happens? Your heart fibrilates and you end up in ER, it will be 3 years in November \U0001f626