Benefits Of Soaking And Sprouting Nuts

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I absolutely love nuts. I really could nibble on them all day. People are often scared that this will make them fat, but I lost my last 10 pounds while including nuts as part of my daily regimen. So I thought, if I’m obsessed with nuts, others must feel the same way.

Tips To Select And Store Nuts

Here are some tips to help you consume them in a way that will work with your body and give you the most nutrients possible. Nuts are made from oils that can go rancid. We don’t think of nuts as a food that goes bad, but they do. Complicating the matter, rancid nuts can still taste good. So how do we protect ourselves from these toxic oils?

Buy Raw Nuts

Roasted nuts have been cooked at high heat which not only destroys the nutrient profile of the nut, but also makes the oil in the nut rancid. Additionally, roasted nuts are usually cooked in vegetable oil which is problematic because these oils spoil at high heats.

Buy At Bulk Section

Nuts that are packaged can sit for long periods of time before reaching store shelves. Nuts in the bulk section tend to be fresher. There is a catch though. If a store doesn’t sell a lot of nuts, the bulk section will have a chance to spoil too. I like buying them from the bins at my local whole foods store because there is a constant rotation of product.


Once you bring nuts home, store them in the fridge. The cooler temperature will prolong their shelf life and help keep the nuts fresh. The oil in the nut is a lot more stable at cooler temperatures.

Retain The Goodness

Nuts are full of vitamins and minerals, they are also a source of phytic acid, which can stop certain needed minerals from being utilized as well as enzyme inhibitors that can lead to indigestion and tummy troubles. But before you throw them away, know that there is a way to help neutralize the unhealthy components of nuts as well as improve their nutrient profile. This is through the proper soaking of nuts. This simple process helps destroy the unhealthy components as well as make more vitamins and minerals in the nut more available.


Soak nuts overnight, for at least 8 hours. Add salt to the soaking mixture to activate enzymes that neutralize the enzyme inhibitors. Then drain them and put them on a pan in the oven at 150 degrees until they are dry. I use my convection oven since my normal oven doesn’t go that low. If your oven only starts at 200 degrees, keep the oven door partially open to let out some of the heat. You may be tempted to turn up the heat to get them to dry faster, but resist this urge. Remember that high heat will burn the oils in the nuts and destroy the nutrients. Another option is to use a dehydrator if you have one. Just make sure they are dry before storing them in the fridge so they don’t grow mold. This may be quite consuming, for a quicker fix make nuts in small batches and consume immediately.

Soaking instruction taken from Sally Fallon’s Nourishing Traditions.


Sprouting nuts have similar advantages as soaking them. Sprouting makes many of the vitamins and minerals more available. Sprouting can also remove the phytic acid and the enzyme inhibitors. If you are uninspired or time restricted, you can easily buy sprouted nuts, but they will cost you a pretty penny.

Soak nuts with salt overnight in a jar with a sealed screen or covered by a cheesecloth. Then drain the jar and move it to a warm shady area in the home. After 12 hours, rinse the nuts and drain. Return them to the warm dark area. Repeat this process every 12 hours until sprouted. Timing can vary, but this usually takes from 1 to 3 days. Keep an eye out for a small tail that begins to grow, which indicates sprouting. It doesn’t need to be very long. Once it starts to grow, you are done. Follow the oven drying process described above for soaking nuts.

So enjoy your nuts. Nuts contain wonderful, healthy fat. I love using them as a snack for weight loss (in moderation). It is better to consume fat that will fill you than starchy or sugary snacks that will upset blood sugar and lead to hunger and fat storage. So have nuts more often, but prepare them properly to get the best out of their nutritional potential.

Erica Mesirov

Erica earned her Master’s Degree in holistic nutrition in 2014. She works with people who struggle with eating right or losing weight and know they want to be healthy, but their attempts have come up empty. By helping people understand their individual body and the imbalances that are causing unhealthy patterns, she gives people the opportunity to feel good about eating again.

Erica Mesirov

Erica earned her Master’s Degree in holistic nutrition in 2014. She works with people who struggle with eating right or losing weight and know they want to be healthy, but their attempts have come up empty. By helping people understand their individual body and the imbalances that are causing unhealthy patterns, she gives people the opportunity to feel good about eating again.

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Monica Gunn
Monica Gunn 5pts

if you put them in the fridge how long can they safely be eaten?

Upa Abdieva
Upa Abdieva 5pts

seronegative spondylitis! What it is en haw can I try it healthy way?

Alycia Jones
Alycia Jones 5pts

How long can you keep the nuts in the refrigerator? I was soaking cashews and forgot, it was 4 days that passed before i remembered they were in there so I just threw them away.

Adelita Lujan
Adelita Lujan 5pts

Ras Zakarias Tafari you have been telling me to do this for a couple years. Thank you zak

Vijay Panesar
Vijay Panesar 5pts

After soaking almonds ,the dicotyledons absorb water and become soft ,easily digestible. The radical use them to grow the seeds to become a baby plants. This activated seed have enormous energy .Almonds are known to have vitamin E , good for eyes.

Mark William
Mark William 5pts

Collect them wild. Dry in shell for a few weeks. Then open and store in glass jars, in a freezer until needed. Fresh is better.

Lyn Dailey
Lyn Dailey 5pts

nice article, a tip I'm going to use is keeping them in the refrigerator.

Charlotte Heatherly Brenneise
Charlotte Heatherly Brenneise 5pts

Have you ever had "fuzzy almonds?" When we were in Syria once everyone was eating them. I didn't care much for them, but they were a delicacy. They are just before the shell forms on them and they are fuzzy green.

Shuba Asghar
Shuba Asghar 5pts

10 to 12 soaked almonds over night are great for you ....

Karen Orr
Karen Orr 5pts

I have read that the phytic acid in nuts and legumes (lost in the soaking process) keeps us from absorbing the nutrients we need.

Keith Montjoy
Keith Montjoy 5pts

I like letting my nuts soak too! lol! bahahhha!

Monique Morgan
Monique Morgan 5pts

Interesting ! Reading this morning about the same subject.

Ayurveda 5pts

Marie Savu Well need not be! Drain and and air them forfew minutes before cooking!

Marie Savu
Marie Savu 5pts

Ayurveda Im making cookies from nuts, so after soaking them must be dry ???

Ayurveda 5pts

Marie Savu Nature’s defense mechanism includes nutritional inhibitors and toxic substances that can be removed naturally when there is enough precipitation to sustain a new plant after the nut, grain or seed germinates. When it rains the nut, grain or seed gets wet and can then germinate to produce a plant. So we are mimicking nature when we soak our nuts, grains and seeds.

Marie Savu
Marie Savu 5pts

why soaking? bad bacteria is growing ???

Cornick Cornick
Cornick Cornick 5pts

Yea Chee !! Very interesting. I remember you speaking of chia seeds also. I was telling you I purchased some but to this day don't really know how to use them..

Nick Joseph
Nick Joseph 5pts

Cornick Cornick , chi I spoke to you about this in the past. Check it out brother.

Ayurveda 5pts

Thanks for sharing! Bushra Raheel :)

Ayurveda 5pts

They definitely are! :) Elayne Sanchez

Wendy Kruse Weiss
Wendy Kruse Weiss 5pts

How did they eat them during Biblical times? Were they soaked or sprouted then?

Elayne Sanchez
Elayne Sanchez 5pts

I do the soaking with almonds and they are delish.

Ayurveda 5pts

Thanks for sharing! :) Raghavendra Yekkaluru

Ayurveda 5pts

True! Gopal Jee Sahay :)