Foods You Should Never Refrigerate

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Bread can turn stale if refrigerated. Honey will crystallize if refrigerated. Any type of oil should not be refrigerated, they should be stored in a dark, cool place. Coffee will start absorbing other smells and lose it's lovely aroma. The starch in potatoes break down, once refrigerated which changes their taste. Onions become mushy when stored in the fridge.

When buying your food, you can often observe a label that indicates whether you can refrigerate the product or not. In case it is written that you can put the product in the fridge, there is usually nothing to worry about. However when nothing is indicated we often start wondering what to do and we simply put the item in the fridge without realizing the bad effect that this action could cause to the food.

Putting certain foods in the refrigerator can seriously alter their flavour or it can also accelerate the process of spoiling.

These foods had better be stored at a room temperature if you want to preserve their normal condition.

Many people think that they can store almost all kinds of food in the fridge, a statement that, unfortunately is more than untrue. The cool temperatures are not always an indication for the suitable food environment so if you want to be warned about these facts take a look at this article.


Bread is one of the items that should never be refrigerated due to the fact that it goes stale quickly. If you insist, you can still put in the freezer but never turn to the refrigerator – the bread will definitely lose its flavour.


The jar with the honey should also stay away from the refrigerator, because if you once put it there, it will soon crystallize and become more hard and difficult for use. If you don’t mind eating crystallized honey, there would not be such a problem, however the taste of the honey is much more appealing when you keep it out of the fridge.


This food ingredient also belong to the things that you should avoid putting in the fridge. Unless you want to turn the oil in a substance similar to butter, the fridge is simply not the right place for it. If you have already put the oil into the fridge you can make the things better by taking it to the microwave in order to get back the consistency.


Coffee is another thing that should never find its place in the fridge, because of its absorbing qualities. If you put it in the fridge the coffee will immediately start absorbing any smell coming from other food placed in the fridge. So be prepared not to feel the odour of your favorite coffee but to taste all other diverse smells that have incorporated in the fridge.


The cold temperature in the refrigerator affects the potatoes so that their starch is broken down which will definitely leads to a change in their taste. They will feel sweet or gritty, which is, however, not so fatal at this stage. It is better to store them in paper bags, as plastic bags usually speed the decay. If you still have chosen the fridge for their location, clean them extensively before putting them there.


If you decide to put onions in the fridge, there exist great chances that they will become very mushy if you left them for a longer time. If it comes to a cut onion, its layers become to dry out quickly, even when they are wrapped in the right way.

These are some of the products that you need to avoid putting in the fridge if you do not want to experience the side effects of this action. For the other products, make sure that you have cleaned the fridge perfectly so that the hygiene there could be well maintained. If you think you won’t do it properly you must hire a company to help you with the domestic cleaning. Cleaning is the first step to establishing an order in the fridge and the second one consists in knowing which ingredients can be stored there.

Pheeby Snow

Pheeby Snow is an experienced Gardner and has a lot of herbs in her backyard. She likes the natural way to take care of her body and that's why she usually uses organic recipes based on herbs for health purposes.

Pheeby Snow

Pheeby Snow is an experienced Gardner and has a lot of herbs in her backyard. She likes the natural way to take care of her body and that's why she usually uses organic recipes based on herbs for health purposes.

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MicheleMarlene 5pts

So ridiculous for any health site to say to put ANYTHING in to a microwave!!! Will give this site one more try, please use an editor that can screen for information that will make your health worse. ie, microwave....

Colleen Harkin Stokes
Colleen Harkin Stokes 5pts

How aggravating advertisement covers what you want to read three seconds in, sounds educational, but no knowledge just capitalism

Gopal Jaiyandi Jaiyandi
Gopal Jaiyandi Jaiyandi 5pts

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Jackie Stasi Paverman
Jackie Stasi Paverman 5pts

May I add a suggestion too? Browse through the literature on "Eat Right For Your Blood Type". It might offer you suggestions on what foods to avoid based upon your blood type. Everyone has different body chemistry and there are sections that deal with our blood type and ancestory..… Best of luck to you...

Sadhana Tiwari
Sadhana Tiwari 5pts

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Gopal Jaiyandi Jaiyandi
Gopal Jaiyandi Jaiyandi 5pts

Dear care joy please let me know how to help me on my gallbladder without surgery, I have 2cm stone

Ayurveda 5pts

It is working Kindly check again! :)

Bhadrasen Ghandhi
Bhadrasen Ghandhi 5pts

Ayurveda you r giving nice valuable IinformAtion. I suggest to give more imp Information on the lst page b coz the 2nd page(sight)not open I e. U shouldn't eat curd At ngt.

Ayurveda 5pts

Wanda Patterson Welcome! :)

Jason Acuna
Jason Acuna 5pts

Don't forget about cupcakes! It's taken me a while to learn that one\U0001f602

Rio V. Lim
Rio V. Lim 5pts

I experienced using honey from the refrigerator. OMG so time consuming. Never again lol.

Lynne Samuelson
Lynne Samuelson 5pts

I will say that I take offense to "the second best option". Not only does this sound somewhat condescending, using a microwave is definitely against the basic premise of an Ayurvedic approach to well being.

Ayurveda 5pts

Sachin Kumar Radhey That's a new one! Sincerely, we aren't sure about that. :)

Ayurveda 5pts

Lynne Samuelson Yes, we agree. Microwave may not be preferred by everyone and warming them in hot water is the second best option!

Sachin Kumar Radhey
Sachin Kumar Radhey 5pts

During refrigeration negative electrical energy goes inside the food which is slow poison for body

Lynne Samuelson
Lynne Samuelson 5pts

Good information! However many have an aversion to using a microwave. Another option for loosening up chilled, solidified oil would be to put the container in a warm water bath until it loosens up.

Lsamuelson 5pts

I agree with what should not be refrigerated. However, many have an aversion to using a microwave. Another suggestion for loosening up solidified oils would be to put the container with the solidified oil in a warm water bath until it loosens up.

LaurenAdams 5pts

I didn't realize that you shouldn't refrigerate bread. I'll have to show this article to my mom. She always refrigerates her bread. It doesn't make a lot of sense to me. Frankly, it has always tasted a little of when it is refrigerated. I'm happy that there is science to prove the flaw in the logic of refrigerating bread. http://www.unitedrefrig.com.au/products/display-cabinets 

Millie Lee
Millie Lee 5pts

Sri Lanka is a tropical country and Sri Lankans use lot of coconut oil in their daily cooking. They use it in liquid form and keep bottles or jars of coconut oil in cupboards. There is nothing wrong with using coconut oil in liquid form.

Ilse Wenzel
Ilse Wenzel 5pts

how about Coconut Oil?? it turns liquid in cupboard

Genia Taub
Genia Taub 5pts

Flax oil needs to be preserved IN the fridge. Ezekiel bread remains fresher in the fridge.

Saturn Leonesio
Saturn Leonesio 5pts

If I don't put my bread in the refrigerator in the summer time, it gets moldy.

Jan Schmidt
Jan Schmidt 5pts

Tomatos lose their flavor in the fridg.

Ruth Ellen
Ruth Ellen 5pts

Honey just needs to be heated to clear crystals...and can be used crystalized anyway. Surprised no mention of tomatoes, which get mealy n mushy once refrigerated!?!

James Mesic
James Mesic 5pts

If the coffee is vacuum packed this doesn't apply. If it's walnut oil, use the fridge as a last resort because anything above room temp will make walnut oil go rancid.

Misty Thompson
Misty Thompson 5pts

We normally grind beans at whole foods and put in freezer.

Janet Nader
Janet Nader 5pts

Most of the items I don't, but due to extremely hot tropical conditions bread dries out and so do tomatoes and these items last me more than a week