FDA Finally Admits Chicken Meat Contains Cancer-Causing Arsenic

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FDA says its own research shows that the arsenic added to the chicken feed ends up in the chicken meat where it is consumed by humans. Also, Chicken litter containing arsenic is fed to cows in factory beef operations. So the arsenic that’s pooped out by the chickens gets consumed and concentrated in the tissues of cows, which is then ground into hamburger.

After years of sweeping the issue under the rug and hoping no one would notice, the FDA has now finally admitted that chicken meat sold in the USA contains arsenic, a cancer-causing toxic chemical that’s fatal in high doses.

But the real story is where this arsenic comes from: It’s added to the chicken feed on purpose!

Chicken Meat Contains Cancer-Causing Arsenic

Even worse, the FDA says its own research shows that the arsenic added to the chicken feed ends up in the chicken meat where it is consumed by humans. So for the last sixty years, American  consumers  who eat conventional chicken  have been swallowing arsenic, a known cancer-causing chemical.

Until this new study, both the  poultry industry  and the FDA denied that arsenic fed to  chickensended up in their  meat.  The fairy-tale excuse story we’ve all been fed for sixty years is that “the arsenic is excreted in the chicken feces.” There’s no scientific basis for making such a claim… it’s just what the poultry industry wanted everybody to believe.

But now the evidence is so undeniable that the manufacturer of the chicken feed product known as Roxarsone has decided to pull the product off the shelves. And what’s the name of this manufacturer that has been putting arsenic in the chicken feed for all these years? Pfizer, of course — the very same company that makes vaccines containing chemical adjuvants that are injected into children.

Technically, the company making the Roxarsone chicken feed is a subsidiary of Pfizer, called Alpharma  LLC. Even though Alpharma now has agreed to pull this toxic  feed chemical off the shelves in the United States, it says it won’t necessarily remove it from feed  products  in other countries unless it is forced by regulators to do so. As reported by AP:

Scott Brown of Pfizer Animal Health’s Veterinary Medicine Research and Development division said the company also sells the ingredient in about a dozen other countries. He said Pfizer is reaching out to regulatory authorities in those countries and will decide whether to sell it on an individual basis.

But even as its arsenic-containing product is pulled off the shelves, the FDA  continues its campaign of denial, claiming arsenic in chickens is at such a low level that it’s still safe to eat. This is even as the FDA says arsenic is a carcinogen, meaning it increases the risk of  cancer.

The National Chicken Councilagrees with the FDA. In a statement issued in response to the news that Roxarsone would be pulled from feed store shelves, it stated, “Chicken is safe to eat” even while admitting arsenic was used in many flocks grown and sold as chicken meat  in the United States.

What’s astonishing about all this is that the FDA tells consumers it’s safe to eat cancer-causing arsenic but it’s dangerous to drink  elderberry   juice! The FDA recently conducted an armed raid in an elderberry juice  manufacturer, accusing it of the “crime” of selling “unapproved drugs.”  Which  drugs  would those be? The elderberry juice, explains the FDA. You see, the elderberry juice magically becomes a “drugs” if you tell people how it can help support good health.

The FDA has also gone after dozens of other  companies  for selling natural herbal products or nutritional products that enhance and support  health. Plus, it’s waging a war on raw milk which it says is dangerous. So now in America, we have a food and drug regulatory agency that says it’s okay to eat arsenic, but dangerous to drink elderberry juice or raw milk.

Eat more poison, in other words, but don’t consume any healing foods. That’s the FDA, killing off Americans one meal at a time while protecting the profits of the very companies that are poisoning us with their deadly ingredients.

Oh, by the way, here’s another sweet little disturbing fact you probably didn’t know about hamburgers and conventional beef: Chicken litter containing arsenic is fed to cows in factory beef operations.  So the arsenic that’s pooped out by the chickens gets consumed and concentrated in the tissues of cows, which is then ground into hamburger  to be consumed by the clueless masses who don’t even know they’re  eating  second-hand chicken crap.


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CureJoy Editorial

The CureJoy Editorial team digs up credible information from multiple sources, both academic and experiential, to stitch a holistic health perspective on topics that pique our readers' interest.

CureJoy Editorial

The CureJoy Editorial team digs up credible information from multiple sources, both academic and experiential, to stitch a holistic health perspective on topics that pique our readers' interest.

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JimBobway 5pts

They have to kill off all you useless eaters! Please die already so the Elite can have more stuff!

Ishwar Mokhale
Ishwar Mokhale 5pts

Chicken \U0001f357. Is dangerous for our health ...... People

Mary Morrow
Mary Morrow 5pts

Now, what are they going to do about it??

Terry Ross
Terry Ross 5pts

Hahaha why don't people just raise their own chickens #takebackmymeat haha

Carlos Budet
Carlos Budet 5pts

The actual funny thing is that hell is made up by them, too. To put fear into the people. Look at Buddhism and Hinduism, see how they believe in hell. It is impermanent in both religions. If you haven't achieved enlightenment (what western religions call 'born again' though they have falsified the true nature of spirituality) and become one with the Source of all energy in this universe, then you are destined to come back to this world. This world we live in, controlled by the 1%, the rich, the "elite". To me, this is hell. By being 'born again' I am referring to enlightenment. True enlightenment. Being humane, having compassion for others. Loving your enemies. Loving the poor and helpless, no matter what sort of drug addiction they may have, not judging them and helping them. These are the teachings of Jesus Christ himself. Western religions including all modified forms of Christianity, and Catholicism, are all rigged religions devoid of any true spirituality. Perhaps even Islam. What they sell is a façade. A parody of the true spirituality that was practiced by Jesus himself. I could count the fingers on one hand of Christians I have met who are anything close to being Christ-like. Actually, absolutely no one comes to mind right now because ALL of them judge as if they are absolutely perfect so perhaps I can't even count them on one hand! These people who look at a person bad because that person does 'drugs' meanwhile they can't go without coffee every morning (caffeine is a psychoactive drug, so if you drink coffee or coca cola, you do drugs, regardless of the legality, they are still drugs). Ask yourself why all of the major cultures of the orient include spiritualism and energy (chakra) in their philosophies and even their medical systems. Then ask yourself why western culture has completely eliminated all sense of spirituality and even spirit enhancing drugs, whereas they promote physical stimulating drugs such as caffeine. And they even want you to give that stuff to your kids!! Marijuana is currently being regarded as the most medicinal plant on the planet. A drug test can detect marijuana in your system up to 3 months after it was consumed. Cocaine? Drug test can't detect it after 3 days. Coincidence? Laff. Right. Coincidence. Chemicals vs nature. Big Pharma for the win. Ah, enough of my ranting. If you doubt any word of what I have said, there are hundreds, if not thousands of references on the internet. Feel free to receive free education. I am in no way trying to troll. I just believe people need to wake up, and the cold fact is that whatever conspiracy you could believe in, the actual truth of what is going on in this world is far far worse than you could ever imagine. And that was said by people much older and more experienced than I am.

Carlos Budet
Carlos Budet 5pts

I said this many times already. It's called population control. Every corporation in the world is owned by 10 major corporations. Every bank in the world is owned roughly 3 or 4 major banks. These elite owners of the world basically want to control everything, including our life spans. They want us to die, after we have worked enough years to pay our taxes, and after we have had children (because our government owes the taxes they will pay in their entire lifetime). BUT they want us to die prior to collecting Social Security! That's the key, see. So they raise the minimum age to be able to collect Social Security to 65 years old. Now all they have to do is pollute our food with poisons, pollute the air with chem trails, and pollute our water systems with fluoride. They just have to pollute it enough so that we die roughly at the age of 55-60. "You take the blue pill, the story ends. You wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill, you stay in wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes." ―Morpheus

Noy Belanger
Noy Belanger 5pts

OMG!!! No more chkn‼️🚫🐓🐔🚫

Mike Powers
Mike Powers 5pts

will do, gonna have to wait till monday now after work :P

Lorraine Cuomo
Lorraine Cuomo 5pts

Find out anyway, I knw they pass a bil, I swear it was chickens.....

Mike Powers
Mike Powers 5pts

my neighbors were turned in a few months ago and they had to get rid of them

Lorraine Cuomo
Lorraine Cuomo 5pts

I believe u are allow to raise chickens in the Cape...Check into it, it was on the News last year....:)

Mike Powers
Mike Powers 5pts

if only cape would allow it i would be raising my own. but will be hunting soon so wild boar will be filling my freezer soon enough :)

Patty Fitzgerald
Patty Fitzgerald 5pts

The topic today is Money, Money, Money, some people will do anything for money. Hell's door is waiting and opened for these people, and the devil is the doorman.

Lynn Keen
Lynn Keen 5pts

Mmm have bone marrow cancer who do I sue o. Weight I'll problem die first

Taran Mehra
Taran Mehra 5pts

Americans don't have good and healthy routine of food intake.

Theresa McCool
Theresa McCool 5pts

Does this mean everyone who eats chicken regularly, will now end up with cancer and die? If so, that's a lot of people gone.

Mahesh Dusane
Mahesh Dusane 5pts

What about chicken in India or other places?

Geetu Lala
Geetu Lala 5pts

an eye opener .......................

Thea Chirikos
Thea Chirikos 5pts

ehh.. gargle with some listerine and eat some cod liver oil... better than being hit by a truck.

Kendra Horn
Kendra Horn 5pts

Wing, dear. That's the wing. And not enough toes with too much meat for frog legs lol

Kendra Horn
Kendra Horn 5pts

Keeping me alive ;) since a life saving medicine, NDT, is derived direct from their hormones.

Tara Cash
Tara Cash 5pts

I thought it was a frog too!!

Lex Kurosaki
Lex Kurosaki 5pts

lol this is such fucking old news.. but i guess people still dont know its a fact!!!

Afia Bhalli
Afia Bhalli 5pts

Mehzahrah Ali where should we go. Is there anything that does not cause cancer

Ruth Barbetta
Ruth Barbetta 5pts

Who's money is behind this sudden intellectual opinion...

Cavis Adams
Cavis Adams 5pts

Man if the chicken is that bad imagine what the PORK is doing to you! Smh.

PMo Vikesfan
PMo Vikesfan 5pts

Cavis Adams me and Vincent Jackson will keep eating the pork!!! Lol

Angie Karbowy
Angie Karbowy 5pts

Yes but don't get too caught up ... Anything goes in the US!

Angie Karbowy
Angie Karbowy 5pts

Perhaps we have less to fear from the Muslims then?

Angie Karbowy
Angie Karbowy 5pts

Ha, ha, ha I couldn't have said it better! ... The Corporates have stolen our health taken over 'our' lives ... Money & greed is the root of all evil and people are worried about the Muslims taking over the world!!! WTF???

Jason Johnson
Jason Johnson 5pts

Organic or halal food is the only safe meats too eat

Farida Khan
Farida Khan 5pts

No wonder I don't like chicken \U0001f61c lol ( my natural instinct protects me \U0001f607 ) lol

Linda Crowley
Linda Crowley 5pts

Organically grown....the only healthy option