Fat Flush Water Recipe

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Fat flush is a method where water is used to expel fat deposits (and toxins) from the body that remain stagnant and "unburnt" due to lack of activity. Although this water alone cannot help you lose all the fat, when done alongside your regular workout regimen, this can help rid your body of all the waste.

Nowadays, “fat flush water” is all the rage. And it takes a little step beyond your everyday average amount of water needed to keep your organs lubricated, hydrated, and wash out the unnecessary toxins.

However, mere water is not enough to run out those hardened fat deposits. It cannot possibly work like a river chipping off stones in its path. Nope! But a few extra juicy fat-melting ingredients could do the trick and slowly chip off some stubborn fatty parts.

Here, we give you the recipe and some details on how it breaks down fat, besides giving a good nutritious balanced diet, when taken along with a good exercise regime.

Fat Flush Water Recipe


  • 2 liters or 64 ounces of normal and pure drinking water
  • 1 tangerine, cut into sections
  • 1/2 grapefruit, cut into thin slices
  • 1 cucumber, cut into thin slices
  • 6 leaves of peppermint or spearmint
  • A few ice cubes made from pure drinking water (optional)

Tip: Make sure all the produce are organic.


Put all these ingredients in a jar or pitcher, stir it well together, and then put it in the fridge overnight. Keep drinking the mixture throughout the next day.

A Flush Of Benefits

  1. Tangerines help boost your body and your blood’s sensitivity to insulin by balancing out blood sugar levels. It also helps facilitate fat burning because of its potent vitamin C content.
  2. Grapefruits heighten your cells’ metabolic stamina, help shed fat, and give you more energy.
  3. Cucumbers will cool down your system and make you feel full being a natural diluter. Consequently, your body is less likely to feel bloated or retain water.
  4. Mint aids in digestion and eases cellular activity.

How Does The Body Process Fat?

We need fat but not excess amounts of it. But the way fat is broken down by the body is pretty complicated yet somewhat straight forward.

  • Basically, the body makes use of the fat deposits stored in our bodies to give us the energy needed to remove the triglycerides in the fat cells.
  • They are then further cut down into glycerols and fatty acids, which contribute to building the tissues for your muscles and other organs, where they are utilized for various chemical processes in the body.
  • If the leftover residue from the processes are not consumed by the body as energy, they are labelled as waste and hence need to be removed.

How Does Water Help?

Water is the means by which the waste gets out of our body. The residue from the processes that is not used is filtered by your organs using the water you drink. The waste carried by water is then carried to your bladder and passed out through urination.

We often take drinking water for granted, but it plays a critical role in making sure our bodies are not contaminated by unnecessary waste buildup, which causes ailments that may be hard to fix later on.

So Why Wait?

Although this “fat flush water” packs a hydrating punch for your daily needed nutrients, this alone is not sufficient to burn fat. So do help it out by doing some endurance exercises and cardio, without sacrificing on eating right.

Keep an adequate calorie-rich diet packed with whole, healthy, organic, fresh, and lean foods.

Drink enough water daily depending on your body type, weight, weather, and the day’s activity. If you are the type who does not have a constant hydrating habit, then get a water drinking app to remind you to have around 2 to 4 liters per day.

Keep a tight lid on processed drinks such as sodas, canned fruit juices, and sugar-heavy drinks as they actually work against hydration, possibly leading to lethargy and headaches, which are possible signs of dehydration.

Finally, enjoy that flush of flourishing health!

CureJoy Editorial

The CureJoy Editorial team digs up credible information from multiple sources, both academic and experiential, to stitch a holistic health perspective on topics that pique our readers' interest.

CureJoy Editorial

The CureJoy Editorial team digs up credible information from multiple sources, both academic and experiential, to stitch a holistic health perspective on topics that pique our readers' interest.

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Corissa Chaffey
Corissa Chaffey 5pts

I hope you won't be on this water diet when we go out next weekend!

Amanda Ryan Owens
Amanda Ryan Owens 5pts

LOL "fat flush" I wonder how many women will fall for this one

bgobert18 5pts

So today is my first day starting it

Deborah Peterson Partin
Deborah Peterson Partin 5pts

I've tried recipes for making healthy waters. What I don't understand - I wash the fruit throughly, slice it and make the recipe. However the next morning there is a bitter taste to the water, like eating rind only. Please help.

Richard Cooper
Richard Cooper 5pts

Debbie and Cindy, I wonder if it's a day in the bathroom after?

Anshu Saxena
Anshu Saxena 5pts

When to restart again drinking this water after a week

Mirtha Scoles
Mirtha Scoles 5pts

Thanks. So much you can clearly. See. My point. \U0001f603\U0001f600\U0001f600

Cindy Pittsley-Zelasko
Cindy Pittsley-Zelasko 5pts

I agree with Murtha Scolds, it's just a tasty drink of refreshing flavored water. When is it suppose to start, I've been on it for three days now???

Anshu Saxena
Anshu Saxena 5pts

Thanx but after how much time should restart again

Patty Fitzgerald
Patty Fitzgerald 5pts

Why so much on fat reduction, are all the people on this earth fat, or what?

Ann Suniga
Ann Suniga 5pts

I agree except this should be caption as a "cleansing water "instead of Fat flush water. ;)

Becky Stoica
Becky Stoica 5pts

Lisa Letty maybe we should give this a try when the other goes out

Mirtha Scoles
Mirtha Scoles 5pts

Oh no at all ,I was just giving. My point of view,it's ridiculous. To think. That. Fat. Cells. Will melt just. Drinking. That flavor water A good diet. Along with a some kind. Of exercise Will help,I didn't. Meant. To come up. So strongly I was just. Giving. My. Honest. Opinion. 😃😀😊☺

Mirtha Scoles
Mirtha Scoles 5pts

The water is just refreshing,and. Tasteful Other than. That is a huge lie that water with fresh pieces. Of fruits,will melt your. Fat away, pls stop. R writing.,nonsense. Stuff It wouldn't. Be no Fat or obese people or not even,people with few extra. Lbs. Cause. All you need is the fruit. Flavor water,give me a big fricking break.

Nadja Rohrbacher
Nadja Rohrbacher 5pts

You can not flush fat from your tissue, you have to reduce your food intake to reduce adipose tissue, since it it a reservoir of to much intake

Dawn Kitt
Dawn Kitt 5pts

Susy Bahena,Debbie Martin Jenovese,Amanda Landrie

Gary Montagna
Gary Montagna 5pts

OMG, you have no fat to flush. Its gonna be a quick flush.

Ayurveda 5pts

Rmuni Andy Are you not able to access the link?