Why Is Cleansing Of The Liver So Vital To Our Well Being?

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Q. Thanks for joining us Khabir.  For the benefit of our readers can you share your credentials as an Ayurveda expert and a brief background on your work? 

I am a professional health consultant, Ayurvedic and Naturopathic practitioner, whole-foods nutritionist, herbalist and formulator, public speaker on natural self-care and an author of numerous natural health-care programs.

I maintain a busy private health-care and consulting practice in Ojai and Santa Barbara California. For over 14 years, I have successfully helped hundreds of clients and thousands of people to naturally overcome a wide range of health conditions and improve their overall health.  I travel throughout southern California providing private consultations, selling herbal teas and spices, conducting workshops and lecturing on a wide range of health subjects (mostly in Whole Foods Market and other health foods stores).

I was born in Tucson Arizona (1962) and was raised as a lacto-vegetarian, by health conscious parents who began educating me about nutrition and Hatha yoga at an early age.  As a teenager, I was already helping others improve their eating habits and providing medicinal teas for common health complaints.  I went on to formally study western herbal medicine (1980) and the traditional nutritional sciences (1981).   I pursued advanced Ayuveda studies in India (starting in 1982), specifically herbal formulations and applications, and mentored under an Ayuvedic Doctor in Northern India, Rishikesh, for about 3 years.

Why is cleansing of the liver so vital to our well being?

In our industrialized developed world we are immersed in a sea of toxic chemicals. The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that half-a-million chemicals are in use today and over 5000 new chemicals are introduced yearly. Some researchers believe up to 25% of these may be carcinogenic. This is why it is crucial to employ a liver cleanse supplement and/or diet to cleanse your liver of the toxic waste of 21st century living. If your liver becomes overworked, it can become congested. Toxic compounds and impurities may get trapped in deposits of hardened bile. Pollutants may not be flushed out of the body, and can back up in your bloodstream.

What are the signs that I need to cleanse and detox my liver?

A sluggish liver can lead to serious fatigue, weight gain, water retention and a host of other health woes. Detoxification, that targets the liver, can help remove these unwanted poisons and enable it to function properly. A healthy liver will increase your energy, improve metabolism and help you burn excess fat.

A poor functioning liver can also manifest a malaise of symptoms that lead to misdiagnoses for other chronic diseases. This sluggishness can be prevented and also corrected through rejuvenating and cleansing your liver frequently.

Do you really need a liver cleanse?

Since the liver has more than 500 functions including storing fat soluble vitamins and some water soluble vitamins like folate and B1-12.  A main function of the liver is converting sugar, fatty acids and fats into glucose and then storing glycogen for future use.  Additionally the liver creates bile, metabolizes hormones, breaks down excess cholesterol, homes aldosterone and insulin and old cells and antibodies that need to be removed from the body.  The liver also has a role in the immune system by producing antibodies.  So when a person’s liver is congested, fatty, burdened, with too many toxins or damaged by infection, there are a wide range of symptoms including but not limited to:

  •     Allergies
  •     Bloating, Gas, Flatulence
  •     Chemical Sensitivities
  •     Constipation
  •     Fatigue
  •     Fatty Liver
  •     Gallstones
  •     Low Metabolism
  •     Menopausal Digestive Issues
  •     Obesity
  •     PMS (pre-menstrual syndrome)
  •     Poor Digestion

What is the basic protocol for your liver detoxification program?

Liver and Gallbladder Cleansing Program offers an inexpensive and easy way to detoxify, protect, and rejuvenate one of your most important organs and the many body functions it supports. When your liver functions at its best, it has the marvelous ability to recover and regenerate; all it needs from you are the proper nutrients and to be free from any toxic burden.

By cleansing the colon and the liver consecutively, you’ll focus on the top two filtration organs of the body. The combination of both therapies helps relieve poor digestion including gas, bloating, and constipation while at the same time promote healthy liver function.

BTW – This program does not include drinking Epson salts or drinking a cocktail of oil and citrus juice. This liver cleansing program utilizes herbal and nutritional therapies.

I generally follow these three steps:

  1. Improve Digestion. First I provide pre-cleanse dietary instructions according to a person’s body-type and provide herbal solutions to achieve regular elimination which will be taken throughout the treatment period.
  2. Intestinal Cleanse. Use a custom fiber mix and custom Ayurvedic colon cleansing/laxative as needed.  I have the client drink a liver detox tea in the morning, have a green powder based on chlorella with meals and then slowly add the fiber between meals.  (The fiber is both a bulking agent and has intestinal drawing properties.)
  3. Liver and Gallbladder Cleanse.   Next, I have the client continue with the liver tea or a general detox tea but have them eat a simpler diet with lots of veggies and no oil or fat in the diet. I also add another Ayuvedic powder to helps soften any stones. Then I have the person take a veggie concoction each morning with includes lemon juice, garlic and ginger at various amounts with 1 Tablespoon of olive or flax oil. Then each morning for the next 4 or 5 days the amount of oil is increased.  (This process of not having any oil or fat all day and then doing so in the morning with these supportive herbs flushes the gallbladder and detoxifies the liver very effectively. )

Are there specific cleansing programs depending on different health conditions?

 Different types of plans can be done based on the individual.

  1.      The MILD Colon/Liver Cleanse Plan is for individuals in good health, who have completed a colon cleanse or liver cleanse before.
  2.      The MODERATE Colon / Liver Cleanse Plan is for individuals in fair health, who have never completed a colon cleanse or liver cleanse before and have been suffering with moderate fatigue, bloating, gas, candida, indigestion or constipation. Clients in this category may have been diagnosed with fatty liver disease, elevated liver enzymes or other liver function issues.
  3.      The INTENSE Colon / Liver Cleanse Plan is for individuals in poor health, who have never completed a colon cleanse or liver cleanse before and have been suffering with severe fatigue, bloating, gas, candida, indigestion or constipation. Clients in this category may have been diagnosed with fatty liver disease, elevated liver enzymes, or other liver function issues, or diagnosed with IBS or diverticulitis.

Is there any dietary regimen one need to follow while on the liver detox?

Pre-cleanse dietary instructions according to your body-type (Ayurveda Dosha); supplement recommendations to achieve healthy digestion and proper elimination. But basically it needs to be simple with a low amount of protein, no animal protein, cooked and easy to digest vegetables and grains based on one’s body-type/Dosha. Juicing with carrots, beets and celery with other dark greens will also help the detoxification process.

What are the benefits of such a program?

Generally speaking a liver detox supports blood purification, cleanses stagnant waste from the liver, promotes the production of healthy blood cells, bile and nutritional fluids and reduces and eliminates gallbladder congestion

The overall benefits of the program include:

Healthy weight loss, improved digestion and nutrient absorption and the prevention of future health problems especially gallbladder issues and liver conditions.

Khabir Southwick

Khabir Southwick is a professional health consultant, Ayurvedic and Naturopathic practitioner, whole-foods nutritionist, master herbalist and formulator, public speaker on natural self-care and author of numerous natural health-care programs.

Khabir Southwick

Khabir Southwick is a professional health consultant, Ayurvedic and Naturopathic practitioner, whole-foods nutritionist, master herbalist and formulator, public speaker on natural self-care and author of numerous natural health-care programs.

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Dilip Shah
Dilip Shah 5pts

do not start selling Pills! give real food solution

Nagpal Subash
Nagpal Subash 5pts

Kuch nhi lutta hamara yeh khel hy koi jang nhi hum khel mean haren hean koi hamara desh nhi hara goga Nagpal Delhi ambala wala

Jo Smythe
Jo Smythe 5pts

There are many ways to cleanse your gallbladder and liver. I personally use the Infowars brand because it is a great one to use I buy the colon cleanse as well and do them together. It's a great way to clean out and lower cholesterol. The herbs help to loosen up the stuff you need to expell It's about a week process in all After 4-5 days with taking the herb supplement you then drink Epsom salt ( taste horrible add a little juice) Then the olive oil ( mixed with a juice You will do some serious clean out so make sure clean out is done on weekend or when you have 2 days off. You won't want to be far from bathroom. You will be amazed of all the cholesterol you pass and sludge from your insides. I usually do it 3-4 times a year It really is great to do but it not fun fair warning.

Al Joy Ajero
Al Joy Ajero 5pts

Check out #USANA #TRUEHEALTH this Supplements Cleanse out your liver and takes good care of it. Healthyvessel.usana.com #InboxUs for any Qestions.

Marta Vargas
Marta Vargas 5pts

One lemon in hot water hot enough to where u can drink it nd drink on empty stomach every morning to cleanse out nd detox

TribhuvanArora 5pts

Its encouraging to halt at your page. I am in z69 yrs of journey on this beautiful planner. Is enjoying blissful life with veg and natural food supplements.

Wold love to share my true reall health experience

Kevin Francis
Kevin Francis 5pts

That was interesting ... MSG and headaches mmmmmm!!

Judy Jacobs
Judy Jacobs 5pts

The liver is the cleanser of the blood and the life is in the blood

Mira Sadek
Mira Sadek 5pts

@ahmed Ahmed Mokhtar follow this page x

Lonelysoul 5pts

I'm so happy to have found you!...I was listening to your "Do you need to detox your colon, liver and kidneys? " recording video and wow!...is so much in it that I could identify with!...I'm pre-diabetic, so says a doctor that I went to!..he was having check my blood every 3 months and telling me always the same thing, just watch what you eat and reduce your sugar intake!...(so by choice, I eliminated the intake of sugar completely, and now only use stevia, but I don't over due it, just sometimes) ...but I was still sick and told the doctor that I had this weird sensation after eating dairy products!..I have been lactose intolerant for many years, but never had the symptoms, like now of dizziness, (very disoriented) and a horrible feelings and spasms, very hard to describe!...so it happen that I lost the insurance that cover this particular doctor and had a go to another one!...to my surprise, this new doctor that didn't have a fancy office like the previous, after I told him all my symptoms and having my blood checked told me that, just needed to checked my blood " EVERY 6  MONTHS" or a yearly!!...then I explained my spams and my lactose intolerant problem, so he said that it sounded like a severe case of lactose intolerant and to "make sure" prescribed  an allergy test!!...so I had the test and it came out with, like the doctor said, very severe allergy to lactose products , allergic to strawberries (already knew this one) and to "EGGS" never knew this one1.. so I was eating eggs and eating cheese, not having the milk since I knew I couldn't have it, but I thought that the cheese was not so bad, but it was and in combination with the eggs was giving me this horrible reaction! ...so know I don't have any lactose products and if I do like pizza (love it to much to give it up), don't eat it all the time but once in a blue moon and I take like 3 or 4 lactose pills and I don't get that sick, like I used to before!... I also have problems with my bladder, I do have to get up in the middle of the night "every single night", to go to the bathroom, so it could be like you said to much toxins in my kidneys and bladder!.....and another problem I have is with "bad breath",  and is very severe (to the point that is ruining my love life :(  ) I don't have cavities ( I pulled out all my bad teeth) but still have the problem and I don't know if is coming from my stomach and how to corrected it !!...so about the cleansing, my daughter have suggested to me many time, to do the liquid cleansing and I seriously looking into doing just that, like you mention on your video!...could you help me here with suggestions on how to correct these issues that I have? would appreciated very much if you could!..After turning  50 .I don't have a normal life anymore!... oh! and can't not sleep at night, I have  insomnia !..so I feel, like I'm  not from this planet anymore, with all these allergies and issues!...They are  making my life miserable!..Please help!

khabir 5pts

@Lonelysoul please email at khabir@naturalheallingwest.com asap I have read your message but it appears it is best we speak.  You can also call my 805-308-3480

I look forward to hearing from you, k 

chandramukhi 5pts

Ihave lots o pains and aches mostly from work as we have to stand on feet for 9 hrs and feel fatigued sometimes get fever too and as the pain reduces the fever goes away after resting any natural tips please

Puja Jaiswal
Puja Jaiswal 5pts

Hello Good evening Ayurveda I m going through a horrible problem from few days back All the tym I m feeling dizzy n having vertigo. Suggest remedy please

Janet Grffnjnt
Janet Grffnjnt 5pts

too much like a commercial so list foods and teas that help with that

Gudisa Srinivas
Gudisa Srinivas 5pts

Thanks Khabir, really its very helpful, also it would be great if you share a video on other topics.

Maria Vargas
Maria Vargas 5pts

Excellent Information Love your videos Thanks

Annie Jamgotchian
Annie Jamgotchian 5pts

Redd Manifest Sebouh Joseph Jamgotchian Sonia-Lena Bomshakian

Lilo Feghali Yaghi
Lilo Feghali Yaghi 5pts

It was amazingly explained. Thank you l\U0001f440king forward to learning more !

Laura Collings
Laura Collings 5pts

I found this a confirmation of what I believe, sorry its a bit slow and repetitious, but it really is the facts for everyone to do :)