Efficient Home Remedies For Burns

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Burn injuries can be treated in many ways while at home. Easy home remedies for burns would be applying banana peels, Aloe vera, plantain leaves, diluted vinegar, tea bags, salt, oatmeal, and honey on and around the burnt area. Never apply ice to the burnt area, it might damage surrounding tissue. However running cold water on the burnt area helps a lot.

Out of ten friends that you have, at least nine for sure would have experienced burn in their life time, at least once. In other words, burns are pretty much a part of our childhood. There would be rare number of people who wouldn’t have experienced burns during their childhood.

Very few would still have the scar of the childhood burn until now, while others who would’ve taken early measures then like applying toothpaste wouldn’t have helped them prevent the painful blisters at the burnt area. Hence, home remedies for burns is very important to be aware of.

Home Remedies for Burns

Here are some of the home remedies that can help you heal burns fast leaving minimum scar.


Honey has long been serving as a remedy to disinfect wounds and heal burns. Everyone knows bees are attracted to honey, but did you know water is, too? When applied to a burn, honey draws out fluids from the tissues, effectively cleaning the wound. You may also apply the honey to a gauze bandage, which is less sticky than direct application. Change the dressing three to four times a day.


Crumble 1 cup uncooked oatmeal into a bath of lukewarm water as the tub is filling. Soak 15 to 20 minutes and then air dry so that a thin coating of oatmeal remains on your skin. Use caution getting in and out of the tub since the oatmeal makes surfaces slippery.


Mouth burns can be relieved by rinsing with salt water every hour or so. Mix 1/2 teaspoon salt in 8 ounces warm water.

Tea bags

The tannic acid in black tea helps draw heat from a burnt area. Put 2 to 3 tea bags under a spout of cool water and collect the tea in a small bowl. Gently dab the liquid on the burn site.

Diluted Vinegar

Vinegar works as an astringent and antiseptic on minor burns and helps prevent infection. Dilute the vinegar with equal parts water, and rinse the burned area with the solution. It is a wonderful and widely available household first-aid item for healing and soothing burns.

Plantain leaves

The major constituents in plantain are mucilage, iridoid glycosides (particularly aucubin), and tannins. Together these constituents are thought to give plantain mild anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antihemorrhagic, and expectorant actions. To get the full effect of this plant, crush some fresh plantain leaves and rub the juice directly onto the burn.

Cool water

Gently run cool water or place cool compresses over the burn site for ten minutes. Do this as quickly as possible, preferably within seconds of getting a burn. Cool water not only feels good but will help stop the burn from spreading, and the sooner you run cool water on the burn, the greater the effect will be to reduce it.

Aloe vera

It is great for healing and soothing burns. Directly apply aloe vera gel on the burn. Its soothing and rejuvenating properties will help cool the burned skin. Fresh aloe vera quickly soothes painful burns and often heals even serious burns with little or no scarring.

Banana peels

Sometimes, placing a banana peel on the burned area of the skin till it becomes black has proved beneficial for burn injuries.

Avoid using ice on a burnt area

Never use ice on the burnt area because it can restrict blood flow to the skin, and further damage tissue. Ice can be used only if you have a burnt tongue.


CureJoy Editorial

The CureJoy Editorial team digs up credible information from multiple sources, both academic and experiential, to stitch a holistic health perspective on topics that pique our readers' interest.

CureJoy Editorial

The CureJoy Editorial team digs up credible information from multiple sources, both academic and experiential, to stitch a holistic health perspective on topics that pique our readers' interest.

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Inez Woei A Tsoi
Inez Woei A Tsoi 5pts

K wist die van bananablad niet. En aloe vera heb ik thuis maar daar niet. Thunk I did the best I could. Prbeerde honing maar dat moet dus met zo een kompress. En tiger balm is ook echt effectief. Geen boter, geen tandpasta en absoluut geen ijs (wel koel water) Valerie Stephanie

Candace Walton
Candace Walton 5pts

Ghee is awesome. I think that's what they meant when they suggested putting butter on your burns. It heals well and quickly w/ no scar.

Pam Dally
Pam Dally 5pts

Thought there was paw paw ointment in the picture. It is wonderful for burns.

Ayurveda 5pts

Mamalina Cocolina You're welcome! :)

Famida Shah
Famida Shah 5pts

Moneba Shah u need this ....even though u've become a gr8 cook now .....

Zakiya Vanker Desai
Zakiya Vanker Desai 5pts

best easy access in kitchn is dishwashing liquid mix in a bowl of water and make soapy soak burnt hand or part in it then apply vanilla.esence works wonders

Betty Wilborn
Betty Wilborn 5pts

Pure raw honey will take the burning away instant and will not leave a scar. DON'T take my word, try it yourself and see.

Rona Borres
Rona Borres 5pts

Cocoa butter cream ,is the best, And very effective for stretch mark...

M Siddique Afridi
M Siddique Afridi 5pts

make a slurry of mustard oil in lime water (CaOH)2.a best remedy for burns

Jennifer SwiftBird
Jennifer SwiftBird 5pts

Lard. Skin protectant no additives. Wash the area with soap n tepid water. Pat dry.

Leba Sharma
Leba Sharma 5pts

N that's went it heal,no scar or mark in it..

Leba Sharma
Leba Sharma 5pts

This is my hand got burn went I was making chai tea,all I add is butter any kind of butter,it give my hand a cool way of getting blister,n it don't give any scar went it heal..

Suzanne Davies
Suzanne Davies 5pts

Lavender oil, aloe vera plant (keep one in the kitchen) cold water is not necessarily right approach, as it sends rush of blood to area, making it burn more! Try warm water, slowly getting it warmer and warmer; as patient can stand!

Pam E Pam
Pam E Pam 5pts

It's the magic Vaseline from the hunger games

Skyra Padrique
Skyra Padrique 5pts

Thank you best h! May idea nko pang pahid sa nga paso ko s pag luluto

Paula Fletcher
Paula Fletcher 5pts

No its not and that is such bad advice. That will seal in the heat. I suggest you do a first aid course. Running water cools the area taking the heat out. That is the first aid- then seek medical advice.

Ahmed Din
Ahmed Din 5pts

I dont think its a good idea to waste water. Do you know the quality of water running in a small area for ten minutes is like what? If your use 1 ltr per minute its 10 ltrs per 10 minutes. This could save lives. But all goes down the drains. Sad. The best medication of burns is to apply fresh honey in a thin layer immediately after burn.

Diane Burston
Diane Burston 5pts

I have used lavender oil that has prevented blistering and takes pain away

Paula Fletcher
Paula Fletcher 5pts

As I said- Can't let it be or get too cold. Cold can burn too. Hence, no ice.

Brandi Ivie
Brandi Ivie 5pts

Yes would of been nice. Just barely getting to use my ares now still really burned on top of shoulder