Eating Less But Gaining Weight?

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This may be occurring due to thyroid dysfunction, which directly affects your metabolism. Signs of an under active thyroid includes depression, constipation, hair loss and exhaustion. Include Omega 3 rich foods like walnuts, chia seeds and salmon. Also eat foods rich in Vitamin B, Iodine (Cod Fish), Selenium Brazil Nuts), Iron and Vitamin C.

Eating Less But Gaining Weight

People often ask, why am I not losing weight, even though I’m not eating very much?

If this is happening to you, it could be that your thyroid, the gland in your neck which produces the hormone which controls your metabolism, isn’t working very well.

This can happen if you have been yo-yo dieting, or eating a low calorie diet, or have been very stressed. These issues can lead to you becoming low in vital nutrients needed to make your thyroid work properly. If it isn’t working right, your metabolism can slow right down and you put on weight. Unfair hey? If you suspect this is happening, visit your GP and ask to have your thyroid tested.

Other symptoms of an underactive thyroid include constipation and depression, difficulty getting up in the morning; hair loss; cold feet and hands; exhaustion. You don’t need to present with every one of these to have a sluggish thyroid.

Even if your thyroid function is not slow enough to test positive for hypothyroidism (a slow thyroid) via the GP’s test, you may still actually have a thyroid that is not working properly for the individual you are.

The GP reference range for Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH) usually makes a diagnosis of a slow thyroid at 5+ mU/L . (Note: the higher the number, the slower the thyroid). However, in some countries, the reference range for a diagnosis starts at just 2.5 mU/L. If you are above 2.5 mU/L, but below 5 mU/L, it may be worth examining your diet to start including the right nutrients needed to get your thyroid working again properly, and help you lose weight.

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Nutrients to Include for a Healthy Thyroid:

-Omega 3 essential fatty acids (the good fats found in nuts and seeds such as walnuts, chia seeds, flax, and oily fish such as salmon).
-B vitamins found in brown grains (eg brown rice, quinoa) and green leafy vegetables such as kale.
-Iodine from white fish such as cod.
-Selenium (eg a couple of Brazil nuts each day contain it).
-Iron, the best way to get enough iron is through red meat. For best absorption of iron, consume it close to a portion of food containing vitamin C. For instance, chop up some vitamin C-rich red peppers with your lean steak.

Remember, weight loss is far more complex than calories in and out. Contrary to popular belief, more recent science shows you need to nourish – not neglect – yourself, to manage weight for the long term.


Emma Olliff

Emma is a qualified Nutritional Therapist (DipNT CNM) and is registered with BANT (British Association for Nutritional Therapy) and CMA (Complimentary Medical Association). She is passionate about helping her clients achieve optimum health through diet and lifestyle.

Emma Olliff

Emma is a qualified Nutritional Therapist (DipNT CNM) and is registered with BANT (British Association for Nutritional Therapy) and CMA (Complimentary Medical Association). She is passionate about helping her clients achieve optimum health through diet and lifestyle.

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Quế Anh Trần
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Zafar Khurshid
Zafar Khurshid 5pts

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Abdullah H K
Abdullah H K 5pts

Work more eat more.it will reduce u r weight .

Yvette Williams Hargrett
Yvette Williams Hargrett 5pts

I like the idea of when I was a kid, eating 3 squares and SOMETIMES a snack. But most of the time you stayed active. The slow down came when we bathed & went to bed. No constipation, no allergies, our folks took care of what ailed us @ home. So cod liver oil, & the like ruled in our house. "Over wt" had no space in our lives , schools gave us recess, wkends we worked &played. No fat ppl in our house. (Thats what I call the simple life )

Brenda Docherty
Brenda Docherty 5pts

My niece did the calorie counting and still gained weight. Come to find out her Thyroid has stopped working. Check with your doctor first.

Ursie Marie
Ursie Marie 5pts

Yes, bc the body stores up calories that are n I t burned away. For instance, to make the wheel on a bike move one has to pedal; stop pedaling n the bike will slowly stop moving. As long as u eat the stomach muscles are moving; the more they move the more weight u lose. But STOP eating n the pounds will add on quickly. I learned this when I had Thyroid problems!

Benjamin King
Benjamin King 5pts

Yeah sort of. A lack of calories will make you lose weight. Done right. So to ustart by eating 2000 a day. Then 1500 after a while. Then 1200. Don't ever drop below 1200. If you drop below 1200 for an extended period of time your body will start using muscle andkrgans for energy instead of fat. Same with extended periods of 1200 or above. If you cucke carbs your body will burn fat for fuel and maintain muscle. Monday through Friday eat high fat, high protein low carb. Satuedya and Sunday eat high carb, high protein. When your body doesn't have enough carbs to use as energy it starts using your fat stores. But do this too long and it holds onto fat. So cycle carbs. Burn fat during the week and restore muscle during the weekend

KashishBhatnagar 5pts

In my report i'hv no thyroid disease... Please suggest me some other for this

Brijal Desai
Brijal Desai 5pts

Avoid suger,sweets,ice creams,chocolates.....drink More water.

Emily Mezini Amore
Emily Mezini Amore 5pts

Work out- Sweat, Sweat, Sweat!!!!!!!!!! That is how fat melts off!

Jessie Sinogo
Jessie Sinogo 5pts

take forever lean, contains 2 revolutinary ingredients that can help reduce the body's absorption of some of the calories from fat and carbohydrates.

DrSatish Kumar
DrSatish Kumar 5pts

Hi to all .... Visit ur family physician find out cause do some common investigations ... Hormonal imbalances.... Life style .... Do exercises ... Methodically fasting... Avoid sedative life ... No day sleep ...

Prema Latha
Prema Latha 5pts

Vidyavati K. Kumaran suits u\U0001f61c\U0001f61c

Pavan Thakore
Pavan Thakore 5pts

Ya same problem. How to solve n reduce tummy

Ayurveda 5pts

Adu Shirodkar You're welcome! :)

Ayurveda 5pts

Try working out and you will see results slowly! Be patient :)

ελενη ρο
ελενη ρο 5pts

this is my life. No sugar-not fried food-walking- a lot of water-takingthyrormone 150mg/day. nothing works on me. this makes me sad.

Jennika Green
Jennika Green 5pts

I weight myself every other day or week or weekend over at my parents house and I been slowly making progress of losing weight not gaining weight.

Yinka Dawodu McNett
Yinka Dawodu McNett 5pts

Eating less and drink plenty of water and exercise. Cut soda off and you will see wonder.

Kelsey Santoro-Thurk
Kelsey Santoro-Thurk 5pts

Guess I'm still in the healthy range but feel like a elephant!!! Hate it!

King Ren
King Ren 5pts

Deonna Alger Fredeking take note

Trish Murray
Trish Murray 5pts

Diana Lynn Diegel not for you but ya know!