8 Early Signs Of Ovarian Cancer


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Ovarian cancer is hard to diagnose. But abdominal swelling, regular constipation, pelvic pain, lower back pain, frequent and uncontrollable urination, loss of appetite, pain during or post sex and fatigue can be considered early signs. These symptoms may mean other ailments as well, so check with your doctor if any of the signs persist for over 2 weeks.

Ovarian cancer is the most silent of all cancers. It doesn’t have very particular symptoms and is hard to trace. And when it does become traceable it’s usually reached a serious stage. However, there are a few early signs that may help trace ovarian cancer, these signs may also indicate other ailments so observe well before jumping to conclusions.

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8 Early Signs Of Ovarian Cancer

Abdominal Swelling

Your abdomen may feel gassy or bloated more often.


Regular bouts of constipation and irregular bowel movements. Try fiber rich foods and see if this changes.

Pelvic Pain

Heaviness or discomfort around the pelvic region. Don’t settle for pain killers.

Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain and discomfort is another sign. But evaluate recent activity because strain to your body can give you lower back spasms.

Frequent and Uncontrollable Urination

Urinating often and not able to control yourself may be an indication of weakening pelvic floor muscles. Again this may mean several things so make sure you check with your doctor.

Loss of Appetite

Feeling full easily or unexplained weight loss can occur.

Sexual Activity

Pain may occur during or post intercourse, especially around the abdomen and below.


Getting tired soon without any rigorous activity is a silent sign. Observe energy levels keenly to figure out if they are actually dropping.

Many women diagnosed with ovarian cancer didn’t show all the symptoms listed above. So keep an eye out for even one or two of these signs and keep track. If it persists for more than 2 weeks then see your doctor about it.

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The CureJoy Editorial team digs up credible information from multiple sources, both academic and experiential, to stitch a holistic health perspective on topics that pique our readers' interest.

CureJoy Editorial

The CureJoy Editorial team digs up credible information from multiple sources, both academic and experiential, to stitch a holistic health perspective on topics that pique our readers' interest.

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shanbam2015 5pts

I have plenty of these symptoms except for weight loss and pain after sex, probably because I have ZERO desire for it. But I haven't had a period in eight months. I'm 43 years old, had ALL the blood tests, ultrasound, etc., only seen a VERY small polyp. I DO have .2 progesterone and I received a shot of that Monday. Still, no period. They also did a uterine brush Monday. I'm scared and don't know what steps I should take. Should I be worried? Is this very normal or should I be scared? Cause right now, I'm scared!!

DL Galves
DL Galves 5pts

Sarrah Kupris ...Mine was by luck, didnt know what was wrong with me, other than losing weight, then I got a pain one nite so severe, I made an apt the nxt day, and they had me take a Ultra sound, and there they discovered a mass the size of a cantaloupe.....

Sarrah Kupris
Sarrah Kupris 5pts

Ive been having all sorts of issues and they tests the ordered to check for other things all come back as normal... there is clearly something going on.. I just dont know what

April Camp
April Camp 5pts

Breanna Daniels I may have this fuckkk

DL Galves
DL Galves 5pts

Lottie Watkins ..Prayer is so amazing, You must keep her positive in her thoughts, Get her up, put on her makeup, make her feel pretty, If I wasnt positive I wouldnt be here, God saved me, He loved me so much, he spared me..Please just be as supportive as you can, it matters so much...Pray for her, love her and let her know you are there...My mother was my Angel, I lost her to lung cancer and my dad to cancer of the pancreas, but I'm a survivor for the both of them.....My God is Real!!!!

Sandipa Bala
Sandipa Bala 5pts

Good information . please d 'not ignore .

Tess Yacob
Tess Yacob 5pts

Thanks for the informations.....

Lottie Watkins
Lottie Watkins 5pts

God Blessed you for sure, my friend is suffering, she lives in canada, can you help me with support I need more information,

DL Galves
DL Galves 5pts

My symptoms were Not Hungry, Lost weight, Intense pain, Lower abdomen...I was 20...Diagnosed...Stage4..Here I'am 33 yrs later..I'm not Lucky....I'm Blessed...Please dont avoid any signs....

Lidia Elvir
Lidia Elvir 5pts

That is very importante aknowledge, please do not ignore it.

Ayurveda 5pts

Well said Shashi Kaistha :)

Rebecca Kuna
Rebecca Kuna 5pts

Jessica Raman Radha Raman Amutha Vadivel

Lata Gupta
Lata Gupta 5pts

Thank you. I have fully recovered and enjoying every moment of my life with family

Ayurveda 5pts

Hoping for a speedy recovery! Lata Gupta

Lata Gupta
Lata Gupta 5pts

Our son, that time recently qualified as doctor. I was very very lucky. My GP made fun that " they been practicing from last 25 yrs. and now,your son just qualified and thinks of himself expert. " I was devastated but carried on my treatment without any resentment. Only hope there is fast way to dignose this terrible cancer.

Ayurveda 5pts

Sweet of him! Thanks for sharing! Lata Gupta :)

Chantal Daniel
Chantal Daniel 5pts

I am so sorry for your loss, what were her symptoms? And for how long did she try to get help? Thank you

Victorious Victini
Victorious Victini 5pts

Tracy Haen sorry for your loss, I wish my mom known all of this my mom had both endometrio and ovarian cancer by the time they found it had take half her girly parts. She ok now. I feel so sorry for all the women who suffer from it.

Zulaikha Ahadi
Zulaikha Ahadi 5pts

Do have any suggestion of herbal treatment for endometriosis?

Lata Gupta
Lata Gupta 5pts

I had ovarian cancer in 1999. My G. P wasted 2 yrs of my problems. Lucky for me !my son created lots of fuss and insisted to go private. This is how I was dignosed and chance to live and see my grand children. That doctors ' surgery was shut down within 2 yrs.. Now I am fully recovered, Thank God and love my son who saved me.

Adelina Bella
Adelina Bella 5pts

Tracey Haen Culhane so sorry about your little sister. I hope you sued that doctor. Not that it will bring your sister back, but apparently it is the only way these negligent doctors will learn a lesson. I had a similar issue. I had an MRI and they found five brain lesions. They told me they didn't think it was MS. I got a sixth brain lesion within a six months. They still were saying no MS. Finally, I left the state and went to UT Southwestern MS clinic. By this time I had eight brain lesions. I had lost sensory motor nerves in both legs and arms. I had progressed to Secondary Progressive. The doctor was shocked that I had not been diagnosed! If I had been put on disease modifying drugs sooner I would not have progressed so quickly. Some doctors are arrogant and incompetent. They need to be held accountable for their actions. Ugh! Again, so sorry for your sister! When I hear stuff like this it makes me so angry! :(

Tracey Haen Culhane
Tracey Haen Culhane 5pts

If you feel there is a problem , fight, change doctors you know your body best .. My little sister passed from this dreaded cancer two years ago... Her primary care told her she was drug seeking ... Not until she wound up er did they find out the truth by then it was to late

Tamara Desrochers
Tamara Desrochers 5pts

Also a copious amount of vaginal discharge that is not bacterial or fungal related.

Ashok Mongia
Ashok Mongia 5pts

कृपया हिंदी में भी प्रस्तुत करें।

Markjenn Lyle
Markjenn Lyle 5pts

I had cysts and helped it tremendously, like it dissolved, after going to a no caffeine and no red meat diet. Also, I know it sounds crazy but synthetic fabric stuff ( mine was fabric softener) screws with hormones. So all natural detergents help too. Also, essential oils ( good quality, only a few brands have the good stuff in my limited knowledge of them all) can help. ( TMI but you can put an organic tampon in with frankensince oil on it) Cysts are quite common in many women .

Ayurveda 5pts

Reena Singh Agree with you!

Ettoria Walker
Ettoria Walker 5pts

My aunt died from this silent killer. Please be aware of it.