Are You Really Drinking Water The Right Way?

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Drinking Water The Right Way

Water: God’s Most Precious Gift

Water. Ever wondered how precious it is? As a kid, I always learned about conserving water, not that I grew up in a dry place. In Bangalore we had an ample supply of drinking water. But conserving water comes natural if you are from Asia.

As a young kid I always saw a vast difference between how my grandmom drank water versus how the following generations of my uncles and aunts drank water. For example, whenever my meal was served next to my grandmom, she suggested not to drink water but to sip it,and not all at once. She especially did not drink water half an hour before a meal, and she waited a minimum 15 minutes after a meal.

I always adored how beautiful my grandmom looked. Even in her 70s, her skin was gorgeous and glowing. From then on I have always followed her diet more than anything.

I think people have forgotten the essence and natural way of drinking water. I saw my uncles hurriedly chugging their water on hot days. Their bellies got bigger and bigger. The plastic bottles of water kept cold in the refrigerator made them that way. Before refrigerators became normal, thirst on hot days was quenched by mud pot water. Very earthy and very tasty, enjoying sipping that water was an activity in itself.

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5 Reasons to Sip Water:

If you are a person who religiously drinks 8 glasses of water, here is some news for you. There are 5 reasons why sipping water is ideal.

1. Mixing with Saliva:

According to Ayurveda, sipping is the correct way of drinking water. Our mouth has saliva, which we produce in abundance. Our saliva is alkaline, and we have Hydrochloric acid in our belly. Our saliva stabilizes the acid in our belly. When you are chugging your water, especially if you are drinking from a plastic bottle, you do not hold that water to swish in your mouth. You just swallow it, so very little saliva reaches the stomach. Hence the atmosphere remains acidic.

2. Water is heavy.

Anyone who has had a hangover or vomiting well knows how heavy water is! Chugging water makes your stomach more upset than ever and you end up throwing up all the water. Small sips work magic!

3. Wet your Tongue:

Have you noticed birds, dogs, and cats drinking water? They merely wet their tongue before they swallow. They do not count 8 glasses of water in a day.

4. Sip to lose weight:

If you are planning on losing weight, this could be your favorite trick to lose those extra pounds. Sit in a pleasant atmosphere to sip your water. Swish it around in your mouth and then swallow. Sipping, rather than chugging,eases the entire digestive process.

5. Drink lukewarm water:

When water that is at room temperature or warmer touches the lips,it gives you a feeling of satisfaction and signals the body of water intake. If you are chugging ice-cold water, it firstly shocks the senses in your mouth, and in the stomach it just gets all the bacteria to go on a snow holiday. Having cold water with a meal is toxic to your digestion.

Our body is a miracle in itself! Sip your water for optimum digestion and health.

Vinaya Saunders

Vinaya is an RYT-500 and passionate yogini. Her teaching is a rounded balance of guided meditation techniques, pranayama for overall emotional and physical development, and Ayurveda. Greatly inspired by Bhramakumaris raja yoga and Yogananda's kriya yoga, Vinaya uses the benefits of these teachings to encourage stability in handling life's situations and helping others find ultimate health and transformation in their lives.

Vinaya Saunders

Vinaya is an RYT-500 and passionate yogini. Her teaching is a rounded balance of guided meditation techniques, pranayama for overall emotional and physical development, and Ayurveda. Greatly inspired by Bhramakumaris raja yoga and Yogananda's kriya yoga, Vinaya uses the benefits of these teachings to encourage stability in handling life's situations and helping others find ultimate health and transformation in their lives.

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Lissa_678 5pts

Well, no actually. Animals do not simply "wet their tongues." Look up slow motion dogs drinking on youtube and you can clearly see that dogs use their tongues to scoop water into their mouths, and then snap their jaws shut to catch it. And cats are even more interesting. They actually take advantage of surface tension and use their tongues to draw the water up into their mouths in a little stream.

Aneta Michnicki
Aneta Michnicki 5pts

I think I agree with this...I started drinking more water since I wanted to loose weight and I drink it fast. It doesn't work!!!!! I'm gaining weight and I think I'm retaining fluids \U0001f601, my ankles are a bit swollen. My Mom lived to be 95, she never drank a lot of water and she sipped either water or tea or coffee - not hot, not cold. She was very healthy! So I do agree with this and I think I will finally follow my Mom's example. Thanks for posting this

Susan Hershberger
Susan Hershberger 5pts

Good lordy, now we don't even know how to have a drink of water. sigh***

Tanveer Mir
Tanveer Mir 5pts

1400 years back prophet Mohammad pbup said " drink a glass of water or fluids in three breathes and don't stand while drinking.

Tom Taylor
Tom Taylor 5pts

Kimberly Guilmette-Burress just thinking maybe not..

Ane Monroe
Ane Monroe 5pts

You guys, I drink kangen alkaline water and I am a distributor of it. It is the best water out there. Do not drink bottled water whatever you do. It is very acidic. Most bottled water is rubbish. If you want to know more about kangen water let me know.

Jameel Sharef
Jameel Sharef 5pts

Never drink water standing. Drink while sitting and do not gulp. Drink water or fluids in three breaths..

Jameel Sharef
Jameel Sharef 5pts

Don't over do anything. Keep everything moderate.

Jameel Sharef
Jameel Sharef 5pts

It's so funny to read this on Ayurveda. This practice and much more was recommended by the prophet PBUH 1400 years ago. People just want to make money off people.

Miho Mantawil
Miho Mantawil 5pts

hi i drink more than 8 glasses a day,or maybe more Is it normal? its just me that loves to drink a lot :-(

Ayurveda 5pts

Room temperature is okay :)

Marisa Jacqueline Frattari
Marisa Jacqueline Frattari 5pts

How about drinking cool or chilled water opposed to warm water? (not cold as mentioned in the article)

Ahmed Mulla
Ahmed Mulla 5pts

This was foretold by our prophet muhammed peace b up on him ova 1400 yrs ago.

Guillermina Woodward
Guillermina Woodward 5pts

This is absolutely true I am 60 years old and I've been drinking my water since I was little kid temperature and I never drink my water with the meal I drinking 20 minute before and 20 minutes after the meal and I drink my water is slow through the day

Nizette Walsh
Nizette Walsh 5pts

Ice water with medication pills are the worst thing we can do.... Drink room temperature water. The water that earth provide us doesn't come inside of a refrigerator folks. Think all natural

Roxie Kersbergen
Roxie Kersbergen 5pts

Drinking water is a good thing But now we need to learn from the Internet to get to know how and when to drink it...oh. I will be trying this...

Keith Million
Keith Million 5pts

Ive always drank warm water, never ever ice cold. And copper is the best vessal to drink water from, avoid plastic where you can.

Tara Bell
Tara Bell 5pts

This is really good information,because I like ice cold water. I will start drinking room temp water.

Ayurveda 5pts

You sure Floyd Jerls? :)

Sue Drake
Sue Drake 5pts

I guzzle lukewarm water and now I found out sipping at that temperature is better. I learned something and that is their job.

Marlene Engleman
Marlene Engleman 5pts

Really?? this is it...out of our minds...teaching how to drink water!!! get a job.

Floyd Jerls
Floyd Jerls 5pts

Through my mouth...isnt that correct?

Susan Moore
Susan Moore 5pts

I do these things. I don't lose an ounce!

Prakash Gariya
Prakash Gariya 5pts

Like this yoga page. Www.Facebook.com/sarmulyoga

Pamela Goodwin Thomas
Pamela Goodwin Thomas 5pts

I have been looking for alkaline water. Cannot find it in Wal-Mart or kroger. Thank you for the info on the machine.

Bob Rael
Bob Rael 5pts

I agree, on the Kangen Water. We have our own Machine. We have been Drinking 9.5 ph for about 3 yrs. Cancer cannot live in Alkaline water I am told... We have great success with 9.5. Some may feel more comfortable with 9.0. Try the water, it's free. Locate someone who has a machine, they will give the water to you.

Marcus LEDUFF 5pts

Kangen Ionized Water is the highest source of anti-oxidants on the planet. Kangen Water is extremely hydrating, detoxifies the body and is used extensively as a powerful anti-aging agent. It is used in Japan to prevent and treat cancer, diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, fibromyalgia, arthritis, osteoporosis, asthma, allergies, eye diseases, indigestion, kidney conditions and numerous other degenerative diseases. Kangen Water is produced by a household unit that is certified as a medical device in Japan where it has been manufactured for over 39 years by the Enagic Company. www.hscwater.net/joec