Is Drinking Low Fat Milk Really A Healthy Choice?

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Research found that low-fat milk is diluted with a lot of artificial sweeteners and ingredients. It was also observed that consumption of skim milk and yogurt daily increased the risk of infertility by more than 85% among women. Contrarily, high-fat milk lowered the risk of obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

So far, everyone believes in the fact that drinking milk everyday is highly beneficial for health. It is considered as an important source of calcium which caters to the bone health. But again, experts suggest that dairy fat is dangerous and most people, therefore, feel that they should consider sticking to the low-fat or no-fat products instead. But no evidence regarding the matter had come out until recently.

Is Drinking Low Fat Milk Really A Healthy Choice?

A research conducted in Harvard regarding the consumption of low-fat milk’s health benefits, found that it was actually unhealthy to low-fat drink. They say that most of the low-fat milk are diluted with a lot artificial sweeteners which might have an adverse effect on your health.

Another research found that women who ate two or more servings of low-fat dairy foods per day, particularly skim milk and yogurt, increased their risk of infertility by more than 85 percent compared with women who ate less than one serving of low-fat dairy food per week.

Other researchers, therefore, suggest people to drink full-fat milk (natural) instead of the low-fat as they are processed and not natural. As opposed to the low-fat milk, which is basically polyunsaturated fat, the full fat milk comes with in immersed fat which is very beneficial to health. It is also found that fat milk is suitable for people with heart disease and diabetes as well.

Why full fat milk is better?

One research found that people who ate the most high-fat dairy foods had the lowest risk for obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. Also people with higher level of trans-palmitoleic found in fat dairy products were observed to find 60% lower risk of developing diabetes than those with the lowest levels. Yet another study showed that people who ate the most full-fat dairy had a 69% lower risk of cardiovascular death than those who ate the least.

Edited By: Vivek Chhetri

CureJoy Editorial

The CureJoy Editorial team digs up credible information from multiple sources, both academic and experiential, to stitch a holistic health perspective on topics that pique our readers' interest.

CureJoy Editorial

The CureJoy Editorial team digs up credible information from multiple sources, both academic and experiential, to stitch a holistic health perspective on topics that pique our readers' interest.

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Bradley-Taylor Aloha Roxan
Bradley-Taylor Aloha Roxan 5pts

Cows milk isn't good in any form . Yes, the brain needs a certain amount of fat to function properly. But, cholesterol is cholesterol found in dairy. Back in early baby boomers generation milk was pure. Today is another story altogether. Is the low fat milk devoid of hormones or antibiotics? I'm done.

Ollie Pollie
Ollie Pollie 5pts

Drinking carabao milk fresh from the carabao itself is one of the best milk you can ever have \U0001f618\U0001f44dyummy ,,

Aaron David Chartier
Aaron David Chartier 5pts

Cow's milk offers little to no nutrition. Case in point is calcium. Your body can't absorb the calcium well because of the high lactic acid. Naturally occurring growth hormones in cow's milk cause inflammation, excess mucus, and contributes to tumor growth with cancers.

Aaron David Chartier
Aaron David Chartier 5pts

Human milk is different than cow's milk. It's actually DESIGNED for humans.

CJ Mitchell
CJ Mitchell 5pts

It's unhealthy, and weird to drink milk.

Mau Encomienda
Mau Encomienda 5pts

some also believed that coffee is bad, since it'll make you feel more tired after the effects of subside -_-

Alicia Davis
Alicia Davis 5pts

low fat usually equals processed! \U0001f61d

Adithyan SK
Adithyan SK 5pts

Naw that's not healthy at all..full fat is better

Marly Miranda
Marly Miranda 5pts

I don't believe in nothing anymore, 1 day doctors say yes, the another no, for everything.....

Barbara Blackwood
Barbara Blackwood 5pts

It is not a joke. Some people are not able to process milk products. I am one of them.

Heather Vita
Heather Vita 5pts

Coconut milk 100%. All the good fats and none of that nasty, inflammatory-causing casein.

Chandanee Sembhoo
Chandanee Sembhoo 5pts

Milk is good for bones. Therefore it is important to take daily n also in moderation.

Canary Fortyfour
Canary Fortyfour 5pts

Actually, humans shouldn't even drink milk. It was made for baby cows. You are drinking BREAST MILK!! Yuk!

Abhilasha Sen
Abhilasha Sen 5pts

yr m feelng very lazy to read all the post can plz somone tell skim milk is a healthy choice or not

Maria Chaney
Maria Chaney 5pts

Drink whole milk low fat milk has artificial sweeteners

Andrew Barry Jackson
Andrew Barry Jackson 5pts

Milk is bad-doesn't it stress the immune system since its unnatural for humans-so many other choices now but many are too expensive. i just have it in my coffee.

Fong Eric Lee
Fong Eric Lee 5pts

Artificial sweeteners? Scary. I heard that aspartame is bad.

Yumna Hussain
Yumna Hussain 5pts

Every milk is processed these days, plus most of the people are lactose intolerant so no milk for me.

Annie Edoño Yambot
Annie Edoño Yambot 5pts

I remove fats from meats when I cook but other than that I am not a nonfat believer. Nonfat products have more harmful chemicals that can destroy your body. Therefore whole foods are better for you and taste better too! Hooray for whole foods!

Anjana Rajagopalan
Anjana Rajagopalan 5pts

Low fat indicates processing and that's no good. And fresh milk from a farm that has been fed grass, hay and with no grains...is best for you. Kids fed with fresh milk are lean and have lots of energy and grow at normal rate vs the growth hormones inducing speedy growth.

Shirley Germain
Shirley Germain 5pts

People have gotten sicker and fatter doing low fat. People are finally waking up to the fact that fat is good for you and your brain. I don't go by government standards. Government knows nothing and does nothing good. Coconut oil is best..Butter is good. Milk with fat is better..Bacon is delish ! Eggs are a perfect protein. I eat real food..low carb..high fat..71 lbs down in 7 months and I am not starving myself. I love eating to live..not live to eat. My brain is clear and at 56 I never felt better. High carbs and processed food is your enemy ! Eat real food.

Tiffany Jade Laderoute
Tiffany Jade Laderoute 5pts

Why would I want a mama cow to stop nursing her calf for so we could drink milk? Why would I want to drink chemically processed milk that has been proven to cause inflammation in the digestive tract? Why would I want to drink pus? Would you nurse off a cows udder? Let me know when you do

Anshu Sharma
Anshu Sharma 5pts

It is very controversial in fact all Allopatjy Doctors suggest low fat milk To whom we should believe. They have their own argument

Nyayapathi Narayan
Nyayapathi Narayan 5pts

when i first heard the term "lactose intolerant" i thought it wasa joke..i drink atleast 500ml of milk daily. i love milk

Nivla Jones
Nivla Jones 5pts

No... It was fine for my family before me , and its fine for us now !