Avoid Eating Curd At Night: Best Solution

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 Ayurveda explains curd as having sour mixed sweet property and it increase Kapha Dosha in the body. The mucus generation is also attributed to the effect of Kapha. During night period, there is natural predominance of Kapha in the body. So, eating curd at night will further increase kapha leading to many complications.

This is quite similar to exposing yourself to hot Sun in the afternoon hours, which is not recommended, because, afternoon period is naturally Pitta Dosha dominant period and sun exposure also increases Pitta.

Qualities Of Curd According To Ayurveda

Amla paka rasam grahi guru ushnam dadhi vatajit |

meda shukra bala shleshma pitta rakta agni shopha krut ||

Curds is sour in taste, hot in potency, is heavy to digest (takes a longer period to undergo digestion). It increases fat, strength, kapha, pitta, digestive power.

Whenever there is swelling or inflammation, if curds is taken, it worsens the inflammation. Note that these properties are attributed to sour curds.

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Naivaadyaa nishi naivoshnam vasantha ushna sharatsu na |

Sour curd should not be consumed by making it hot (ushna).  Curds should not be consumed during night (nishi),It should also not be consumed during spring and summer seasons.

However, sour curds mixed with soup of green gram, honey, ghee , sugar and amla is helpful in relieving Dysurea (difficulty in urination) and indigestion.


Try avoid consuming curd at night. Because, night is basically Kapha predominant period. Thus consuming curd at night is best avoided according to Ayurveda.

If at all you are accustomed to take curd at night, I know that old habits die-hard. so, mix a small pinch of pepper powder to curds and consume. (do not add too much. it may cause burning sensation). You may also try adding fenugreek powder if you can tolerate a slight tinge of bitterness. (but this superb combination will relieve all kinds of stomach pain generated due to indigestion).

Mixing sugar and drinking curd at night is a strict no-no.  Buttermilk is best substitute to curds at night. Buttermilk clears the channel and chucks mucus secretion.

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Dr Janardhana Hebbar

Senior Ayurvedic Consultant at CureJoy, Dr. Hebbar has authored 4 books on Ayurveda. Special interests are Kayachikitsa (Internal Medicine) and Shalya chikitsa (Surgery).

Dr Janardhana Hebbar

Senior Ayurvedic Consultant at CureJoy, Dr. Hebbar has authored 4 books on Ayurveda. Special interests are Kayachikitsa (Internal Medicine) and Shalya chikitsa (Surgery).

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Sadhana Tiwari
Sadhana Tiwari 5pts

The curd I have at home is the one which is produced at home ... a normal practice in Indian homes . If I find it bad , I , myself am to biame for it.

Kiran Kumar
Kiran Kumar 5pts

Sadhana Tiwari Yes, i will have buttermilk if I get acidity kind of of problem or food not getting digested, it is difficult for me to find Nandini curd, I like it very much, many of shops sell bad quality curd

Sadhana Tiwari
Sadhana Tiwari 5pts

Butter milk is a better alternative to curd because of it's low fat content . In the long run you definitely stand to benefit . ' Wise Living '...

Cat Black
Cat Black 5pts

I avoid rotting milk whenever possible, both day and night. Yuck!

Kiran Kumar
Kiran Kumar 5pts

Sorry. I ment to say if I eat curd at NIGHT, i get some problems . Butter milk is realy awesome it cures many of stomach problems.

Connie Yoga
Connie Yoga 5pts

Curd is bad for dinner. Anything takes long to digest is bad. We can take buttermilk instead.

Celena Raza
Celena Raza 5pts

i think curd has cooling properties and during sleep we almost pack ourselves in a warm bed most of the time so if we consume curd at night it may effects our immune system as cold and warm can never be at a place on same time.... what you say guyz may be m worng but dont u think it makes a logic......... plz reply

Sadhana Tiwari
Sadhana Tiwari 5pts

Curd is one which can be tried with any combination--- sweet , sour or salty . It is a " FOOD OF THE GODS ".

Kiran Kumar
Kiran Kumar 5pts

i tried many time taking curd rice, its good for me, I don't know about others.

Sadhana Tiwari
Sadhana Tiwari 5pts

Curd/ Yoghurt is a gastrointestinal tonic . It is digested easily and contain probiotics ( useful bacteria normally found in the gut ) , besides all the ingredients of milk . The timing of ingestion is not mandatory nor is the amount

Adithyan SK
Adithyan SK 5pts

It's not bad...its just that curd takes long to digest at night...

Upried Pandji Ireng
Upried Pandji Ireng 5pts

In a fact not bad for health if we eat enough or eat a little, so in my opinion there 'snt mythos about it.

Upried Pandji Ireng
Upried Pandji Ireng 5pts

In a fact not bad for health if we enough or a little so in my opinion there 'snt mythos about it.

Narmadha Rajalakshmi
Narmadha Rajalakshmi 5pts

If you consume fresh curd,no problem.sour one creates problems to people with asthma,sinusitis,etc

Ayurveda 5pts

Thanks for the info! :) Mani Choudhary

Trish Murray
Trish Murray 5pts

Ahahaha Colleen McConnell Gelow why did this make me think of you \U0001f609

Mani Choudhary
Mani Choudhary 5pts

Yessss sure u can taken curd at night but no taken curd at night pregnant woman

Hinal Patel
Hinal Patel 5pts

Very useful Thanks for sharing \U0001f60a\U0001f60a

Ayurveda 5pts

Welcome! Murugiah Logesh :)

Ayurveda 5pts

Welcome ! :) Chandanee Sembhoo

Farrah Xaib
Farrah Xaib 5pts

Please call it yogurt... Curd is actually an absolete term for this & used in another meaning which you really don't wanna know \U0001f60a