What Are Causes Of Bad Breath? Is There A Complete Cure?

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James Dudley

Curejoy Expert James Dudley Explains:

Bad breath (medically termed ‘halitosis ‘) may have multiple causes including gum diseases, yeast infection, dental caries, bacteria build up, pneumonia, chronic sinus infection, gastritis etc. Foods like garlic and onion are infamous for causing bad breath that linger even after sploshing with a mouthwash. Some foods like garlic contain a sulfuric compound called ‘allicin’ that contributes to a pungent smell and taste that cause bad breath.

Certain bacteria in our mouth promote bad breath by breaking down leftover proteins from food particles, dead cells and mucous into amino acids. In order to extract energy from the amino acids, the bacteria further dissects those molecules, causing them to release volatile sulfuric gases that give off a distinct rotten egg stench. Although oral bacteria is the main culprit causing over 85 percent of halitosis cases, sometimes foul breath can be indicative of a deeper issue in our body. When you get a sinus infection or a severe cold, your breath may smell worse due to the mucous production spikes which leak down to the back of your throat onto your tongue.

Gastrointestinal malfunctions, postnasal drip, lactose intolerance, diabetes, stomach problems, kidney problems, pneumonia, throat infections, thrush, lung infection also induce bad breath. Fruity-scented breath is also caused by ‘Ketoacidosis’ which is induced by lack of food, where your body runs out of sugar to burn for energy and starts metabolizing fat.

Smoking and chewing tobacco can leave chemicals that remain in the mouth leading to bad breath. Smoking, especially can also precipitate other bad-breath causes such as gum disease or oral cancers.

Food particles that are not properly cleaned from dentures can rot or cause bacteria and odor. Loose-fitting dentures may cause sores or infections in the mouth, which can cause bad breath.


It’s important to thoroughly brush your teeth and floss twice daily. Brush or use a tongue scraper as far back as you can in order to strike at the ground zero (between the teeth and the back of our tongues) of odor-causing bacteria in the mouth. Not doing so can lead to periodontal disease and gingivitis, which encourage foul breath.

Periodically drinking water washes away bacteria and particles that promote halitosis. Rinse your mouth after every meal. Natural remedies like chewing mint, parsley, fennel seeds and carrots can freshen your breath.

When improved oral hygenie doesn’t alleviate halitosis, a visit to the dentist is recommended. A dentist can help you take more forceful action to quell halitosis or a doctor can treat the disease which is causing chronic bad breath for you.


CureJoy Editorial

The CureJoy Editorial team digs up credible information from multiple sources, both academic and experiential, to stitch a holistic health perspective on topics that pique our readers' interest.

CureJoy Editorial

The CureJoy Editorial team digs up credible information from multiple sources, both academic and experiential, to stitch a holistic health perspective on topics that pique our readers' interest.

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VanessaHobbit1 5pts

I have a serious bad breath problem from i was a teenager. Sometime ago i made a bad comment to my spouse and his reply to me was "it not me that you smell it is your mouth" i almost died and gone to hell with embarrassment i ask my mother and she said as far as she can remember my breath i had bad breath, until i came across the doctor  who help me out and took me of my shame am very happy today that i was cured of these diseas all thanks to dr [email protected] or you call via his number +2349054914348

brandonroberts055 5pts

I really appreciate you letting me know that not cleaning dentures regularly can cause bad breath. My grandma just got dentures, and she wants to make sure she maintains her dentures as best as she can. I'll make sure I show this to her right away so she can start cleaning them all the time. Thanks for the help. http://www.shellharbourcitydental.com.au/dentures 

Jeffybridge 5pts

Bad breath is mainly caused by bacteria building up in the mouth, so oral hygiene is key to preventing halitosis. I've noticed that people dentures can sometimes have bad breath frequently. It's important to thoroughly clean things like dentures and retainers to eliminate some of the bacteria build up.


Nili Dhamelia
Nili Dhamelia 5pts

Jb so good please make all advice in english

Marsha Scholfield
Marsha Scholfield 5pts

Bad eating, bad hygiene, not enough water, lack of vitamin/mineral.

Merci Mallari
Merci Mallari 5pts

Intestinal prblms,gingivitis,periodontitis,halitosis nd cavities nd dental caries are ypthe main causes of bad breath

sfreddson2156 5pts

Thanks for sharing these developments. It's not easy to keep your mouth clean when you have dentures. People think you just have to soak them, and while that's a part of it, it's still important to take care of your mouth just like anyone else. Great points! http://www.denturestudio.com/dentures.html 

CaseyJones1 5pts

Thanks for the information on getting rid of bad breath.  I've noticed when I use mouth wash and brush my tongue, I don't have problems with morning breath.  You make a good point about seeing your dentist if the bad breath persists.  It might be a sign of an underlying condition.


Richard Miller
Richard Miller 5pts

Sorry - I hit the Enter button. More information. While oral hygiene is important, many people have a case of chronic bad breath that affects their social life and their work life. These are the people we see at the National Breath Center - the ones who have tried everything and are looking for a permanent cure. To cure them of bad breath we must remove the biofilm mentioned earlier. Using a painless technique called Tongue Rejuvenation, we are able to totally eliminate the bad breath and leave every person with fresh breath. So, yes, there is a cure. In the last 22 years, we have cured over 7000 people by removing the tongue biofilm. Ask your dentist about Tongue Rejuvenation.

Richard Miller
Richard Miller 5pts

90 - 95% of all bad breath is caused by oral factors - the biofilm coating that covers the tongue and under the gums. Scientists are just recently discovering that biofilms adhere to the structures they cover and can only be removed by mechanical means.

Jas Warren
Jas Warren 5pts

diet..its stomach problems not mouth problems that cause it so all the brushing and gargling won't do much to stop it.

Roymiller 5pts

As suggested by the experts of Family dentist silver spring rotten teeth might be a reason for bad breath. Apart from this the food can also result in bad breath. To know more visit: http://www.mysmilekeeper.com/

Emmanuel Mwinuka
Emmanuel Mwinuka 5pts

Simple things such as staying for long without talking,improper hygiene,sometym indicate symptom of disease

Anil Verma
Anil Verma 5pts

Wrong gas been produces in stomach drips SIP water through out the day....

Donna Torres
Donna Torres 5pts

Floss, brush, tongue scraper, cleanings.

Carolina Jounsion
Carolina Jounsion 5pts

meats and cocaines and meths and mollys and botton feeling animals and meats both land and sea . Only things wont give you bad is greens and fruits and berrries

Jorge Pardo Menéndez
Jorge Pardo Menéndez 5pts

I wonder why among the reasons listed by you, by the "Ayurveda", isn't : because if you eat the flesh of dead animals, it will rot inside the body causing foul smell... Remember that you people that about meat as if it was food? You should not allowed to name this page that way...

Evelyn Soriano
Evelyn Soriano 5pts

Vco or sesame oil pulling b4 btushing ur teeth is one of the best non-toxic remedies for oral bad breath. Greentea for halitosis or bb due to intestinal causes.

Logasundari Loganathan
Logasundari Loganathan 5pts

Thulasini Subramaniam like potturukinggeh poleh..miss panringgela sakkarai yeh?lol!

Arshi Wahab
Arshi Wahab 5pts

Amitava Bhattacharjee Surupasree Sarmmah Hahahahahahahaha rings a bell?