Special Cuddling Programs For Preemies

In most cases, premature babies don’t get enough human contact—they have to stay at the hospital in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) to be kept under observance for some time after birth. Human touch and warmth are essential for babies. It helps them gain weight, sleep better, and stabilizes[.....]

5 Interesting Benefits Of Mother-Baby Song Time

Music is a form of art that knows no bounds. It speaks to each individual regardless of the race, gender, religion, or age. Every culture has children’s songs or lullabies that are sung by mothers to their child. These songs hold a special place in each culture and are passed[.....]

8 Rights Women Have In Intimate Relationships

The rights listed below are basic things that everyone should have in a relationship. When you don’t have these basic rights, your sense of self is undermined. Instead of growing and developing in relationships, you feel trapped and stunted. While these rights are valid for all people, women in particular[.....]

12 Health Benefits Of Eating Chillies

Originated in America, Chilli has been a part of human diet since at least 7500 BC. With more than 200 varieties, and coloured anything from yellow to green and red to black, the heat in chillies range from mildly warm to mouth-blisteringly hot. Despite their fiery hotness, chillies are one[.....]

5 Effective Secrets To Raise Amazing Teenagers

The onset of teenage years can be as confusing to a teenager as it is to their parents. The onset of teenage years is marked with the various physical and psychological changes that a teenager goes through, and what every household goes through during these years is nothing short of[.....]

5 Divine Sufi Teachings For An Elevated Life

Sufism is the way to God through emotions and spirituality rather than through reason. It celebrated the intimate relationship of the seeker with Allah and the mystical teachings and practices can help you deepen your spiritual practice or elevate it to an entirely new dimension. The mystical practices of Sufism[.....]

7 Brilliant Health Benefits Of Learning Martial Arts You Need To Know

Wonder what keeps people from China and Japan live as long as 110 years? Martial arts has not only helped them, but many Americans who are living a strong, disciplined, and healthy life. You have to work your way up to the black belt, and here are the benefits of[.....]

Abdominal Pain And Light Bleeding During Pregnancy

Women experience abdominal pain and light bleeding often during pregnancy. Studies show that about 20 to 30% of women bleed early. The intensity of the symptoms can vary from normal to fatal depending on various factors like the duration, severity, and the cause. Though bleeding and spotting are common during[.....]

8 Benefits Of Exercise That Is Good For Your Brain

Everyone is busy in their personal and professional lives, but those who also squeeze in some time to exercise tend to be sharper, alert, and happy. Exercise is the best way to keep your body and brain healthy. Here are some benefits of exercising on your brain that you ought[.....]

7 Reasons Why Morning Sex Should Be A Daily Ritual

Morning sex is one of those advantages most couples ignore, despite many experts recommending that they should be doing it every day. It could be sleepiness or morning breath or just plain laziness, whatever the reason for them to decide that it is not their thing, should be set aside[.....]

What Should You Do If Your Baby Is Choking?

About the same time your baby’s thumb and pointer finger coordinate, picking up tiny pieces of lint, those arms and legs start working together to move the newest explorer across the universe. Maybe he’s only able to move a few feet across the living room floor, but it has certainly[.....]

10 Things To Remember If You Love A Person With Anxiety

Choose to see the benefits. Choose to see the upside of the situation. Choose to see the awesomeness. If they can, so can you. Anxiety is emotionally taxing, physically demanding at times, and of course mentally demanding most of the time. It’s a lot to work through, and it can[.....]

11 Benefits Of Cinnamon Which Are Boonful Gifts For Your Good Health

With the power loaded in the sticks of this spice, cinnamon is just more than a seasoning for your foods, coffee, or tea. It is known to boost your antioxidant defense, and can also kill E.coli and other bacteria too. Here are some other benefits of this spice which you[.....]

8 Other Genius Uses Of Aspirin You Need To Know Now

How many pills of aspirin are lying in your medicine box? Wondering what to do with the bunch of white pills? Here are few things you can do with this pain-killer that you didn’t know about: 1. It Helps Reduce Acne Aspirin has anti-inflammatory properties. You can crush a pill[.....]

7 Things You Can Learn From Highly Empathetic People

Have you ever had someone who you would always run to with your problems? Who always seemed to be able to understand and be the pillar of support you needed? Well it’s time you learnt to be that friend to someone else too. Often times it can become all too[.....]