Why Pain Is A Good Thing

Pain equips you to face obstacles. Success earned the hard way builds confidence, teaches you what matters, and gives you stories to tell your grandkids.

5 Easy Ways To Make Meditation A Daily Habit

There are many kinds of meditation and all of them provide multiple benefits to anyone who practices. Mindfulness meditation is the underlying meditation in that it specifically deals with building the skill of paying attention. That skill comes in handy when practicing other kinds of meditation such as mantra, visualization,[.....]

Yoga Poses Safe For Osteoporosis

If you have been diagnosed with the condition osteoporosis, you might have been advised by your doctor to do exercises to help strengthen your bones and improve your balance. However, you might fear to go to an exercise class in case you fall over and hurt yourself. Simple things, like[.....]

9 More Yoga Stretches To Help Relieve Hip And Lower Back Pain

1. Supta Matsyendrasana Or Reclined Spinal Twist Pose Start off by lying on the floor and hugging your knees into your chest. Take a deep breath and gently exhale, while lowering both your legs to the floor, towards your left side. Make sure that your knees are positioned higher than[.....]

10 Effective Ways To Lower Your Risk Of Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer; two words that would surely raise a sense of alarm in the minds of women and men alike. Unfortunately, many of you will be connected this disease; directly or indirectly, through friends, family or acquaintances and thus being well aware of its fatality. Given the fact that breast[.....]

Ultrasounds Does Not Determine The Size Or Weight Of The Baby

Ultrasound examinations cannot predict the weight of the baby, however, it can give an estimated weight of the baby. In addition to this, most of the time, the weight derived from the ultrasound exams can go a pound either ways. Moreover, the doctors too don’t base their call for cesarean[.....]

Why You Should Avoid A Cesarean Section?

Even though the surgical procedure is considered relatively safe, a Cesarean section poses a higher risk of some complications, in comparison to a vaginal delivery. Mothers who have planned for a C-section or will require the emergency procedure, will recover time and care to heal from the surgery. Some of[.....]

Is There A Limit To The Number Of C-Sections That You Can Have?

Undergoing a C-section is not a decision that the doctors or any pregnant mothers would take lightly. In the US, the surgeries are carried out by trained professionals who ensure that both the mother and the baby are not in any risk. But research has found that mothers who have[.....]

Exercise To Help Prepare For A Natural Delivery

The single most impost thought right, as an expectant mom, is the good health of your baby and a wish for normal delivery. You have been developing, nurturing and caring for your unborn for months now while also making sure your health and needs are met. The growth and development[.....]

A Better Bed For Better Sleep

Stick to a sleep routine for your wellness. Better sleep can improve your memory, sharpen your attention, reduce stress, and decrease anxiety and depression. Sleepless nights lead to stress. It can have a negative impact on your health. Sleep is important and getting the right bed is essential to making sure you sleep well. Take time testing different beds and researching before buying.

6 Powerful Yoga Exercises To Help You Burn Belly Fat And Get Abs In No Time

That belly fat is called stubborn for a reason, with permanent names like paunch, belly, muffin top, beer barrel and so on, created to make us feel like it’s funny and not well, annoying, and seemingly impossible to get rid of. No matter what work-outs you tried before, this specific[.....]

10 Facts About Ovulation Men And Women Didn't Know About

There is more to a woman’s body than what’s seen on the surface. A woman’s body is literally full of surprises. 1. The Right Time To Get Pregnant Ovulation is a time when a woman’s body is getting ready to get pregnant. Here are some facts for women and men[.....]

Be Careful With These 9 Things While Living With A Person With ADHD

Are you unhappy with most things that happens in your life? Your family is not happy with what’s happening around, your child is not able to finish his homework on time, your husband just lost his job, and blamed it on the people from office, you can;t get a simple[.....]

How A Week Away From Facebook Can Change Your Life

Over the past few years, Facebook has become as addictive as drugs and alcohol. You tend to focus more on what is going on online rather than what is happening in front of you. You base your worth on the number of likes you get, how many followers you have,[.....]

5 Effective Tips Take A Power Nap Like A Pro

Who doesn’t love a good nap? Everyone benefits from a good nap. A nap that is 20 to 30 mins long known as the power nap, helps replenish your brain and body, making you more productive and focused for the rest of the day without messing up your sleep cycle. Sleep[.....]