Ayurvedic Tips For Food De-Addiction

Getting out of food addiction is as difficult as getting out of substance abuse. We tend to get giddily high over some of our favorite foods. Not consuming some favorite foods is a humongous task for most of us. Ayurveda provides these few simple steps to control your food addiction and eat healthy.

5 Natural Remedies For Restless Legs Syndrome

Ever been kept up at night by a creepy crawly feeling in your legs? Restless legs syndrome, a neurological condition, is often responsible for sleepless nights. Fortunately, a few clever lifestyle changes and natural methods can help tackle the issue. Adopting good sleep habits, practicing yoga, and exercising regularly can give you relief. So can herbs such as valerian and nutmeg and essential oils like Roman chamomile, lavender, and neroli

Health Benefits Of Saffron: The Spicy Route To Golden Health

Saffron, the exotic golden spice, can do more than just add color and flavor to your dishes. It has been valued in traditional Asian medicine for its impressive health benefits. These days, modern science has begun to recognize the power of saffron's bioactive compounds such as crocin, crocetin, picrocrocin, and safranal. From lowering insulin resistance to tackling depression, these substances boast a medley of amazing benefits. Read on to learn how saffron can spice up your health in the best way possible.

5 Ayurvedic Tips To Combat Obesity

With over two-thirds of Americans considered obese, the epidemic is continuously on the rise. Lot of us turn toward detoxes to help with weight loss, but most of these do not help in the long term. Some simple Ayurvedic herbs and practices can help you reduce weight and stay healthy.

Can Ayurveda Combat Alzheimer’s?

People suffering from Alzheimer's consider themselves a lost cause. Any disease related to the brain makes people give up hope easily. But Ayurveda looks at not just the neurological issues but the overall health issues that might be indirectly affecting the brain to provide a treatment and preventive measures for this condition.

5 Ayurvedic Tips To Improve Digestion

A healthy digestive system plays a huge role in maintaining good health while trying to reduce weight. Your digestive system should be strong and healthy before you start to diet for weight loss. Check out these five Ayurvedic diet tips that can help improve your digestion and consequently reduce weight.

Benefits Of Sleeping In A Cold Air Conditioned Environment

Did you know that sleeping in cold AC temp helps overall wellness? Know the physical and mental benefits from sleeping in the cooling comfort of your AC.

Causes And Natural Remedies For Low Libido In Women

Are hormonal imbalances and other factors wreaking havoc with your sex drive? Check out the herbs, foods and general tips to get your libido back on track.

Things To Consider For Your Pet's Joint Health

Dog-lovers need to look at their pets more holistically, as complex and whole beings with a variety of different needs and wants, just like humans.

Genetic And Lifestyle Causes Of Breast Cancer

Knowing the genetic factors that make you susceptible to breast cancer and lifestyle causes that you can avoid, can help keep this dreaded disease at bay.

Harmful Effects Of Soft Drinks

Bubbly and sugary, soft drinks are appealing to the eyes, refreshing to drink, and easy on our pockets but they do come at a cost. From obesity, poor bone health to cancer, the excess use of sugar, caffeine, and added colors in the soft drinks can take a toll on your health. Learn the healthy alternatives and keep the health risks at bay!

9 Simple Things To Do For Vaginal Hygiene And Health

A healthy vagina is the basis of stellar sexual health and wellness. By practicing healthy habits and awareness, it's possible to avoid itches, rashes, and infections. Start by wiping right after a bowel movement. Avoid douches, scented soaps, and feminine hygiene products. Eating probiotic food like yogurt, kimchi, sauerkraut can keep the vaginal balance intact. Add in some Kegel exercises and yoga asanas to keep your vagina strong and flexible.

Symptoms Of Ovarian Cancer: Why You Should Be Vigilant

Though not very common, ovarian cancer is still the fifth leading cause of deaths due to cancer. For the longest time, it was considered a “silent killer” because most people believed that symptoms wouldn't show up until it was too late. However, several scientific studies have debunked this myth. It's not that the symptoms don't show up early enough, it's just that they are often mistaken for other common diseases. Here are some early signs and risk factors of ovarian cancer you should watch out for.

How Raising Stomach Acid Can Improve Your Digestion

Did you know that low stomach acid production increases microorganism growth, esophageal inflammation and causes stomach disorders like GERD?

Are You Unable To Get A Song Out Of Your Head? You Caught An Earworm!

You heard a new number today on the radio while driving to work, and now you can’t get the song out of your head? This is an earworm (not quite literally). Earworm is a completely normal experience which happens to over 90% of us. This phenomena is intriguing enough for[.....]