Use Salt Water To Remove Negative Energy: Best Natural Remedy

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The Science of Vibrations & Salt Water Therapy For Negative Energy

We are fully dependent on our vibrations – we each emit a different vibration, and our energy is influencing us as well as the others around us. It is simply how we function. And the fact that we, as a society, nowadays, are unhappy, reflects the way that we pick up low vibrations and continue to emit them. We are not used to paying attention to how much we let stressful factors harm us, so we become spiritually, and ultimately physically damaged. We must learn that it is of utmost important to heal ourselves internally.

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Because we cannot isolate ourselves from the people around us, we must learn how to be a source of positive vibrations. When we interact with others, we can feel their energy and they can feel ours. You can help yourself reduce the negative effects of negative vibrations – you can rid yourself of the clouds in your mind, your fatigue, your worries and illness and all the other harmful effects that continue to bring misery to your life by salt water therapy. The salt water therapy is a simple yet powerful remedy to overcome unseen negative energy and drain it out of your system. It is easily available and you can use salt water to remove negative energies affecting you and causing distress in your life.

Undergo Salt Water Therapy For Negative Energy

We can benefit greatly from getting used to some ancient spiritual practices. There are many such practices that exist only for our benefit, but because we are always busy taking care of our comfort in our existence, that we forget to let ourselves live. Such practices have gone under the name of alternative medicine or such – only because the science behind it is not as tangible as the science behind traditional medication. We don’t have to be so skeptical when it comes to natural remedies. They can’t harm us. So, you can be sure of using salt water therapy to remove negative energies from your body as it is completely harmless.

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One such natural remedy is Salt water treatment. It is a cleansing method for our spiritual healing. It sounds so simple that we tend to judge it as ineffective, but if you think about it, it makes perfect sense. It contains water – which is such a big component in our body, which we use for cleansing, and salt – a mineral which is known for its capability to extract. These two, combined, create a tool that is capable of removing the black, negative energy that is so harmful. 

Cristina Jurach

Cristina Jurach is nutritionist and Ayurvedic practitioner. She is a leader in the natural health community and consults athletes, executives and most of all parents of children on the benefits of complementary therapies for health and prevention.

Cristina Jurach

Cristina Jurach is nutritionist and Ayurvedic practitioner. She is a leader in the natural health community and consults athletes, executives and most of all parents of children on the benefits of complementary therapies for health and prevention.

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John M Read
John M Read 5pts

And so growing up next to the sea and swimming there 7 months a year was good thing, I knew it! Certainly it was great for my skin, sucked when I swallowed it, and taught me to snorkel, dive, catch fish and love the water and the eco-systems therein.

MaryHynes 5pts

What exactly is the salt water treatment?

hydrophiliaks 5pts

I take Now Foods Colloidal minerals supplement and it helps quite a bit.

MacryMary 5pts

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Good Luck…

Vinutha 5pts

The video is missing!

TonyJake 5pts

I can't find the video please give me the link

Retsel Macusi
Retsel Macusi 5pts

Every time I take a sh0wer at night, I add salt int0 the water,and its amazing,wow,my stress gets away

Stephen Exeter
Stephen Exeter 5pts

Then let plants be your medicine. Stay on your meds but start to eat a plant diet. Drink pure H2O. At least 4ltr water a day and do some walking.

Andrea Christine Coxen
Andrea Christine Coxen 5pts

Stephen Exeter . Before I was placed on medication. A doctor on staff told me to consume a Mediterranean diet, and loose weight before accepting prescription from the other doctor. I started and didn't follow through for the year. I hate taking medication. It doesn't make me feel well. But I'm afraid that if I stop taking the medication, my BP might shoot up. I'm afraid of getting a stroke. The goal is to loose 20 pounds, to get back to 128 to 130 pounds. I'm about 150 pounds.

Stephen Exeter
Stephen Exeter 5pts

I suffered from hypertension. 190/90. I tried all their meds and couldn't seem to win. I then went and done my own research and found that the answer were right in front of me. On my plate. I gave up all animal products and only ate plant based food. All natural things. I found some herbs and minerals what helped. I lost 30kgs and never felt better. And now blood pressure is 120/70. Pls believe me when I say plants can fix everything.

Kazi Ea
Kazi Ea 5pts

I don't know if it's true bt I read n watch the video. ..interesting Shorove Uddin

Chino Papichulito
Chino Papichulito 5pts

Fill a bucket with warm water so it will cover above your ankles. Add in 2 tablespoons himalayan rock salt. Immerse feet and meditate and relax 15 minutes then remove and dry feet. Thoroughly rinse bucket and wash tiwel separately.

Mischa Toland
Mischa Toland 5pts

Absolutely.... She's awesome. I'll text you her number.

Tia Lanette
Tia Lanette 5pts

Reminded me of Ayanna....I need to get to her QUICKLY!

Amanda Margaret
Amanda Margaret 5pts

Richard Martinez thought of you & your brilliant ideas

Molly Daab Margenau
Molly Daab Margenau 5pts

I've got no wifi. Can someone Sumerian for me? Are the suggesting you drink salt water or soak in a bath of it?

Stephen Exeter
Stephen Exeter 5pts

I've never met this person you call god lol and I been very happy without lol

Howard Lerda
Howard Lerda 5pts

Ayurveda your site has a habit of redirecting vs answering the questions.

Liz Wilkins
Liz Wilkins 5pts

The salt cave in Naples is awesome! !

Ginas13 5pts


How long do you need to soak your feet for good results?

Ayurveda 5pts

Kindly refer to the link :)

Sonia Nannra
Sonia Nannra 5pts

The salt in the pic above is pink Himalayan salt.... Use a hand full in the bath to detox \U0001f600

Prakash Patel
Prakash Patel 5pts

I take himalya salt, and iodized salt too,, after I added salt, muscles do not cramp after gym,, also lesser joint pains

Margit Pataky
Margit Pataky 5pts

As stated in the video.......in a prayerful attitude whilst cleansing the body. God expects you to do your bit and take responsibility for self...so do the physical doing in addition to prayer and an attitude of gratitude...no,room for,ego as you will remain attached with the negative energies....watch the video as it is truth and of invaluable assistance...some of the responses indicate that some are already well and truly contaminated and do not even recognise it and definitely will benefit from this process...in fact it is spiritual hygiene practise to remove all negative energies from our auric field and this post give you the tools to do so. Those in the know so to speak have always done so, this advice is necessary for the uninformed.

Margit Pataky
Margit Pataky 5pts

Yes it is, but salt is a purifier and in addition to prayer we are expected by God to help ourselves as we are responsible for our personal spiritual, mental and physical wellbeing. So using sea salt, in bath water or pouring it cup by cup from your head down wards whilst in prayerful state of being removes negativity......big time ....from your body. However a swim in the ocean clears your energies as well. It's fact, it works.

Wanda Flores
Wanda Flores 5pts

How about just praying to God! That is 100% safe!

Silvana Mastrolia
Silvana Mastrolia 5pts

I have a native Italian friend who has the gift of healing and uses salt during and after a session to clear herself. I believe it.

Ayurveda 5pts

In moderation nothing in excess :)

Florida Bumatay
Florida Bumatay 5pts

.... i wonder what kind of salt that is, but you are correct for salt's spiritual healing. In one part of the world, after burying the dead, the concerned family and relative must go and sunk their body into the sea....

Stephen Exeter
Stephen Exeter 5pts

Pls investigate its alleged 87 minerals, your find that some are very toxic. And salt unless from plants isn't needed. If u need salt, eat kelp.

Shanta Hari
Shanta Hari 5pts

Donno abt neg energy but this is the best therapy for cramps

Kyra Morris
Kyra Morris 5pts

Probably not quite. It is theraputic, but not in an oogy way.