How Can You Reverse Gray Hair To Its Natural Color?

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Curejoy Expert Claude Butler Explains:Hair becoming grey is often one of the first signs of aging. This is a natural process and greying happens gradually. But greying can also happen prematurely stage due to one's lifestyle, food habits, stress or a sudden illness etc. Sometimes, it may also be genetic.

Claude Butler

Curejoy Expert Claude Butler Explains:

Reverse Gray Hair To Its Natural Color

Hair becoming gray is often one of the first signs of aging. This is a natural process and graying happens gradually. But graying can also happen prematurely stage due to one’s lifestyle, food habits, stress or a sudden illness etc. Sometimes, it may also be genetic.

There are several solutions to reverse gray hair, or you could also embrace it as a beautiful sign of aging and let it be that way.

Vitamins and minerals

Vitamin B:

It is helpful in increasing pigments responsible for the production of black hair. You can consume vitamin B rich foods like spinach, avocados, legumes, Brussels sprouts, vegetable root and orange juice.

Vitamin C:

This vitamin is best used alongside vitamin B. Vitamin C-rich food includes bell peppers, dark leafy greens, kiwis, broccoli, berries, citrus fruits, tomatoes, peas, and papayas.

Copper and zinc:

Include foods like brazil nuts, kidney beans, potatoes, lentils, mushrooms, raisins and prune juice, cashew nuts, seeds, liver, and chocolates as they contain copper and zinc essential for melanin pigments.

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Curry leaves:

These leaves can be boiled with coconut oil, cooled and massage well into the scalp. If it is too difficult to obtain, you can use its powdered form, which can be either added with oil and can consumed mixed in ghee.


Another famous remedy, which gives a slight auburn tinge to the hair. It can be mixed with curd, honey, lemon paste to apply overnight as a hair mask.

Wheat grass:

Wheatgrass is a magical herb is a powerhouse of vitamins, iron, copper and proteins. It can be used in the form of juice, paste, and powder or even added in food.

Guava leaves:

These leaves can be found as pre-packaged powder, which can be applied to the hair mixed with other extracted oil.

Fruits and Vegetables


Orange can be consumed in the form of juice or used as a paste. The citrus in orange can assist in increasing the production of melanin pigments.


Lime is rich in citric acid and can be used as an anti-oxidant. The application of lime juice can decrease dandruff and reverse graying of hair. The powder of dried lemon seeds can be also used in the format of paste. Alternatively, dried lime or lemon powders can also be used.


Regular consumption of ginger powder with honey is helpful in providing vitamin C to the body. However, pregnant and people suffering with kidney disease shouldn’t consume ginger without the advice of their physician.
Apple: The fruit is rich in vitamins, minerals and proteins. A regular consumption of apple either in the form of fresh fruit or juice can help slow the graying process.


Pineapples also helps in increasing the production of melanin pigments and acts as a source of increasing vitamins to mobilize the pigments for hair growth.

Sprouted seeds:

Sprouted seeds are the best source of increasing copper, iron, vitamins and proteins for our body.

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Oil Application

Indian Gooseberry (Amla):

It can be found either fresh or in the form of powder or packed oil. The powder or fresh seeds can be mixed with regular oil while boiling or you can apply raw extracted Amla oil.

Coconut Oil:

It is an extremely powerful and potent oil which can be used for over the hair and the scalp as it can increase the production of melanin pigments. Some native cultures in India, use coconut oil for cooking. Although, it gives a complete different taste and flavor in food, it is highly helpful in increasing the composition of vitamins inside the body.

Ghee or Butter:

A smooth application of ghee or butter can help reverse gray hair.

Black Tea:

If your hair is black, then applying the leaves of boiled and cooled black tea with crystallized salt solution is good.

Mustard and Almond oil:

The extracted oil of either mustard or almond can be used for good hair health.

Aloe Vera gel:

The extracted gel or juice of Aloe Vera can be used on the scalp. The gel can be also consumed as it nourishes the production of hemoglobin inside the body.

CureJoy Editorial

The CureJoy Editorial team digs up credible information from multiple sources, both academic and experiential, to stitch a holistic health perspective on topics that pique our readers' interest.

CureJoy Editorial

The CureJoy Editorial team digs up credible information from multiple sources, both academic and experiential, to stitch a holistic health perspective on topics that pique our readers' interest.

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Lynn Swepston
Lynn Swepston 5pts

It's a copper deficiency hello!!!! You can't just take copper your body is an organism it needs a combination of things that work together to assist the whole!!! Maybe you recently seen him on the truth about cancer if you like more information to have any questions feel free to PM me!!! https://youtu.be/PkF1fZJLHLE

Paula Marie Nocon
Paula Marie Nocon 5pts

Hi Ayurveda ... \U0001f630\U0001f628\U0001f631 My hair just turned GREEN over the weekend (most likely from chlorine, sun exposure, salty air, and eating too many Reese's pieces) ... Will the remedies you suggested here help???!! Have a look, it's horrible! :

Alexa Buter
Alexa Buter 5pts

Read my earlier comment ...if you want to lose the gray naturally\U0001f60e

Alexa Buter
Alexa Buter 5pts

Yes it can! A Doctor I worked with gave Vitamin supplement samples to some of our patients ; Vit E, Zinc, B-complex, and C. Their hair turned from all gray back to their youthful shade. When the samples ran out, some stopped taking them, and their hair turned white again...needless to say, I have been taking them ever since and have only a couple grays, I am 69. The same vitamins help with preventing heart disease and cancer, so I would rather take nutrition than medication! Good Luck!

Toni Anderson
Toni Anderson 5pts

I read an article about eating the PITS and SEEDS of all fruits - dense nutrients inside them!

Chit May
Chit May 5pts

Thank u for useful tips!

Noemi Santiago
Noemi Santiago 5pts

Would like to know someone that has regained their natural hair color

Nu Nu
Nu Nu 5pts

let nature take its course.

Sadhana Tiwari
Sadhana Tiwari 5pts

There are so many dyes in the market . The real problem is of hairfall for which there is no remedy.

Lori Engram
Lori Engram 5pts

The belief is that gray hair is caused by an excessive buildup of hydrogen peroxide in the follicle which interferes with the production of melanocytes, the pigment producing cells that give hair it's color. A copper deficiency is supposed to be a major contributing factor to the peroxide buildup.I bought myself a copper pitcher (because there are no guidelines or specifications as to how much copper to add to your diet..too much could cause problems to certain organs). So I decided to infuse my drinking water with the mineral. I thought it would be safer.So for 2 months, I religiously drank water ea. day that had been stored in the pitcher overnight. The inside of the pitcher turns BLACK and cleaning it out was a pain in the ass..had to use salt and a lemon half to remove the toxins that the copper had extracted.But after 2 mos. I noticed my white roots turning dark but again, I became lazy with cleaning my vessel. Now, I will try to drink a pitcher ever so often but try it and see if it works for you.

Lucy Niquet-Polanco
Lucy Niquet-Polanco 5pts

Geez now I've read it all. YOU Cant Believe EVERYTHING you read. Applying ghee on your hair can reverse grey. What a crock! !

Annette Mark
Annette Mark 5pts

Love my silver hair wouldn't trade it for any other color

Yogesh Vyas
Yogesh Vyas 5pts

I will try my best Bas Aapko khud per or remedy per believe karna or Aapko within month result mil jayega.. Or sabse important baat koi side effects nahi hai jo ki allopathic me hota hai.

Yogesh Vyas
Yogesh Vyas 5pts

Depends on you vishali ji.. Remedy to bhaut hai Bas aap ko kya suit karta hai woh aap karna :) :)

Yogesh Vyas
Yogesh Vyas 5pts

Vishali ji.. Differents bhi hai depend on condition. K aap kitna time dey sakte ho.. Because starting me to sab use kar lete bt jab tak flow nahi hota.. Asar nahi hota.. Isliye uses k according different hai or time k according k kab, kaise apply kare.

Silvana Mastrolia
Silvana Mastrolia 5pts

Have you tried it? I would appreciate hearing more about your experience, if so. Also, is bottled water ok? What is it about copper that causes gray to reverse?

Lori Engram
Lori Engram 5pts

Yes but you must be deciplined, drinking the water each and every day.

Xahid Xealous
Xahid Xealous 5pts

Hi m having too much gray hair nd forty plus will it work for reply regrds

Yogesh Vyas
Yogesh Vyas 5pts

Always medicines are not enough, we need to believe our self.

Yogesh Vyas
Yogesh Vyas 5pts

Email me([email protected]) or message me :) :)

Yogesh Vyas
Yogesh Vyas 5pts

Anybody there? Before tips i need to know about something then i can tell you, how you can start.

Yogesh Vyas
Yogesh Vyas 5pts

1st fariida and anjali don't take tension because 50 % of hair problem reason is stress. Don't think about too much, forget it that you have any Hair problem. Then you will see your hair fall is reduce.

Anjali J Anand
Anjali J Anand 5pts

Yogesh Vyas hairline is also receding and hair fall also what to do

Yogesh Vyas
Yogesh Vyas 5pts

Hello fariida, sorry for late reply. I am message you all tips, if you want.

Yogesh Vyas
Yogesh Vyas 5pts

Apply Castor oil and almond oil before sleep. Take zinc tablet because zinc good for hair. Onion and mustard oil have good quantity of zinc. And i will message you all tips for reduce hair fall and black hair.

Theresa Stolk
Theresa Stolk 5pts

MSM is Methylsulphonylmethane. A nutritional supplement found in broccoli and other plants. Good for arthritis.

Kalyan Cherry
Kalyan Cherry 5pts

Actually knw a day's my hair's are falling so much nd hair thickness reduced so much can u say any tip's

Yogesh Vyas
Yogesh Vyas 5pts

Hahaha Annie, you are smart. I hope you do 1st :p :p

Yogesh Vyas
Yogesh Vyas 5pts

Hi kalyan, if you want good hair always, you can do it always. :)

Annie Edoño Yambot
Annie Edoño Yambot 5pts

After applying all those goodies in your hair, shave your head off and bake your hair... Voila! You do it once only... \U0001f61c hair problem solved \U0001f611

Ryan Robert
Ryan Robert 5pts

Too hard! I'm happy to age gracefully and enjoy what life has to offer.

Kalyan Cherry
Kalyan Cherry 5pts

Hi yogesh can u say how long we need to do these

Gale Ann
Gale Ann 5pts

I love my beautiful silver grey hair, thank you very much. \U0001f60a