How to Prevent Blood Clots Naturally?


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Apart from inflammatory diseases, another common medical problems arise from blood clotting. There could be a plethora of causes for blood clot and different cases have different treatment methods. However, you can prefer to prevent blood clotting by changing your diet or by preventing any physical injuries.

Wondering how to prevent blood clots naturally? Generally, there are a number of natural blood thinners (anticoagulants) that will help prevent blood clots. Further, they also provide other health benefits apart from preventing blood clot.

What Is a Blood Clot?

Blood clot may sound as a simple phenomenon which is a buildup of blood and tissue inside one of your veins or arteries, but if the case is not taken care of in time, it can be lethal. When blood fails to circulate properly, blood clots form.  When you are wounded, blood naturally clots to stop bleeding. However, blood clots can also create a blockage in your veins or arteries, break loose and travel to the heart, lungs or brain, causing life-threatening heart attacks, strokes, embolisms or other health emergencies.

What Are Natural Blood Thinners?

  • Vitamin D from sunshine has long been recognized by Ayurvedic medicine as a natural blood thinner.
  • Water is a very effective blood thinner.  Drinking about 1/2 ounce of water per pound of body weight (50 oz. if you weigh 100 lbs.) every day will help keep the blood from thickening and clumping.
  • Moderate daily exercise will also help thin the blood.  Remaining stationary for long periods of time (a long trip or hours on the couch) will increase the risk of a blood clot.

Other Natural Foods and Compounds That Thin The Blood


One of the acids called Salicylates block Vitamin K and thin the Blood. These will help to increase blood circulation as well as to naturally thin the blood.  Some natural salicylates are: Apple cider vinegar, blackstrap molasses and cayenne pepper are very popular natural blood thinners. Spices containing salicylates: Cinnamon, Tumeric, Curry powder, Oregano, Peppermint, Cayenne, Ginger, Paprika, Thyme, Dill, Garam masala. Blood thinning foods containing salicylates are most fruits, including dried fruits.


Coumarin is a natural compound found in some plants. When ingested, it has anticoagulant properties and can be toxic at high doses. Some of the plants and dietary supplements containing coumarin derivatives include: Alfalfa, Arnica, Bilberry, Bishop’s weed, Capsicum and more.

Vitamin D

We can get Vitamin D from foods, vitamin-fortified foods, supplements and from sunlight.  Vitamin D is a nutrient most often linked to the maintenance of strong bones, but it has also been suspected to have an anticoagulant effect by changing certain proteins involved in the clotting mechanism.

Omega-3 fatty acids

Fish oil is an omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid that comes from cold water fish, such as wild salmon, tuna, herring, and anchovies. Omega-3 fatty acids affect blood clotting by decreasing platelet aggregation, which modestly prolongs bleeding time. Some evidence suggests that fish oil supplementation may also enhance fibrinolysis (the break-up of clots).


Three compounds in garlic (allicin, adenosine, and paraffinic sulfide) are thought to have antiplatelet properties. There are few data on its effect on preventing venous clots. However, garlic supplements taken in combination with a prescription anticoagulant may play a role in increased bleeding.


Blood thinning foods and supplements that have anticoagulating agent in them are ginkgo biloba, ginseng (panax ginseng), ginger, policosanol, magnesium, dong quai, coenzyme Q-10, glucosamine, L-arginine, taurine, feverfew, onion, among others.


Most of the foods, herbs and vitamins mentioned in this article do have a potential clot preventative effect due to their impact on platelets. It won’t serve as a permanent cure for clots that form in the veins (DVT and PE), which are comprised primarily of fibrin with only small involvement of platelets. Medical attention is a must in such cases.  Moreover, these are just blood clot preventive foods, herbs and vitamins and are not appropriate alternatives to prescription anticoagulants.

CureJoy Editorial

The CureJoy Editorial team digs up credible information from multiple sources, both academic and experiential, to stitch a holistic health perspective on topics that pique our readers' interest.

CureJoy Editorial

The CureJoy Editorial team digs up credible information from multiple sources, both academic and experiential, to stitch a holistic health perspective on topics that pique our readers' interest.

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Ayurveda 5pts

Kindly refer to the link! :)

Carolyn Emery
Carolyn Emery 5pts

I have poor circulation in both legs due to them being vericosed & stripped. I have peripheral neuropathy in my feet. Now, I have an open wound again on my ankle, about 4" round that will not heal. They say it doesn't get enough oxygen. I have a test scheduled with 3 blood pressure cuffs, thigh, leg & foot, which is very painful to ck the circulation. I'm not sure what else I could do, besides amputating. The pain is excruciating & getting worse. I'm at pain clinic number 2. No bone infection. Looks ok, I am putting honey & Maleuka oil on it & changing it every day. I heal good above the knees, not so much, below.

KeppleLinda 5pts

Hi Carolyn,

I'm sorry for what you're going through. Here's what helped my husband. CoQ10, providing you're not on a blood thinner, for circulation. Switching from Melaleuca to Neem ointment. Alternate with pure and natural vitamin e.( D-Alpha tocopherol.) Don't use honey use the propolis. If at all. Neem is better. Vitamin C 500-2000 mg per day. 200 mg B6 per day might help with Neuropathy. don't exceed 400 mg's per day. Horse Chestnut for circulation and prevention of varicose veins. MSN for overall healing.  Magnesium 400mg per day. Zinc 50mg/day. Chromium Picolinate 200mcg(ask Dr. if diabetic). Good Luck, I'll let you know if I think of anything else.


Pamela Moore Kruger
Pamela Moore Kruger 5pts

I'm on Coumadin right now for a Blood clot on my lung. What else can I do naturally to prevent this from happening again?

Ayurveda 5pts

hoping for a speedy recovery! Parveen Akhter

Ayurveda 5pts

You can consult our expert regarding the problem! Devi Ramaswamy Please ask your questions to our expert here: https://www.curejoy.com/askaquestion/ , Whatever you post here is strictly confidential and only seen by expert Ayurveda doctors.

Devi Ramaswamy
Devi Ramaswamy 5pts

Like your post. But my condition is completely opposite to this. I'm suffering from Haemophilia in which my blood doesn't clot normally like other peoples. Its a genetic disorder. We bleed daily internal & external with no reasons. Bleeding in gums, nose, joints, muscles etc.. So can you give any remedy in which our blood clot normally??

Ayurveda 5pts

Dawn Knaebel Thank you! :)

Ayurveda 5pts

Theresa St.Julian Welcome :)

Gary Lattanzi
Gary Lattanzi 5pts

Thank you Diana and everyone. I am dealing with 2 DVT's in my leg on blood thinners runs in the family but they all got it early I got it late in life

naughtyaries 5pts

Take pinch of saffron with milk or water dissolve blood clot. In 3 days u'll be fine.

Wadiat Khan
Wadiat Khan 5pts

one teaspoon natural vinegar mix in a glass of water daily is an anti clotting and blood thinner

Jeff Rey
Jeff Rey 5pts

p5p b6 and nattokinase/serrapeptase and edta and k3 for starters but don't use k3 at same time as natto

Ahmad Shah
Ahmad Shah 5pts

taking everyday half tea spoon of turmeric powder never leave a blood to be clot.its always make the blood runni.search if iam wrong

Reena Singh
Reena Singh 5pts

Yeah.. Too much vitamin D can be toxic, however. the upper limit at 4,000 IUs ! But sunlight may be harmful due to ultraviolet rays now days.. :(

Diana Puma
Diana Puma 5pts

Gary Lattanzicheck this out \U0001f60a

Debbra Gore
Debbra Gore 5pts

Reena Singh I don't understand your comment. Some of those things are good for you in moderation. But other as in egg yolks and liver are horrible for cholesterol. Which sucks. I love both. Sun is healthy for everyone.

Reena Singh
Reena Singh 5pts

Yup.. vitamin D That includes all sources—food, sun, and supplements. Easily get from (milk,orange juice, egg yolks, beef liver, cod liver oil)

Elsa Binoy
Elsa Binoy 5pts

Number one reason patients die in the hospital is PE from blood clot or DVT called deep vein thrombosis.

Keisha Glass-Holmes
Keisha Glass-Holmes 5pts

Being golden brown I dont absorb the sun as my peach friends I just get \U0001f525\U0001f525\U0001f525. I am Vitamin D deficient Im a 6 should be above 33, so I started the 8wk regiment (1 aweek) now 9 still low though. Omega3 I started in January (2 daily) but the clots in my leg happened in May any who. Im always \U0001f6b6 So Xalelto my leech for awhile.

Keisha Glass-Holmes
Keisha Glass-Holmes 5pts

Thanks suga for thinking of meeeeee!!!\U0001f618\U0001f618\U0001f618

Mirtha Scoles
Mirtha Scoles 5pts

Waking more not eating so much sugar or df drinking sodas ,I have to exercise more lol ."\U0001f603\U0001f600\U0001f600\U0001f60a

Goethe1943 5pts

Is the advice NOT to take anticoagulants?