Can I Get Pregnant During My Period?

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Yes, you can get pregnant during your period, but the chances are quite slim. The best time for a woman to get pregnant is around the middle of her cycle, close to ovulation. For the average woman this is around cycle day 12 to 16. However, it is possible to get pregnant during your period and there are several reasons. Normally sperm can survive inside a woman’s body for around 2-3 three days. However, under some condition, sperm can sometimes survive for as long as 5 days. So, if you had unprotected sex during your period and then ovulated 4-5 five days after you had sex, you could get pregnant.

3 Reasons You May Get Pregnant During Your Period

1. Early Ovulation

Typically a woman ovulates around 14 days before the start of her period. So if you have an average 28 day cycle, you would most likely ovulate on cycle day 14. A woman’s cycle, is not always predictable and varies. Even with women who normally have regular cycles can have an off cycle and ovulate earlier or later than normal. If you ovulate very early in your cycle, for example, on cycle day 10, it would be possible to conceive if you had intercourse while on your period.

2. Irregular Periods

Some women have very long periods or irregular bleeding after their period. If a woman had a long period of 10 days, and she had unprotected sex while she was still bleeding, she might get pregnant. If a woman is bleeding or spotting, it doesn’t mean that she is not fertile. It is possible for a woman approaching ovulation to still be on her period. In fact, some women will begin producing fertile cervical mucous during the last few days of their periods. If a woman ovulates shortly after her period ends or while she is spotting, she could get pregnant.

3. Ovulation Spotting

Ovulation spotting is bleeding that occurs close to ovulation. It is very fertile cervical fluid and it is sometime mistaken for a long or abnormal period. Some women will have brown or red spotting right before they ovulate. This type of spotting provides the ideal environment for sperm to live in. If a woman has sex while she is having ovulation spotting, there is a good chance she could get pregnant.


If you had unprotected sex during your period and are concerned that you may be pregnant, look out for symptoms like mild lower abdominal cramping, spotting, breast tenderness and moodiness. These symptoms can occur as early as two weeks after ovulation. Other, more common, pregnancy symptoms to watch out for will manifest closer to six or seven weeks’ gestation, and include nausea, vomiting and severe fatigue.

CureJoy Editorial

The CureJoy Editorial team digs up credible information from multiple sources, both academic and experiential, to stitch a holistic health perspective on topics that pique our readers' interest.

CureJoy Editorial

The CureJoy Editorial team digs up credible information from multiple sources, both academic and experiential, to stitch a holistic health perspective on topics that pique our readers' interest.

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Ifeyinwa Onovo
Ifeyinwa Onovo 5pts

Yes, it happened me,l didn't believe when my doctor told am expecting.

Ciara Graham
Ciara Graham 5pts

Depending on the length of your cycle, usually it's a no, unless it's at the end of your period. That's why it's great to know your cycle and when you ovulate. Know your body \U0001f609

Natty Noo
Natty Noo 5pts

Yes,i had and with out any problems.. My boy was 3.650 g very good health \U0001f60a\U0001f60a\U0001f60a

Jamayka Jays
Jamayka Jays 5pts

The third day of your period is the best time,,, if you taking fertility drugs clomid Then they will tell you that's the only day

Tania Islam
Tania Islam 5pts

İs there any way for a women to produce 2 eggs in her ovalution time? İ am planning a baby after 6 months. With in this 6 months i will make my body healthy enough for conceiving. İ wish for twins.

Mirtha Scoles
Mirtha Scoles 5pts

Nearly impsible,but yes it cut happened \U0001f604\U0001f603\U0001f618

Kenyah Hartley
Kenyah Hartley 5pts

I be feeling sick that's when it wouldn't even cross my mind to have sex...

Zaid Alit
Zaid Alit 5pts

Then be ready for a sick abnormal tie and dye

Daphne Jean-Jacques
Daphne Jean-Jacques 5pts

But that's just nasty would you have sex while on your period wtf \U0001f494

Reena Singh
Reena Singh 5pts

99% not at all..ovulation cn,t take place that much early... Who have normal m.cycle 100% be tension free..

Shayna Mckinney
Shayna Mckinney 5pts

No, you're nothing but a self-righteous prick to try and tell me you know oh so much more than me. And no-one believed women had demons in them in my bible, they were unclean at the time. Again, you don't know me, how I believe, or how I personally interpret the bible. Shove off Lance.

Kelvin Kahare
Kelvin Kahare 5pts

i want 2 know from the Dr,last month we had sex with my fianc'e when she was on her period,ad she never got pregnant ad this month again we had it when she was on her periods.Dr we really ned a baby why is she not gettng pregnant? she starts bewin 2 ad 5 of the month.

Kimi Al-Kahina
Kimi Al-Kahina 5pts

What sort of nasty, repulsive, unsanitary freaks does this issue concern??.

Lance Wolf
Lance Wolf 5pts

Lol reasoning from the scriptures? No the law of moses that inspired this original comment is that women are possessed by a demon when they are on their period and must be sent to the out skirts of the city until she is done having her period.This isnt a figurative idea. It is a litteral belief. You cant pick and choose what you want to believe from the bible then expect anyone to take you seriously.There is no misunderstanding there. Trust me. I memorized the bible when i was 20. As well as its history. I have forgotton more of the bible than youll ever learn. And still know more than your pastor

Michele Hadley
Michele Hadley 5pts

There is always a chance to get pregnant if you have sex. So, if you don't want a pregnancy...don't have sex. It's the only sure way.

Zulayka Rivera Pagan
Zulayka Rivera Pagan 5pts

yea i know but i was trying to explain to him that i write what i want nobody has to comment or like what i post the person that do is because they want to not beacuse i made them or control them to do it..

Lance Wolf
Lance Wolf 5pts

^see the question on a public post?

Lance Wolf
Lance Wolf 5pts

"Ewwww just the thought made me want to puke there's no need to be having sex while in period there plenty of other days you can while your nice and clean and ready.. Yuck!! What's the desperation for..."

Lauren White
Lauren White 5pts

Yes, of course you can. Did we all not learn this in middle school?

Zulayka Rivera Pagan
Zulayka Rivera Pagan 5pts

I wasn't if anything he was is my dam comment my opinion nobody has to like it or comment on it

Zulayka Rivera Pagan
Zulayka Rivera Pagan 5pts

This dude lance is nasty to me he basically saying is OK to have sex with a woman while they on their period not caring of the bloody mess the smell and the germs

Zulayka Rivera Pagan
Zulayka Rivera Pagan 5pts

Ewww Lance just keep posting on everyone comment letting the world know he haves sex with a woman when they on their period not caring about the germs smell ect ughh so nastyyyy

Zulayka Rivera Pagan
Zulayka Rivera Pagan 5pts

Lance commented on my comment saying woman have sex on their period because they more horny than usual basically he don't mind the foul smell of germs ect basically he's letting the world know he do the woman with no problem.. Yuuuck

Shayna Mckinney
Shayna Mckinney 5pts

Awwww Lance is mad and thinks he knows me and my beliefs. Some things the bible says isn't literal. It's called "reasoning from the scriptures". Try it.

Jude S. Richard
Jude S. Richard 5pts

Lance I love you with the love of Jesus and I am praying for you revelation

Sarah Bright
Sarah Bright 5pts

You're misinterpreting tge bible! You don't know what you're talking about! If you had a relationship with Jesus then you would have a true understanding of the bible is saying! Instead you speak foolishly against what you don't understand so there for you speak in a ill will towards it or anyone who dose belive and live by it....

Lance Wolf
Lance Wolf 5pts

Hey look Shayna Mckinney, its not my fault you pick and choose what you want from the bible. The stuff i i said is actually what the bible says.