Best Time To Shower- Morning Or Evening?


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A shower can refresh body and mind. Morning showers increase blood flow and circulation, relieves muscle tensions like stiff neck and shoulders. Morning bath is beneficial to get rid of the excess oil and grime oily skinned people have to deal with. As for a pre-bedtime shower, it is ideal for curing insomnia and an ultimate stress reliever after a hard day's work.

Best Time To Shower

A shower rejuvenates and refreshes you! Read on to see the pros of taking a shower in the morning and showering in the evening.

Pros Of  A Morning Shower

Increased Blood Circulation

A morning bath increases blood flow and circulation to your system.

Relieves Muscle Tension

A hot water bath in the morning does wonders for stiff neck and shoulder muscles.

Oily Skin Problems

Wash away the excess grease and dirt often seen more in oily skinned people. Seal open pores with cold water afterwards.

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Pros Of An Evening Shower

Ultimate Wind Down

A bath prior bedtime reduces blood pressure and stress after a hard day’s work.

Induces Sleep

A quick rinse in warm water is a sure way to sleep faster.

Cleaner Sheets

Clean sheets are a must for pimple free skin. A rinse before bedtime will ensure that the sheets remain clean and keep away skin infections.

CureJoy Editorial

The CureJoy Editorial team digs up credible information from multiple sources, both academic and experiential, to stitch a holistic health perspective on topics that pique our readers' interest.

CureJoy Editorial

The CureJoy Editorial team digs up credible information from multiple sources, both academic and experiential, to stitch a holistic health perspective on topics that pique our readers' interest.

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Ankush Kalia
Ankush Kalia 5pts

Whn ever u fre just go nd tk shower ....its doesnt matter wheather u go for morning nd evening.....:D

Jewell Thomas
Jewell Thomas 5pts

here in california, morning and evening showers are not an option or luxury :(

Megat Sharifudin
Megat Sharifudin 5pts

I shower twice a day..sometimes 3..depends on where u live

Meena Jumna
Meena Jumna 5pts

Even slight body odour is disgusting. If people don't wish to clean themselves twice a day, then they should remain in their homes with their families who enjoy their stink. It is disrespectful mingling with people who keep themselves clean.

Kendra Horn
Kendra Horn 5pts

I'm allergic to the water and my filter doesn't fully rid the allergens so "when I need it" is the answer. Sometimes that is when I wake at night, others it's when I'm off work in the am. But always only like 2x a weel else I'm in the hospital. Works for the required water conservation here too (bright side) lol

Codee Sato
Codee Sato 5pts

Bath at night, shower in the morning...

Shakita Dennis-Chain
Shakita Dennis-Chain 5pts

I have really bad allergies so showering at night is essential for me, but I recently had to stop because I was overexposing myself to chemicals and I was getting sick. When I share a bathroom, I cannot shower without cleaning it first or I don't feel clean after my shower. So cleaning twice a day was getting old and making me sick from the chemicals so I stopped. I wash my face, arms, feet and legs with a damp cloth to remove the dust, take a benadryl for my allergies and pray. But my hair is the issue. If I don't wash it every night, I can't breathe all night long. I cannot wait to live alone or to not have to share a bathroom. I am looking forward to it.

Amber Hinkle
Amber Hinkle 5pts

Odor shouldn't be bad enough to have to shower twice a day. To me that screams underlying health problems

Maria Rowena
Maria Rowena 5pts

What matters is you see to it that you always take good care of yourself it doesn't matter if you take a shower many times a day but most importantly you have to give it a time for you to relax first before doing it...specially if you are to exhausted and too tired at work..

Sukh Bartia
Sukh Bartia 5pts

Wow, I hardly get time for one. \U0001f61c

Meera Abdul
Meera Abdul 5pts

Both? I shower morning AND evening so that there's no B.O lurking everywhere.and put on a deodorant

Toya M. Gibson
Toya M. Gibson 5pts

Bathe for 20-30, then shower for 10. Wake up, shower for 10mins.

Pamela Woodard
Pamela Woodard 5pts

Every other night. Every day dries my skin out. I'd be a real flakey mess. Yes I use lots of lotion & coconut oil also drink lots of water.

Nene Yacat
Nene Yacat 5pts

I take a bath in the morning and shower before I sleep at night. .

Adv Raouf Gaznavi
Adv Raouf Gaznavi 5pts

well Sarah! have you done some blood sugar or urine sugar tests after consuming that medicine?

Taalya Dancer
Taalya Dancer 5pts

It depends on whether you live in a tropical climate, whether you work in a dirty, hot & sweaty environment, if you go to the gym, jog or play sports, etc. Also during the summer, you might need a morning, after work/school & bedtime shower. But in the cold winter months, you can get away with a morning shower & a bedtime spongebath of your important bits. I always shower before I soak in the tub to relax or soak achy parts in epsoms salts then rinse off in the shower after. I say shower when you need to depending on your daily activities but at least once a day.

Rahat Alam
Rahat Alam 5pts

I would say Morning & Before Bed. .;-) ;-) ;-)

Alexandria Sarah Tarrahi
Alexandria Sarah Tarrahi 5pts

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Melissa Bardwell
Melissa Bardwell 5pts

I shower after work. That way I go to bed clean. I think it's gross that some people shower before work and not when they get home from work.

Chintalapati Vln Sastry
Chintalapati Vln Sastry 5pts

I am so happy many of them said that they bathe both in the morning and evening. I am a Hindoo. I bathe first thing in the morning and last thing in the evening. For us a bath is a ritual done before prayer, before starting any good thing (and earning a livelihood is a good thing, eating also is one).

Bella Horton Morris
Bella Horton Morris 5pts

Slept alone for many years. Showered in the morning because doing hair I had my arm pits in people's faces. I like night showers now. No longer a hairdresser. Still alone but I think if you sleep with somebody you should be your very cleanest when you go to bed.