Best Vegetables for Weight Loss


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Cucumber is one of the best vegetables for weight loss as it is low in calories and contains lots of water. Broccoli contains no fat and plenty of carb. So carb is slowly released helping keep energy levels up. Beans and spinach have protein and lots of fibre. Carrots have high beta-carotene and fibre. Onions adds flavour and can be a great addition to any meal!



The cucumber is one of the best vegetables for weight loss. It´s extremely low in calories and contains lots of water.



When trying to lose weight, include plenty of broccoli in your diet. It contains no fat at all, and plenty of carbohydrate. This are slow-release carbohydrates, which is great for helping to keep your energy levels up.

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The great thing about using them for weight loss is that they also count as a source of protein and have lots of fibre. So cut down on your meat intake and substitute all or some of it with beans instead.



Spinach is another brilliant vegetable when you´re trying to lose weight. If you´ve always disliked it, try cooking it very lightly – spinach needs barely any cooking at all. You can also serve it raw in salads.



Carrots should be included among vegetables for losing weight. Just think of all that beta-carotene and fibre!



When choosing vegetables for losing weight, it´s important to remember that you want to include lots of flavor so that your diet doesn’t get too boring. Onions are excellent for adding taste to your meals, whether you prefer them raw or cooked.

Kerry Tombs-Harling

A registered practitioner with the National Ayurvedic Medical Association (NAMA), and is on the Standards Committee of NAMA.

Kerry Tombs-Harling

A registered practitioner with the National Ayurvedic Medical Association (NAMA), and is on the Standards Committee of NAMA.

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Fadumo Hassan
Fadumo Hassan 5pts

Is there anything that helps you gain weight? I hate sweet things.

Mohit Sinha
Mohit Sinha 5pts

Raddish ( mooli) is also very good for weight loss. After eating it, a lot of gas is passed which removes toxins from body and makes us feel light. I used to eat lot of mooli and passed gas.

Nancy Garza
Nancy Garza 5pts

But,what is good for gas broccoli and beans cause!!! I like them but have injured back,so gas causes back to hurt!!!

Ani Tachian
Ani Tachian 5pts

Not everything you hear is true\U0001f615

Dot Hill
Dot Hill 5pts

tried all this stuff they say works this stuff don't work also they claim certain foods clean your arteries don't fall for this i was hoping alol of what they say works but i found it not to be true

Anjum Amir
Anjum Amir 5pts

I think cabbage is tbe best for weight loss

Harminder Thukral
Harminder Thukral 5pts

Spinach has lots of iron which helps to boost up our immunity and energy.

Qti Angel
Qti Angel 5pts

mota habo ki kore seta balen na?argently

Rose Lim
Rose Lim 5pts

spinach has a few variety, can i try any one as long it is named spinach?

Ayurveda 5pts

Are you talking about cucumber infused water ? Velma Laughlin :)

Ayurveda 5pts

then go ahead and drink lots of it! :) Liz Aseltine

Gargibal Endra
Gargibal Endra 5pts

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Debra Broughttoitandthroughit Revel
Debra Broughttoitandthroughit Revel 5pts

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Madeleine Macoit
Madeleine Macoit 5pts

Love them all so good (organic) for you, Keith how about some more of your yummy recipes......for cold nights, do you have a vegan meat loaf ??

Anuj Singh Rajput
Anuj Singh Rajput 5pts

। खुश हूं ।"जिंदगी है छोटी," हर पल में खुश हूं "काम में खुश हूं," आराम में खुश हू"आज पनीर नहीं," दाल में ही खुश हूं "आज गाड़ी नहीं," पैदल ही खुश हूं"दोस्तों का साथ नहीं," अकेला ही खुश हूं "आज कोई नाराज है," उसके इस अंदाज से ही खुश हूं"जिस को देख नहीं सकता," उसकी आवाज से ही खुश हूं "जिसको पा नहीं सकता," उसको सोच कर ही खुश हूं"बीता हुआ कल जा चुका है," उसकी मीठी याद में ही खुश हूं "आने वाले कल का पता नहीं," इंतजार में ही खुश हूं"हंसता हुआ बीत रहा है पल," आज में ही खुश हूं "जिंदगी है छोटी," हर पल में खुश हूं"अगर दिल को छुआ, तो जवाब देना" "वरना बिना जवाब के भी खुश हूं.

Jean Whelan
Jean Whelan 5pts

With beetroot to help lower blood pressure

Adrian Wood
Adrian Wood 5pts

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Tessie Goze Costales
Tessie Goze Costales 5pts

These are the foods that we need to avoid any diseases and our health our Lord JESUS bless us to enjoy

Manisha Lakhi
Manisha Lakhi 5pts

Same here ! We moeten gewoon elke dag dansen

Isa Danho
Isa Danho 5pts

Grow your own pesticide/chemical free VEG...

Ashok Mongia
Ashok Mongia 5pts

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