Best Ayurvedic Remedies For Weight Loss

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Obesity is one of the most dreaded lifestyle ailments today and is spreading like an epidemic across the world. Owing to our slavery to the taste buds and lethargic living conditions, being obese and overweight is affecting all.

The main problem with weight gain is that not only does it affect the confidence and mental stability of the person (making him easy target to mockery) but also lays a foundation for many other serious diseases.

Analysing Weight Loss With Ayurveda

Obesity or atisthula or medoroga is considered one of the eight “nindya prakruties” (undesirable constitution) of the body. In an obese person, individual medas (fat) are excessively nourished and the other remaining dhatus (tissues) get malnourished.

According to Ayurvedic philosophy, the kapha type (water and earth) individuals are more likely to gain weight easily. The vata types (with more of air and ether) are generally skinny and devoid of much fat. The pitta (fire) dosha personalities, who are generally gifted with proportional body weight, could gain weight if they lose their balance.

Ayurveda believes that people who have more of kapha in their system generally have a low BMR and gain weight more easily compared to the other doshas.

Accumulation of kapha slows down fat metabolism, which further leads to obesity. Thus, for weight loss, the kapha types need to be more strict both in the terms of diet intake and undertaking exercise routine.

Ayurvedic Tips For Weight Loss

  1. Exercise not just your body but your mind as well to bring down body weight, or the Medha dhatu.
  2. There are many specific Yoga exercises that can help. Deep breathing exercises, or Pranayama, can also be undertaken so as to accelerate weight loss.
  3. Do not sleep during the day.
  4. Dry massages and enemas prove helpful.
  5. The weight-loss dry massage technique, called Udvartana, encourages weight loss, tones the skin, removes cellulite, loosens fat molecules and eliminates them from the subcutaneous level, and removes Kapha toxins from the body.
  6. Drink a glass of lukewarm water with a few drops of lemon juice and 1/2 tsp honey on an empty stomach first thing in the morning.

Ayurvedic Diet for Weight loss

  • Decrease sweet foods in the daily diet.
  • Increase the intake of diet components containing pungent, astringent, and bitter tastes.
  • Take foods such as oats; barley; honey; pulses like moong and arhar; and herbs like dried ginger, bitter gourd, aamla, soye, etc.

Yoga Therapy With An Ayurvedic Diet

Yoga therapy, when undertaken with an Ayurvedic diet and lifestyle, in the form of Yoga asanas, techniques, and pranayama helps considerably in weight loss. Some helpful asanas are

  • Trikonasana
  • Bhujangasana
  • Surya Namaskara
  • Deep breathing techniques like bastrika pranayama and kapala bhati

Yoga sessions, combined with the diet, works wonderfully for weight loss. They help you to eat only what is needed for the body, and the urge to eat more and frequently will disappear on its own. Once you are hooked to this lifestyle, you will stay with it, and the body will slowly return to its normal weight and retain it.

Mudra Therapy

Surya mudra is another effective therapy recommended in Yoga for weight loss. Touch the root of the thumb with the ring finger and exert a little pressure on the ring finger with the thumb. This alignment tends to increase warmth in the body systems and should ideally be practiced for 15–20 mins.

Which Medicines Can Help?

Some of the medicines usually prescribed for weight loss are given here:

  • Triphala churna
  • Mandoor bhasm
  • Swarn makshik bhasm
  • Guggulu
  • Shilajit
  • Medohar guggul
  • Triushanaadi loha

NOTE: These should be taken strictly under a qualified Ayurvedic doctor’s supervision. These medicines will help in weight loss provided other diet and lifestyle measures for weight loss are followed.

Sonica Krishan

Dr Sonica Krishan is Author and Speaker in the areas of Healthy and Joyous Living through Ayurveda, Meditation, Yoga and other Contemplative practices. She is also Health Writer, Columnist, Editor, Ayurveda Consultant at Herboveda and Holistic Healing Coach. Dr Sonica is open for National as well as International Collaborations with interested people / institutions in fields of Ayurveda, Meditation and Yoga.

Sonica Krishan

Dr Sonica Krishan is Author and Speaker in the areas of Healthy and Joyous Living through Ayurveda, Meditation, Yoga and other Contemplative practices. She is also Health Writer, Columnist, Editor, Ayurveda Consultant at Herboveda and Holistic Healing Coach. Dr Sonica is open for National as well as International Collaborations with interested people / institutions in fields of Ayurveda, Meditation and Yoga.

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Rosi Brogliatto
Rosi Brogliatto 5pts

O café ,almoço e janta de kapha deve ser como ayurveda?

Sahira S Qa
Sahira S Qa 5pts

yes this is kind of drink i will nchallah use in my diet hhhhhhhhhhhh

Tammy Brown
Tammy Brown 5pts

I like to drink it. I also lost twenty pounds in two months by just trying to stay hydrated.

Ollie Pollie
Ollie Pollie 5pts

I have learn there is a big different level of acid content between lemon and lime lemon give me a heart burn so I tried lime ,,well I was surprised lime didn't ,,so now I'm a lime drinker,,try it if you have problem with lemon ,,

Darlene Anderson
Darlene Anderson 5pts

Yes,I have lost inches in my mid section that's my biggest problem.

Nitu Jain
Nitu Jain 5pts

I dont like honey..if we have only lemon and warm water ..does it have the same effect

Mayeth Marietha
Mayeth Marietha 5pts

No. it happens to me And i read an article also , its true

Ramona Moodly
Ramona Moodly 5pts

Lemon juice becomes alkaline once it's consumed.it will not give u heartburn

Jackie Keith
Jackie Keith 5pts

It's called detox, you are flushing toxic out of your body

Tabbu Naaz
Tabbu Naaz 5pts

Yes, it does help detox your body and keep your DS in track. I started 3 months back and I could feel the diff. And very imp is that to have a good diet and you should avoid eating after 7pm. One jar of water wid ginger, lemon n cucumber slices in it. Make it and drink all day. Specially when u wake up. One glass of water on empty stomach. Try it\U0001f60a

Ankitha Jram
Ankitha Jram 5pts

It worked for me but it increases body heat, so I stopped consuming it

Kristy Powers
Kristy Powers 5pts

You probably had the cold already. When adding something new even heathy changes can bring out things that could or are dormant. Hope you feel better.

Nancy Bansal
Nancy Bansal 5pts

I already try this but its not effective

Abh Sarah
Abh Sarah 5pts

Plz Recipe! It works with u?

Kazi Moon
Kazi Moon 5pts

But I hv low pressure and still do you think I can try?

Purvi Patel
Purvi Patel 5pts

No tablets that's not healthy tut tut

Suzanna Conn
Suzanna Conn 5pts

So simple and yet so effective!!! \U0001f33a\U0001f49c\U0001f33a

Rubina Nafees
Rubina Nafees 5pts

Kia aap ne isey use kia ....agar haan,...to kitna wazan kum hua....?

Vijay Jain
Vijay Jain 5pts

Should we drink in the empty stmoch

Ayurveda 5pts

try for a week and you will see a difference

Rose Lim
Rose Lim 5pts

I wonder when you would see the results if u drink daily for a week or two?

Meera Revankar
Meera Revankar 5pts

Is there any liquid solution for thyroid. Because i can,t do exercises due to cervical

Meera Revankar
Meera Revankar 5pts

Cure joy can we take ginger juice mixed with lemon juice. Is there any harm.

Mayeth Marietha
Mayeth Marietha 5pts

If ur an acidic person don't drink water + lemon you end up with heart burn .

Salma Iqbal
Salma Iqbal 5pts

I have hypothyroidism can i drink this drink..plz let me know.

Gladys Gonzalez
Gladys Gonzalez 5pts

Dear ayurveda, we have many things for weight loss. Do we have something for weight ganing? Thanks

Jessica Kulp
Jessica Kulp 5pts

If youd like with weight loss look no further :-)

Ayurveda 5pts

Yes! :) Bernadeth Trocio