10 Benefits Of Drinking Water On An Empty Stomach

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Drinking water on an empty stomach will help flush your bowels and clears any waste in your body, helps release toxins from the body via urination, increases appetite and prevents headaches. It is the best way to cleanse the colon. Drinking 8 oz of water a day can raise your metabolic rate by at least 24%. It also helps you lose weight and boost immunity.

Whether you are hungry or full drinking water on an empty stomach always has its benefits. Water is the very best thing you can drink to quench your thirst.

Top 10 Benefits Of Drinking Water On An Empty Stomach

Flushes Your Bowels

When you drink a lot of water you will feel the urge to move your bowels. For this reason, drinking a glass of water on an empty stomach can help you regulate your digestive tract. If you are having trouble going to the bathroom this is the perfect way to get things moving again and regularized. This is beneficial because it clears your body of any waste.

Releases Toxins From The Body

When you go to the bathroom you are expelling toxins from your body. Water helps you go the bathroom so when you drink water you are detoxifying yourself. The more water you drink the more cleansed your body will be. It also helps reduce bloating.

Increases Hunger

Everyone knows that it is important to eat regular meals. What do you do when you are not hungry? Drinking water on an empty stomach can help increase your appetite. Get up in the morning and drink a nice tall glass of water while you are making your breakfast and you won’t have trouble eating your entire meal.

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Prevents Headaches

One of the reasons people get headaches is because they aren’t drinking enough water. Dehydration is one of the leading causes of headaches. Drinking water can help prevent dehydration. Start with a glass of water in the morning to stave off headache early. Drink water throughout the day.

Apart from headaches, it also prevents you from bad breath and other oral bacterial infections, you can grab more info about dental problems and solutions at reassurancedental.com

Cleanses The Colon

Drinking water helps clean out the colon. A tall glass of water on an empty stomach will rid you of the accumulated sludge. This will help the body absorb nutrients faster and better. If you have a healthier colon you will be healthier overall.

Speeds Up Metabolism

If you are on a diet and you want to give your diet a boost then do drink water on an empty stomach. Drinking water can raise your metabolic rate by at least 24 percent. This means that you will digest food faster and more efficiently. This will result in more weight loss in the long run. For best results drink at least eight 8 ounce glasses of water each day.

Increases Energy

If you are feeling sluggish you should drink a tall glass of water. Drinking water on an empty stomach stimulates your red blood cells to grow faster. More red blood cells results in more oxygen in your blood. This means you will have more energy.

Boosts Weight Loss

If you are on a diet drinking more water can help you lose more weight. Water has no calories so you can drink as much of it as you want without there being a negative consequence. Drinking water on an empty stomach helps you flush out toxins and reduce bloat. It also increases your metabolism so you burn calories more rapidly. It’s one of the best strategies you can use when you are on a diet.

Clears Up Complexion

If you want clear skin drinking water can help you get it. When you have more toxins in your body you are more likely to have blemishes and dull skin. When you have regular bowel movements you are keeping your body detoxified, it leads to less breakouts and clearer skin. Drinking water on an empty stomach can help speed up the process.

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Boosts Your Immune System

Water is very important to your overall health and wellness. Water is essential for the fluid balance in your body. Drinking water on an empty stomach every single day can help support your immune system. When your immune system is healthy and in good working order you will get sick less because you can fight off infections.

Water consumption can cure a host of problems. Many diseases originate in the stomach. When you drink water on an empty stomach you take a giant step toward making your stomach healthy. The idea to drink water on an empty stomach for health benefits originated in Japan.

Typically, Japanese people drink four glasses of water every morning before they eat anything. They wait at least 30 minutes before they have their breakfast. This water therapy helps them stay active and healthy. The benefits of drinking water in the morning are huge. Lukewarm water is best.

Gary Wilson

I’m Gary Wilson, professional blogger and social media consultant. In addition, practicing conversion optimization techniques focusing health and entertainment niche. I’m always online via Twitter, you can catch me with your cool ideas.

Gary Wilson

I’m Gary Wilson, professional blogger and social media consultant. In addition, practicing conversion optimization techniques focusing health and entertainment niche. I’m always online via Twitter, you can catch me with your cool ideas.

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Animeshwar Kaur
Animeshwar Kaur 5pts

very beneficial. Thanks.  One thing more please is drinking water beneficial in Paralysis too?

DougStewart 5pts

Sorry folks, but an old Biophysicist determined many years ago, after doing thousands of tests, that you should not drink water a half hour before eating or after eating as it dilutes the digestive acids in the stomach, therefore your food does not digest properly.

Very important to stay hydrated, but there is a serious chance of flushing more out of your digestive tract than is good for you.

Sounds like common sense to me, so give it some thought.

Drew Seibert MD
Drew Seibert MD 5pts

Although it is a healthy thing to drink plenty of water, only two of these ten points are actually true. It does not flush your bowels. It does not cause the kidneys to flush toxins--only whether you'll have a dilute or concentrated urine. It does not increase hunger. It may help with headaches, but only if they're partially-induced by dehydration, such as after a night of drinking alcohol heavily. It does not cleanse the colon--there is not accumulated sludge in the colon to begin with. It does not increase energy or speed up metabolism. It may slightly boost weight loss efforts, but not for the reasons given here. It doesn't significantly change your complexion and it doesn't boost your immune system. Yes, you should drink lots of water, but don't believe reasons made up in an internet article without good scientific backing. 

Drew Seibert MD

Suresh Chandra Das
Suresh Chandra Das 5pts

constipation is a slow killer and it's also known as the mother of piles, so drinking a glass of water empty stomach in the morning is very helpful to flush the bowel.

Ann Davis
Ann Davis 5pts

Half lemon to a glass of water warm water the first thing in the morning it is a great cleanser for your kidneys

Venkat Mekala
Venkat Mekala 5pts

Nothing will happen..water always helpful to our health.. It's natural one

Lorraine Rea
Lorraine Rea 5pts

One bottle of water in morning and one at night

UlteriorHealth 5pts

Drinking before a meal (30 to 45 minutes) will also help you have satiation. You wont necessarily feel full, but you will feel like you are satisfied without overeating.  The key, drinking your dose all at once. Basically, 10% your body weight in ounces of water, 5 times a day at a minimum.

Add a pinch of salt and you have the oral version of a saline IV, only with less salt than in an IV. It is called the Water Cures Protocol. www.WaterCures.org

Albert Gomes
Albert Gomes 5pts

much water is much chemicals we are drinking and destroying

Amit Kumar
Amit Kumar 5pts

Pl read and follow all my friends

Ayurveda 5pts

Jeffrey Larry Cholewinski Glad! :)

Laura Creaney
Laura Creaney 5pts

That's my problem my belly is never empty lol

Lori Worley
Lori Worley 5pts

My stomach growls after drinking water on an empty stomach. Milk is next \U0001f60d\U0001f60b

Bobbi Furgesen
Bobbi Furgesen 5pts

So why when I drink water on an empty stomach do I get really sick with nausea and throw up. Causes my stomach to really cramp! I drink a lot of water but not on an empty stomach.

Esther Marshall
Esther Marshall 5pts

Laura Creaney this was the list I was going to quote earlier. Lol

Cathy Edington
Cathy Edington 5pts

I was told drinking distilled water wasn't good because it has no minerals etc. And it will leech nutrients out? ?

Aparna Gupta
Aparna Gupta 5pts

benefits of drinking water. Chandan Gupta g plz read

Juan Miguel
Juan Miguel 5pts

That's my coffee in the morning, one big glass of water

John Danard
John Danard 5pts

order of importance---find the personalized cure for your condition-and take as directed