A Beginner’s Guide To Crystals and How To Buy Crystals

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Crystals are naturally occurring minerals that are found inside the earth. They vary widely in their appearance and size which depends on its natural characteristics and to the conditions it’s exposed. They occur in three-dimensional repeating patterns which enables them to have memories. These memories are stored in the form of energy-information. Since each crystal is formed underground, under certain conditions, they will contain the energy from that space and time. This makes them extremely powerful tools for meditation, healing and other lofty spiritual advancement.

If you’re new to using crystals, start off with one crystal and start developing a loving relationship and carry it with you, if possible.

Crystal energies can permeate any environment or person that it’s placed in, one doesn’t have to have a certain religious inclination or even belief in the crystal, to be able to feel its energy. They can receive and reflect both positive and negative energies. These energies can get accumulated when it’s not cleansed often. For instance, an amethyst can help clear negative energies, but once the cleansing of the room is done, the crystal itself must be cleared. Due to their memory retaining capacity, they will retain negative memories from that cleansing. If cleansing is not done for a long time, the crystal can become toxic to you and the people around you.

Types of Crystal Shapes

The shape of crystal can vary from small to very large. The physical make-up will tell you a lot about the crystal. There a number of aspects to consider- from the number of facets, to the shape and sharpness. Listed below are the most common shapes and their meaning.

1. Single terminated wands

These wands are so called because they have a long tapering sharp or round end to it, just like a wand. They are used to direct energy from one crystal to another and make good pendants. They naturally occur in this shape and must not be confused with cut crystals in the shape of a wand.

2. Chunks

Chunks are crystals without any facets on them. They can enrich a room’s atmosphere, and are great for meditation. They can also be good pocket-crystals as they’re easy to carry around.

3. Clusters

Clusters are group of small crystals that have grown together, naturally. They are suitable to be placed at work or office places to cleanse, invigorate or calm the atmosphere.

4. Cut crystals

Cut crystals are crystals that have been cut and polished into shapes such as pyramids, wands or spheres. If they are well-cut the energy of the stone can be maintained and even amplified at times.

5. Tumble stones

Tumble stones are small stones, rocks or crystals that have tumbled over each other many times until they have become smooth. Many people like to carry a crystal tumble stone around in their pocket to keep the energy of the stone with them throughout the day.

How to Choose a Crystal?

There are two ways you can choose your crystal, either online or a physical store.

Buying at a physical store

Pick up a few stones that you’re drawn to (if they’re small) and walk around the store, with crystals in your hand. If you feel the following sensations, pick it up:
-Warm or Cool sensations
-Some people are able to feel a pulse (akin to a human pulse)
-Sticks to your palm
-If you feel small electric shock like sensations
-Skin tingles, throb or prickles
-Feelings of peace or calmness

Some people may feel tingling in a particular area/chakra, this will usually indicate that the crystal can cause healing for you in that area or will be able to advance your spiritually by clearing that area. Even if you don’t feel any of these sensations, just pick up the one’s you’re most drawn to, and stay with it.

There are often descriptions that come with the crystals highlighting their healing power and other details. Don’t look at them to decide the crystal you want to pick up (if you’re a first time crystal buyer), often the one that you think you need is not necessarily the one that is necessary for your healing. Let your emotional intuition guide through your senses.

If, you’re buying crystals for healing another person or if you’re a practitioner, then you can look out for specific crystals that are known to give relief to that pain. However, it’s important to impress the fact that often what we think we need, or some else needs, is not always the most accurate. Sometimes the crystals communicate saying that they would be helpful to heal a particular person, especially for practitioners and that would be a good one to pick up even though you might not understand it at that point . Accept the divine knowledge and respect their wishes; there are many possibilities to what a crystal can cure and humans have not explored all of them. Be open to receiving knowledge and guidance.

Buying Online

There are many websites that sell crystals these days. Get testimonials from people who have purchased from the same website/buyer previously and their experiences. Since, you won’t have the advantage of your senses guiding you, let your intuition guide you. Browse through pictures and buy the one that resonates most with you. It might be the color, texture, shape or simply the name that resonates, remember there is always a good reason for this to happen. Make sure, the website you purchase from has a flexible return policy, in case you feel the crystal is not for you.


Crystals are powerful tools that can heal, cleanse and have various uses and applicability. If you’re new to using crystals, start off with one crystal and start developing a loving relationship and carry it with you, if possible. This is a first of a series about crystals, the next article on this series will talk about healing with crystals.

CureJoy Editorial

The CureJoy Editorial team digs up credible information from multiple sources, both academic and experiential, to stitch a holistic health perspective on topics that pique our readers' interest.

CureJoy Editorial

The CureJoy Editorial team digs up credible information from multiple sources, both academic and experiential, to stitch a holistic health perspective on topics that pique our readers' interest.

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Paul Singh
Paul Singh 5pts

your always welcome maybe you can share your spiritual experiences with me in future \U0001f44d

Paul Singh
Paul Singh 5pts

when full moon is out place crystals in transparent clear bowl and fill it with the spring water and leave stones under moon light overnight until sunrise and collect them before sunrise \U0001f44d

Pooja Shah
Pooja Shah 5pts

Tim Babbel thought of you when reading this!!! lol you and your crystals.

Lakisha Mckenney-Foots
Lakisha Mckenney-Foots 5pts

I place my stones in sea salt overnight. I also use the moon to cleanse and charge mine. Also, if you have a citrine, it is a cleansing stone, so just having your stones around it will cleanse them. I also dedicate my stones to goodness. I say a small dedication to good and light because stones can be used negatively as well.

Stephanie Brown
Stephanie Brown 5pts

Ooooo this is something new to me! What's the benefit? How do u use them

Yihan Danielle Felix
Yihan Danielle Felix 5pts

I usually place my crystals in warm water with sea salt especially during the full moon. You feel the difference when you do that. Word of caution do not ever place selenite crystals in water they will dissolve in water just place it near the window to recharge.

Dustin Perez
Dustin Perez 5pts

A beginner's guide to getting ripped off. Lol. Crystals are cool but contain no real benifit to health. Lol

Dominic Busher
Dominic Busher 5pts

"These two aspects, the deluded and the enlightened, are indeed two different phenomena, and yet both are workings of the one principle, that is, the essential nature of phenomena, or the true aspect of reality. It is like a piece of crystal. If the crystal is placed in the sun’s rays, it will attract them and produce fire. But if it is placed in the moon’s rays, it will produce water. The crystal is a single entity, but the effects it produces differ according to the circumstances." - Buddhist Master Nichiren Shonin

Rachel Ray Ray Keane
Rachel Ray Ray Keane 5pts

Faris Khan I thought this would interest you babe, it's a good informative read :) x

Maria Rosa
Maria Rosa 5pts

How to clean crystals? Thank you. \U0001f60a

Jo Terry
Jo Terry 5pts

Great book to start. Crystals are awesome.

Yihan Danielle Felix
Yihan Danielle Felix 5pts

To Rachel Harville if you do not mess with stones or tarot why come to page to be negative to those who do. Meditation brings out the best in a person your response does not suggest that. If you do not use crystals that's fine but don't discourage those who do for you do not know why use crystals....my two cents. Peace

Beau Gradvohl
Beau Gradvohl 5pts

It even start by doing a walk and feeling what stone or crystal talks to you. It is your journey.... Enjoy it.

Beau Gradvohl
Beau Gradvohl 5pts

The crystal bible. Excellent as a beginner book.

Eric Berben
Eric Berben 5pts

Another link opened in Safari...thankssss...

Rebeca Dominguez
Rebeca Dominguez 5pts

It will be awesome if they had some websites in the info..

Rachel Harville
Rachel Harville 5pts

I do not mess with stones or tarot at all... I meditate though and quite imaginatively I might add. My favorites are the Tree of Life and White Light Healing. I feel stones are just compartmentalizing and thinking small... reach for the sun instead :) Just my two cents....

Pelaschander Dubey
Pelaschander Dubey 5pts

Great knowledge acquired. Thanks.Give little more on recharging and cleaning.

Bokbok Lapoth
Bokbok Lapoth 5pts

thanks for sharing this. now i know how to buy some crystal. I have some but did not notice any feeling in it. just it call my name. so i bought them. lol

Lisa Cassata
Lisa Cassata 5pts

You will be drawn to the crystal that you need most in your life GF :) It's always the ones you least expect too !

Bree Leigh
Bree Leigh 5pts

Amber Marston food for thought, you sort of already know this but more to learn

Angela Ariza
Angela Ariza 5pts

Estefania Nia \U0001f446\U0001f3fc\U0001f446\U0001f3fc\U0001f446\U0001f3fc

Marie Andrew Piazza
Marie Andrew Piazza 5pts

I bought some crystals last year. Picked them all out on description card. Got home no description card so cant recognize each one. Any crystal guide cards with photos