Is Banana Weight Loss or Gain Fruit?

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Bananas contain 105 calories, out of which 3 come from fat. If you eat more than 2 a day, the additional glucose gets stored as glycogen in the muscles and liver which will be used as primary energy source. Only when it crosses this limit, it gets stored as fat. They can provide nutrition and energy for healthy weight and any excess will lead to slight a weight gain.

Dr Janardhana Hebbar

Curejoy Expert Dr.Janardhana Hebbar Explains:

Is Banana Weight Loss or Gain Fruit?

As with any food eating in excess will lead to side effects that you didn’t bargain for. Bananas contains approx 105 calories, out of which just 3 come from fat. The amount of carbs (around 27) in the form of fruit sugars should also not worry you much as these are broken into glucose instantly providing energy for your workouts and any strenuous activity. Ask any athlete, weight trainer, nutritionist or healthy-living buff and he will vouch by the boost that the humble banana provides. Forget the body, but for the brain glucose is the primary energy source to function effectively.

Considering you overeat bananas (more than 2 a day) the additional glucose gets stored as glycogen in your muscles and liver, as primary energy source when required. Only when it crosses this storage limit does the glucose gets stored as fat. Nutritionists feel that you need to eat a whole lot of bananas to reach these limits and it depends a lot on your level of activity, metabolism, age, body type and other factors.

Bananas will provide enough nutrition and energy needed for healthy weight sustenance and only excess will lead to slight weight gain. Nutritionists and dietary experts recommend having a mix bowl of fruits to avoid excess of one and also to get the benefits from a wide variety of fruits. So pick up seasonal fruits, add in a banana or two and keep the weight gain fears to rest. 

Dr Janardhana Hebbar

Senior Ayurvedic Consultant at CureJoy, Dr. Hebbar has authored 4 books on Ayurveda. Special interests are Kayachikitsa (Internal Medicine) and Shalya chikitsa (Surgery).

Dr Janardhana Hebbar

Senior Ayurvedic Consultant at CureJoy, Dr. Hebbar has authored 4 books on Ayurveda. Special interests are Kayachikitsa (Internal Medicine) and Shalya chikitsa (Surgery).

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DarnellDavis 5pts

The benefit of low-energy-dense foods is that you can eat more food while keeping calories down, promoting weight loss. It also means that you don't have to feel hungry while you're dieting. In addition to their fiber content, bananas are 75 percent water, which makes them a fairly low-energy-dense food. When I was on the 3 week regime, reviewyu.com/3-week-diet-program-lose-20-pounds-21-days, I would eat banana's everyday for one month. The weight loss week by week was definitely more noticeable and I noticed that my health also increased. I was losing weight and my skin was better. I also noticed less bloating since banana's are low in potassium. Banana's is a weight loss food definitely!

hunelle 5pts

Which kind of banana is healthy? because here in Indonesia, we have too many type of banana; golden banana (little small), ambon banana, kepok banana, raja (king) banana, import banana hehehe

Rodney Buentello
Rodney Buentello 5pts

Eating a banana does not make u gain weight, the body needs some sugar. Bananas are healthy!! It's what you don't do after eating a banana"" sitting on ur A_S all day

Ayuryoga 5pts

The difference between how many calories you take & how many you spend, results in weight gain. Its better to eat fruits than to have other foods like tea / coffee & many other refined foods. Oil & Sugar are main souces for weight gain .

Doris De Justo
Doris De Justo 5pts

some says it helps you lose weight because it makes your tummy full for long hours..some also says it lets you gain weight because of sugar it contains..therefore you should minimize/limit yourself from eating bananas...haha.

Melissa Forbes
Melissa Forbes 5pts

So which is it weight loss or weight gain. For banannas

Zaine Ali
Zaine Ali 5pts

Plz tel me weight again krne ki tepsz

Dinesh Patel
Dinesh Patel 5pts

( 4One of my friends sedeantry lifestyle lots of ( 4 bananas) a day lead to weight gain

Marites Malik
Marites Malik 5pts

Kung anong resulta dun sa unggoy n kumain yon na yon,,,,,

Dustin Perez
Dustin Perez 5pts

Lol be careful bannana are very very dangerous. Lock them up if you have kids in the house !!! Ha-ha.

Connie Yoga
Connie Yoga 5pts

The banana shows in the picture, weight loss. But the size we eat, weight gain.

Michelle Mentgen-Mason
Michelle Mentgen-Mason 5pts

When there are brown spots on them. That's when it's highest in cancer fighting oxidants. I can only eat it in a smoothie with protein at that point. For diabetics. They can only eat a medium sized banana half at a time. A medium banana is considered 2 servings

Daniel Trimboli
Daniel Trimboli 5pts

It's good to eat one a day, possibly two. But it's actually really good for bones and arthritis, wait gain.... I wouldn't say

Tara White
Tara White 5pts

I eat as much fruit, veggies, nuts & seeds as my body desires. Bananas are a big staple for me. I have a body that can gain easily. Bananas make no difference.

Gargee Vaidya
Gargee Vaidya 5pts

It is instant weight gain because i have seen outside the RSS(kind of military camp) who has to pass exam with certain criteria, they eat Bananas for instant weight gain. Try to eat one banana and weigh yourself.

Kongosho Do
Kongosho Do 5pts

Also we must not forget the importance of exercise and pumping the lymphatic system in the body our ancestors were not glued to computers and tv's they were moving everyday because we were not the top of the food chain as we are today any high calorie way of eating will cause weight gain if you dont exercise

Joe Thomas
Joe Thomas 5pts

You may eat one a day, but do you know when the fruit is ripe, for maximum benefit? :) I'll give you a clue... It's not when it is bright yellow... :p

Joe Thomas
Joe Thomas 5pts

This just proves the point that most folks have no idea of what they are eating... :p

Kongosho Do
Kongosho Do 5pts

Bananas are a super food I eat 15 to 20 per day and have lost 60lbs , doing a high carb low fat diet will reverse diabetes . The fat is the enemy not the sugar , when you consume fat it coats your cells preventing the sugar from entering your cells for energy . The body runs exclusively on sugar for fuel at the highest levels of function , the body releases insulin so the sugar can be uploaded . However when you consume fat it can't get into the cells causing inflammation in the arteries and a blood sugar spike . We been sold many lies one of them being that fat is good for us . Sugar gets a bad because they link it with fat , when you eat a low carb diet you will need stimulants like caffeine due to the lack of energy which destroys the adrenal glands temporarily causing adrenal fatigue which inhibits your body to get rid of poison from the blood through the release of adrenaline in your body .

Kaur Kwl
Kaur Kwl 5pts

For me it helps with gaining weight . in combination with milk

Tina Lopes
Tina Lopes 5pts

I don't know! !!!! I eat 2 ou 3 per week because I love it !!! yammmmy...

Dey Jey
Dey Jey 5pts

whether you can gain or loss weight from it, its still one of the most healthy and nutritious fruit and cheap too. :)

David Lange
David Lange 5pts

A banana isn't going to kill you. They're loaded w potassium . Enjoy