Ayurveda On White Rice Vs Brown Rice

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It ultimately depends on your agni (digestion power). If you have a strong digestive system then you can enjoy the additional Vitamin B of brown rice. But if you feel otherwise then stick with white, as its easier to digest. If your not able to judge then go in for white during summer and brown during winter as your agni is weaker and stronger respectively.

There’s a lot said about how brown rice is better than white, where the latter aids weight gain and has low nutritional value. But ayurveda says that rice reacts differently to ever body type and the type of rice doesn’t actually matter. Nevertheless, rice according to ayurveda is good for everybody immaterial of your constitution. With rice it really depends in the individuals agni, which includes several digestion related factors.
Another major factor that decides how rice is digested is how its processed, instant and precooked rice are often coated with glucose, making it difficult to digest.
The best way to go about this would be to consume white rice in the summer, when your agni is naturally weak. And go in for brown rice in the winter, when your agni is at its peak. Its also about knowing your digestive strength because brown rice has an extra layer of bran which takes more time and energy to digest. So if you already have a weak digestive system then stick with white or you can go ahead and enjoy the additional Vitamin B that brown rice has to offer.

CureJoy Editorial

The CureJoy Editorial team digs up credible information from multiple sources, both academic and experiential, to stitch a holistic health perspective on topics that pique our readers' interest.

CureJoy Editorial

The CureJoy Editorial team digs up credible information from multiple sources, both academic and experiential, to stitch a holistic health perspective on topics that pique our readers' interest.

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KieranFrank 5pts

there is a third option that is par boiled rice.  this is consumed by all coastal people of South India including Kerala, Goa, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu.  it is very medicinal and digestible and goes extremely well with fish curries

ManojShiva 5pts

The article has some wrong implications. Brown rice sure takes more time to digest. But you will not like to full gut yourself when eating brown rice. Its a natural phenomenon. Rice is a whole grain and it is only efficient to eat it with the bran. It doesn't impose on your digestive system instead it digests slowly and the insoluble fibre acts as a lubricant floating the meal. On the other hand eating white rice is a bad habit. First it is digested really fast but you have the risk of constipation. If taken too much on a daily basis it can lead to diabetes. Why do you think farmers who work hard are more prone to diabetes these days.. Its not coz their age old custom of living on rice. Its coz that rice they ate every day used to be brown & didnot push the pancreas to produce more insulin than usually required for a meal. Now it's thin and white and tasty and guess what, its minimum on protein & too much carbohydrates. So Curejoy please feel free to enlighten more on your western pragmatism. And don't relate everything to Ayurveda. Please stop selling what's ours to us.

KumudShah 5pts

is  Usna Rice and brown rice same thing?

Shawnee Motos
Shawnee Motos 5pts

We had rice shortage in the Philippines years ago,for a while we had to eat mixture of coarse rice and corn combo. At first we all thought it was terrible but after a couple of days it became just fine. Then when rice shortage was over and went back to plain rice, we missed corn and wished and didn't mind to have it forever \U0001f60e\U0001f33e\U0001f33b

Shawnee Motos
Shawnee Motos 5pts

It's a matter of getting used to it .. After a while you would crave it and would prefer one to the other . You have to try brown a few times.

Mirtha Scoles
Mirtha Scoles 5pts

I love white. Rice more\U0001f603\U0001f600\U0001f600

Suzanna Conn
Suzanna Conn 5pts

I always prefer brown rice, any whole food is better for you!! Besides there is a lovely nutty flavour to whole short grain rice..the best being from a health food shop...\U0001f33a

Jaya Cat
Jaya Cat 5pts

Brown rice good for diabetes

RobertEmmettCrowley 5pts

Ayurveda recommends white rice for pitta types, but not brown rice. I've found it to be a helpful suggestion and got over my distaste for white rice and I actually love it now but I still like brown rice :)

Mary Redden
Mary Redden 5pts

Brown better if diabetic. Raises Blood sugar less.

Vara Lakshmi
Vara Lakshmi 5pts

Thank you jen but what is the best brand name of the rice.

Jen Polintan
Jen Polintan 5pts

I use brown rice for me but my kids love white rice :/

Adi Dahan
Adi Dahan 5pts

Sorry for the ignorance but Where is it or what AIP means?:)

Elizabeth Ejoy
Elizabeth Ejoy 5pts

Our local Rice called Abakeleke RIce is very nutricious. Also Ofada Rice

VinuValiayaparambil 5pts

I think you should also talk about "podi ari" : broken brown rice which is used ideally in a gruel form,,,, then also the njyavara rice (which is used to to kizhi.)

Ayurveda 5pts

Ajitha Sundaram Thanks for the suggestion, we will definitely! :)

Riz Tak
Riz Tak 5pts

basmati rice is the best.......

Ajitha Sundaram
Ajitha Sundaram 5pts

It's very helpful as I have been running into digestive problems during winter n it's perfectly alright in summer .. In your next post if you can share on what kind of food can be consumed during winter for people with high Agni levels it would be great ..