How To Remove Facial Hair Naturally?

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There are many natural ayurvedic remedies to get rid of facial hair. A mixture of chikpea flour, turmeric, cream and milk will help. Juice of potatoes, lemon soaked and crushed yellow lentils, and honey can be used. Turmeric and black gram paste can be used. Ashokarishtam and Ashokagritham herbs can be also be used to remove excess facial hair.

How To Remove Facial Hair Naturally?

Removing body hair is practiced widely by women and more recently by men. Facial hair bothers some women, so they use many techniques to remove them. However, what is important to remember is that every individual differs, so their hair growth differs. Some reasons for hair growth in women are said to be depression, PCOS, and high testosterone. But, even people who do not have these ailments will have some level of hair growth which can only be considered natural.

But, even people who do not have these ailments will have some level of hair growth which can only be considered natural.
Beauty does not depend on hair growth, it depends more on how you feel within yourself. Some women may choose to remove their hair and some don’t. Both are perfectly fine.This post about some natural, chemical free, Ayurveda remedies to get rid of facial hair. These remedies are practically painless and will not damage your skin unlike many chemicals for hair removal.

In India, the birthplace of Ayurveda, especially in South India; many women use turmeric instead of soap on their faces. This is integrated with their religious culture. But there is another reason for using turmeric- to halt hair growth. It may take several months for the hair growth to stop, but it does for most women. Also, it’s used mostly on the face but using it on the body will also give the same results. It’s not used on the body because it tends to leave a yellow tinge and may stain clothes.

An important thing to remember is to not use the spice turmeric used for cooking on your skin. As the spice for cooking may have additional colors or other things added. You can get whole turmeric and grind it in your coffee/dry spice grinder or get turmeric powder for cosmetic use in natural stores.

Following are Some Natural Ways to Remove Facial Hair

1. Chickpea Flour Recipe


  • Take ½ bowl of chickpea flour
  • Add ½ cup milk
  • Add 1 tsp turmeric powder
  • Add 1 tsp fresh cream


  • Mix all the ingredients and apply on your face
  • Massage in circular motions and let dry for 25 min or until the paste is dry.
  • Remove the dried paste by rubbing palms on your face in direction opposite the hair growth

2. Neem Paste


  • Dry turmeric leaves
  • Leaves of Acalphya indica (Khokli or Kuppi)
  • Neem leaves


Grind all the ingredients and prepare a paste. Rub it on the face, before sleeping at night. At morning, peel off the dried mixture from your skin. Use it regularly for a few weeks.

3. Honey Recipe


  • 1 bowl of peeled and crushed potatoes
  • Press on a sieve and extract their juice
  • 1 bowl of crushed yellow lentils (lentils soaked overnight in water)
  • 4 tbsp lemon juice
  • 1 tbsp honey


  • Extract juice from potatoes and the rest of the ingredients to make a paste.
  • Apply on face and leave it to dry.
  • Wash with warm water once dry.

4. Turmeric and Black Gram Recipe

You can mix these two powders with water to make a paste and apply over the face. It removes excessive oil and prevents hair growth on the face.

5. Thanaka and Kusuma Oil Remedy

  • Remove all unwanted hair by shaving or any other hair removal cream.
  • Grind Thanaka (made from the bark or leaves of Thanaka tree/Elephant tree) and Kusuma oil (safflower oil) to make a paste (thickness similar to hair removal cream or wax).
  • Apply this paste to the hair removed area and massage well till it gets absorbed into skin pores.
  • Do not wash or wipe the area for at least 3-4 hours (preferably do this at night before sleeping).
  • Repeat this process for 100 days.

Ayurvedic Herbs To Remove Unwanted Hair Growth

1. Asokarishtam

Take about 25ml of this herb just before going to bed. It is known to be helpful in reducing unwanted hair.

2. Asoka Gritham

You can take about two teaspoons of this herb twice a day in the morning and evening. It reduces unwanted hair growth and makes skin better.

CureJoy Editorial

The CureJoy Editorial team digs up credible information from multiple sources, both academic and experiential, to stitch a holistic health perspective on topics that pique our readers' interest.

CureJoy Editorial

The CureJoy Editorial team digs up credible information from multiple sources, both academic and experiential, to stitch a holistic health perspective on topics that pique our readers' interest.

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merryclinic 5pts

The removal of facial hair and the prevention of hair loss can both be accomplished by the surprising effectiveness of natural treatments. The natural ways for a cure must always be preferred over artificial ones because of their harmlessness in producing absolutely no side effects.

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ritubedi46 5pts

Do we have to make the black gram powder in dry form or after soaking it overnight then we have to use it ?

Sereena Rai
Sereena Rai 5pts

I dida besan yoghurt pack today \U0001f605lol

Iya Valsadia
Iya Valsadia 5pts

This reamidy is used by many locals in Thailand for skin lightening as well.

Prianca Batra
Prianca Batra 5pts

from where i can buy the suggested herb for facial hairs

Ayurveda 5pts

You can refer to the link! :)

Neha Sareen
Neha Sareen 5pts

Best way for hair removal which r not touched by mean of tgreagmd waxing ....take slice of lemon ...juice squeeze out...n have juice of ginger ......now take lemon slice n use ginger juice on sliceor dio slice inner part on juice n smear on body n face ....but continue for 3month ...donot miss sinhle day...I had applied n sure results...waise she iskid jaldi asr kare ga

Ayurveda 5pts

Oatmeal powder is considered good for skin exfoliation. Hence, you can apply an oatmeal mask on your face and neck to remove dead skin and black spots. Grind half a cup of rolled oats. Add three to four tablespoons of lemon juice to make a paste. Scrub it on your skin and wash it off with warm water when it dries.

Ayurveda 5pts

Lemon juice has bleaching properties that can help get rid of brown spots. Plus, it helps maintain soft, clear and beautiful skin.

Asma Khan
Asma Khan 5pts

Do u know any home remedies for dark brown spots

Jalpa Vinal Patel
Jalpa Vinal Patel 5pts

This is an excellent information! Seriously!!! Thank you.\U0001f607

Malini Santhosh
Malini Santhosh 5pts

Sofia Majid what s alam powder?? For what it s used..?? For dry skin r for remove hair????

Vincent Jungenberg Jr.
Vincent Jungenberg Jr. 5pts

Hey......will it help eliminate my need to shaved my head!!? \U0001f609\U0001f61c\U0001f44d\U0001f60e\U0001f603

Dustin Wyman
Dustin Wyman 5pts

I'd use that for a Brazilian wax \U0001f609

Sofia Majid
Sofia Majid 5pts

alam powder one table spoon rose water one table spoon mix daily use

Ras Ita
Ras Ita 5pts

This, should be useful for the ladies.

Ayurveda 5pts

Shivangi Rathod Please do! :)

Shivangi Rathod
Shivangi Rathod 5pts

How to reduce oil from d skin I mean pls just me some creams or some easy products.....pls do reply.