How To Avoid Being Sensitive To Negative Energy

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Sensitivity is often labeled as a weakness but in reality it cultivates a strength that most people aren’t aware of. Sensitivity is more like a tool, that you must sharpen, clean and know when to put it away. 

We aren’t really taught how to manage our energy, and  some of us start absorbing the negative energy too easily.  We are engulfed with negative energy around us day in and day out.

In this video, Rachael Webb, an expert in spirituality, traditional Chinese Medicine and the power of mind-body connection gives you tips to protect yourself from negative energy, and channel your sensitivity in the right direction.

Watch this video and learn more about energetic hygiene

One practice that most people teach about protecting yourself from negativity is shielding yourself with white light. This has several loopholes.

So, when you perceive someone as scary or negative, you’re actually giving them your energy. You tend to think that their negativity is more powerful, their darkness is superior to your light. Then, you construct a shield around yourself, create a shield energetically to protect yourself from the negativity. By doing this, you’re giving them your POWER!

Now, a shield takes energy to hold up. So, you’re investing your energy in maintaining this boundary around you to protect yourself.

Rachael explains two techniques that can help you avoid getting entangled with negative energy and emotions! She teaches these techniques in her ‘Énergetic Healing’ online video course.

There are two primary practices you could try:

1. Cord Cutting (“Energetic Hand Washing”)

2. Containment ( Your “Energetic Rubber Gloves”)

This free course offer has expired.

To learn more about Rachael Webb an her offerings- visit www.soulstarmedicine.com


CureJoy Editorial

The CureJoy Editorial team digs up credible information from multiple sources, both academic and experiential, to stitch a holistic health perspective on topics that pique our readers' interest.

CureJoy Editorial

The CureJoy Editorial team digs up credible information from multiple sources, both academic and experiential, to stitch a holistic health perspective on topics that pique our readers' interest.

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Joncrg 5pts

It's ironic how some people read a book or visit a country and all of a sudden, becomes an expert on eastern practices....what folks fail to realize is that practitioners without real training or understanding of energy movements and control, can cause more harm than good.

Carlus Scarborough
Carlus Scarborough 5pts

This was the best thing I could've ever gotten into. Melanin. \U0001f44d\U0001f44d\U0001f4af

Jan Dix
Jan Dix 5pts

Judith Johnson,,,,thought you might like this!

Lise Poirier
Lise Poirier 5pts

S.v.p. Est-ce que on pourrait avoir les vidéos ou information en Français Merci

Boedhai Vboedhai
Boedhai Vboedhai 5pts

It's prayanam yoga.but not only this.you have to do more.

Lyn Golden
Lyn Golden 5pts

this makes more sense to me than red on the top

Milana Marquez
Milana Marquez 5pts

I don't have the app & i can't get it to come up. Nothing there......tryed a few times still nothing.

Wendi Joiner
Wendi Joiner 5pts

This is wha I see when I view u, kris ❤️

Maggie Murray
Maggie Murray 5pts

Ayurveda, there is lot of complaints about your link. We can't read it because when we click on it the app comes up and we can't find the topic on the app. You notify me Facebook was going to fix it, it hasn't !!!

Maggie Murray
Maggie Murray 5pts

Jan Pittard, how can I disconnect the app? I have the same problem I notified Aryuveda and they told me Facebook was going to correct it.

Jan Pittard
Jan Pittard 5pts

Since I put the app on the links do not put me to the correct link I'm uninstalling the app

Drsl Arora
Drsl Arora 5pts

Very nice appreciated adopt ayurvedic to live long and happy life it has no side effect and cure from root level not temporary and symptomatic jai ayurveda

Carol Chavez
Carol Chavez 5pts

Look Noelle Dalorise Patrice, Brooke Schnirel!

Anit SP
Anit SP 5pts

plz do #parnaayam yoga

Li Rivera
Li Rivera 5pts

....one of those days..\U0001f616\U0001f624\U0001f621

Li Rivera
Li Rivera 5pts

OMG you must be my twin soul I swear you know exactly when I'm feeling what!

Shirali Shah
Shirali Shah 5pts

Just in time article....very much needed!

Erin Hawley
Erin Hawley 5pts

Sarah Dues Hauri Claudeen Nellis-Engler Nançy E. Gordon

Amar Nayak
Amar Nayak 5pts


Patricia Phillips
Patricia Phillips 5pts

I know. I was not happy to hear some people take a year. Being that I'm 64 years young running from ageing. I just accepted, when my body is ready, it'll happen.

Ayurveda 5pts

Patricia Phillips That pose - some people do it on day one! :)

Caly Jahrmarkt
Caly Jahrmarkt 5pts

How to avoid being negative to sensitive energy…...