10 Amazing Nutrition Facts About Coconut Oil

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-Great source of saturated fat. -People who consume coconut oil everyday live healthier. -Has medium chain tryglycerides (MCT) boost fat burn. -Is a great anti-bacterial substance. -Rich in ketones, which kills hunger. -Reduces chances of seizure. -Reduces cholesterol.-Great for hair and skin care.- Improves brain function in Alzheimer's patients.-Burns belly fat.

Nutrition Facts About Coconut Oil

1. Saturated Fat:

It  is a great source of saturated fat with over 90% of the fat in saturated state. They also contain medium chain tryglycerides which are digested easily by the body.

2. Healthier Living:

People who consume coconut oil on a daily basis live healthier as compared to others.  The people of Tokelau consume a lot of coconut oil and base almost every dish out of it, they have shown zero traces of heart disease. Coincidence? Maybe not.

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3. Burns Fat:

The presence of medium chain tryglycerides help boost fat burn as the body requires a decent amount of energy to burn MCTs. So you’ll be burning calories just consuming coconut oil.

4. Prevents Infections:

Coconut oil is a great anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral agent. It contains high amounts of lauric acid and monolaurin keep away infections of any form.

5. Prevents Craving:

It is rich in ketones which have an hunger killing effect. So the next tie your craving for junk just go with a tspn of coconut oil and keep away those unwanted calories.

6. Prevents Seizures:

High amounts of ketones also reduces any chances of seizure. Studies have shown that a high ketone diet can void seizures especially in children suffering from epilepsy.

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7. Cholesterol Friendly:

Reduces cholesterol and eliminates the risk of heart attacks. Saturated fats increase HDL cholesterol levels in the body and even converts LDL over a period of time to reduce any chance of heart disease.

8. Hair and Skin Care:

It strengthens hair roots and prevents damage of any kind. Also it ability to remove lipid content from the skin makes it a great moisturizer, its also works well as sunblock.

9. Help’s Cope with Alzheimer’s:

Studies have shown that ketones and MCTs can help work as an alternative energy source for patients suffering from Alzheimer’s and improve their brain function.

10. Burns Belly Fat:

Another study shows that coconut oil can burn abdominal fat better than any other substance. Make it a part of your diet and notice the size of your waist reduce.

CureJoy Editorial

The CureJoy Editorial team digs up credible information from multiple sources, both academic and experiential, to stitch a holistic health perspective on topics that pique our readers' interest.

CureJoy Editorial

The CureJoy Editorial team digs up credible information from multiple sources, both academic and experiential, to stitch a holistic health perspective on topics that pique our readers' interest.

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Jamie Richard Lane
Jamie Richard Lane 5pts

Looks like I'll be doing a bulk buy of this in the new year. Xxx

Lisa Clark
Lisa Clark 5pts

All good advise but how much should you consume a day ?

Alicja Sakowska
Alicja Sakowska 5pts

You can get it any supermarket in the organic section

IzzyBear Essentials
IzzyBear Essentials 5pts

Great article! I have a four part series on coconut oil and its uses on my webpage as well.

Srinivas Kt
Srinivas Kt 5pts

What is price plz call me 7899220200

Fazal Ahmed
Fazal Ahmed 5pts

if pure from the house very good for cooking and especially for the hairs

Starr Gem Ramos
Starr Gem Ramos 5pts

where can i get that coconut oil here in the philippines?....'o'

Jodie Lovie
Jodie Lovie 5pts

I agree! If we are going to be a healthy then surely they should make it affordable for everyone!

Debra Saheb
Debra Saheb 5pts

Love Coconut oil - So when is it going to become less expensive?

Glenn Pramsoekh
Glenn Pramsoekh 5pts

My mom was using it on me... Now i am using it everyday

Danish Khan
Danish Khan 5pts

Fact no 1:- we cn get coconut oil from dried coconut

Linda Sheldon
Linda Sheldon 5pts

Also ...oil pulling..put some in mouth swish around 5_ 10 min. Spit out. Good for your gums pulls toxins out.

Erin Ross
Erin Ross 5pts

Thanks for showing me all these pages. I already use coconut oil.. i love it

Ayurveda 5pts

Chanel Rankin Thanks! :)

Leigh Truett
Leigh Truett 5pts

Want to try..i have heard alot abt. Coconut oil..

Linda Sheldon
Linda Sheldon 5pts

also used for taking off make up at night even mascara

Chanel Rankin
Chanel Rankin 5pts

Nope. You hardly taste it. Coconut oil goes a long way so you dont have to use that much :) enjoy!

Ghada Khouri
Ghada Khouri 5pts

could cooking with coconut make the food greasy or affect the taste of the vegetables ?????

Mary Shannon Stafford
Mary Shannon Stafford 5pts

I read that elsewhere- have u tried it? My cousin plucked hers to one line & she desperately wants them back - will it help that much?

LindaJoubert 5pts

How much do you take? Do you take it every day? For the hair do you put it in the hair or take by mouth?

Luz Victoria Giraldo
Luz Victoria Giraldo 5pts

The coconut oil is a great source for our diet and habits. A lot of properties can be followed when cook and eat. \U0001f44d\U0001f3b6\U0001f4d6\U0001f50d\U0001f49d