Acupuncture, Eastern Medicine and Blood Pressure

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How Acupuncture Regulates Blood Pressure

Acupuncture regulates blood pressure by exploiting a complex system known as the neuroendocrine system, which is composed of the endocrine system (primarily the hypothalamus, pituitary, and thyroid / adrenals), and the intricate working relationship it has with the nervous system. The endocrine system regulates hormones and metabolism.  The autonomic nervous system (ANS) is divided into two arms, a sympathetic branch (fight or flight), which plays a role in helping regulate the vascular tone and blood volume of the heart; and a parasympathetic branch (rest and digest), that regulates body processes like blood pressure and breathing.

The central nervous system (CNS) is a two – way communication network consisting of the brain and spinal cord, which processes all the information from the body and external stimuli. Information is collected by the nervous system, relayed through the spinal cord to the brain, and then the brain sends signals to the body through the same mechanism.

In terms of research, there is an ongoing accumulation of data on the regulatory effect of acupuncture on the endocrine system, and how it can restore balance to hormone levels. This includes studies on thyroid hormones, corticosteroids, and reproductive hormones. Modern research has also confirmed the effects of acupuncture on the autonomic nervous system (ANS) in a wide array of studies on (ANS) disorders such as: anxiety, insomnia, polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), cardiovascular disease, and epilepsy. O

ver the last decade, there has been an increase in neuroimaging studies on the effects of acupuncture on brain centers due to advancements in imaging technologies.  In one study, electro acupuncture was used to activate specific parts of the brain eliciting a hypotensive effect via the (CNS).

Recent investigations have indicated that one of the major contributors to high blood pressure is an overactive sympathetic nervous system (SNS). When the (SNS) becomes over-stimulated or dominant, it can cause vasoconstriction of the arteries in the heart; thereby inducing a hypertensive state. The latest studies show that one of the mechanisms by which acupuncture lowers blood pressure is by down – regulating the (SNS). One such study found that electro acupuncture activates neurons in the brain, which inhibits (SNS) activity by stimulating the opioid system (endorphins, encephalin) and nociception. Endogenous opioids modulate the bar reflex control system, which is a feedback loop between the heart, brain, spinal cord (CNS), (SNS) and the (PNS.) When the (PNS) is stimulated in this feedback loop, it inhibits sympathetic nerve activity, and therefore lowers the blood pressure.

There have also been studies showing that acupuncture outperforms Captopril, a commonly prescribed angiotensin – converting enzyme inhibitor (ACE – inhibitor) for high blood pressure.  One of these studies that compared electro acupuncture to Captopril concluded that electro acupuncture was significantly more effective than the Western medication at controlling blood pressure. A German study comparing true acupuncture to antihypertensive medications concluded that blood pressure reductions with acupuncture are comparable to monotherapies with ACE – inhibitors.

What are Acupoints?

When treating hypertension, we select a specific combination of acupoints, which vary depending on the particular clinical presentation of hypertension and any underlying causes.  We have many options to choose from on either the front or back side of the body, distal points on the extremities, as well as, points on the ears.  When we choose back points, some of which are referred to as back Shu points or points that are organ specific, in this case Heart specific, we often choose Jueyinshu – BL 14 or Xinshu – BL15.  These two points are specific for the pericardium and the heart respectively. They’re located in the upper thoracic region at the level of T4 and T5 spinal vertebrae; which innervate the heart via sympathetic nerves. Their traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) actions are as follows:

Jueyinshu – BL 14 

  • Regulates the heart
  • Unbinds the chest
  • Regulates & descends Qi

Xinshu – BL15     

  • Tones and nourishes the Heart
  • Regulates Heart Qi
  • Calms the spirit (spirit being the (SNS))
  • Unbinds the chest and resolves blood stasis
  • Clears Heart fire

Cure with Eastern Medicine

Eastern medicine is a dynamic system of medicine, which includes numerous forms and variations of treatments that the practitioner can choose from. For this reason, treatment protocols for blood pressure will vary from one practitioner to another depending on the disease presentation, and the style and perspective of the practitioner. Generally speaking, herbal therapy takes precedence in most treatment plans and acupuncture is used as an adjunct. This is because herbs work at a deeper level and continue the treatment while the patient is at home, while acupuncture works at a more superficial level. Together they formulate a cohesive treatment strategy that is very effective at treating the root cause of disease.

For any treatment to be truly effective, no matter what the cause of high blood pressure is, it requires great effort by the patient to make lifestyle modifications that will promote a heart healthy future. This includes:

  • Changes in diet & nutrition
  • Physical exercise (approved by your acupuncturist / physician)
  • Light exercise (Tai Chi, Qigong, yoga, meditation)
  • Quality sleep
Scott Stewart

Scott is a licensed & board certified (NCCAOM) acupuncture specialist who believes in treating the whole person (body, mind, and spirit). He achieves this through an integrative approach that combines Eastern & Functional medicine, both of which focus on exposing the root of disease. His ultimate goal for patients is to have the ability to make healthier choices, in order to support their improved quality of life.

Scott Stewart

Scott is a licensed & board certified (NCCAOM) acupuncture specialist who believes in treating the whole person (body, mind, and spirit). He achieves this through an integrative approach that combines Eastern & Functional medicine, both of which focus on exposing the root of disease. His ultimate goal for patients is to have the ability to make healthier choices, in order to support their improved quality of life.

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Avinash Sharma
Avinash Sharma 5pts

Acupuncture treatment should be done under the supervision of an Expert only as it is risky & people are not much aware in our country.

Marilyn Macaday
Marilyn Macaday 5pts

can you expand a little bit bigger so that the old ones/younger ones can see..... thanks

Puja Jaiswal
Puja Jaiswal 5pts

Thanks Ayurveda But there is only one home remedy \U0001f623

Gracious Palmer
Gracious Palmer 5pts

Acupuncturist works whether I know how it does or not. It works. "Energy (chi) flows through and around pathways (meridians)...Acupuncture helps to maintain the body's equilibrium..."

Gracious Palmer
Gracious Palmer 5pts

John G. Elliott, acupuncturist, in Redding, CA \U0001f44d

Sobu Sobu
Sobu Sobu 5pts

I dont know how to work this?

Puja Jaiswal
Puja Jaiswal 5pts

I asked how to cure low b.p Not how to reduce b.p

Erica Hunter Stephen
Erica Hunter Stephen 5pts

Works for me!! Is helping decrease the frequency of my migraines. Not helping the sciatica yet but I've only had four treatments so far.

Amna Shamsi
Amna Shamsi 5pts

I believe in Acupuncture 100% -- it works

Ali Gee
Ali Gee 5pts

Acupuncture is an amazing alternative for pain management & overall body health. It does work acumulatively, so it is best to keep up once you've begun treatment...

Chris Drake
Chris Drake 5pts

Carolyn if u find help for knees let me know! Torn meniscus. Got the injections, aleve,anti inflammatory meds not working, heard surgery always leads to knee replacement and I don't do good with surgery!

America Tinoco
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Ayurveda 5pts

Vandana Singh Thank You :)

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Angel Rose 5pts

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Angel Rose
Angel Rose 5pts

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