A gluten free diet could be causing more harm than good!!

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Oh no. That goes against the grain of most NDs and nutritionists. The old philosophy was: if the gluten is causing the problem, then remove the gluten.

The problem with this kind of reasoning, is that it reflects conventional medicine, ie., if cholesterol is a problem, remove the fats (Unfortunately, cholesterol was never the issue – it was the firemen at the fire; not causing the fire).

The challenge here is that NDs and nutritionists have made a similar mistake when looking at various gut issues and gluten. What they should have been asking is:

1) why is there a gluten issue for this person – when most people don’t have it
2) what is happening in the intestines that would lead to a gluten issue
3) how do we resolve the underlying issue
4) what happens when we remove gluten from the diet

Yolanda Sanz pusblished a study in Gut Microbes: 2010 May-Jun; 1(3): 135-137 addressing this particular issue. Recognizing that diet has a huge impact on the gut microbiota profile, she examined the microbiota of 10 subjects(granted that is a low N). These 10 healthy subjects were around 30 years of age. They were put on a gluten free diet for over one month. (Here we can postulate a question: does the same effect occur with people who are already compromised).

Her results showed a significant decrease in the “good” or “healthy” bacteria and an increase in the “bad” or “unhealthy” bacteria; in addition to a drop in the immune stimulatory effect, ie., certain types of immune cells (TNFa, IFNy and IL-8; IL-10).  This suggests one of two possibilities:   the gluten free diet led to a generalized reduction of the microbiota that provide cytokine production OR that the diet provoked a reduction in the kinds of microbiota that stimulate us to produce these same cytokines and chemokines. This result leaves the gut system moer vulnerable to the growth of more of the “unhealthy”, “bad” bacteria.  Whoops that is not what we wanted.

From this, one might conclude that the gluten free diet (with a significant reduction in polysaccrides for the healthy bacteria to feed on) left the system more compromised than it was before.

So the question comes up: why then do these people with gluten reactions tend to do well initially on the gluten free diet?  Why do health practitioners persist in this kind of treatment protocol when they find that these same clients end up with major clinical symptoms, nutritional deficiencies and further health issues down the road.

It is for these reasons, that I have chosen to work with gluten issues in an entirely different way.

Another way to work with gluten intolerance is:
1) use transfer factor to, in effect, re-program the immune system in the gut
2) increase the levels of glutathione, required to establish a good healthy immune system (most of which is in the gut)
3) use herbs to rebalance the pH of the entire gastro-intestinal tract
4) use a variety of probiotics, and in particular ones with transport systems, that get the probiotic to where it is required
5) depending on the severity of the client’s issues, we might also work with hydrocolonics to clean the gut before restoring it

This protocol is far more effective, in that, it does not:
1) leave the client with a polysaccride deficiency
2) leave the client with an even greater microbiota imbalance
3) leave the immune system further depleted and unable to provide protection
4) leave the client with the probability of establishing even greater issues down the road

To give one example: one client, in his late 60′s, had experienced gut issues his whole life. When tested with the ASYRA he had over 140 food allergies, including gluten. Within three months we identified 3 allergies!!  No nutrient deficiencies.  No other issues coming up.

Conclusion:  find the underlying problem and resolve it first, don’t just provide a bandaid to the issue.

Dr. Holly Fourchalk

Dr Holly practiced as a psychologist for over 20 years utilizing a variety of tools from EMDR – OEI – hypnotherapy, etc and then incorporated into her practice: Dr of Natural Medicine; PhD Nutrition; MA Herbal Medicine; REBA & ASYRA homeopathy; reflexology, laser; etc. As such she is truly a holistic practitioner. She not only works with cutting edge science but teaches around the world. In addition, she has published 11 books with three more in process.

Dr. Holly Fourchalk

Dr Holly practiced as a psychologist for over 20 years utilizing a variety of tools from EMDR – OEI – hypnotherapy, etc and then incorporated into her practice: Dr of Natural Medicine; PhD Nutrition; MA Herbal Medicine; REBA & ASYRA homeopathy; reflexology, laser; etc. As such she is truly a holistic practitioner. She not only works with cutting edge science but teaches around the world. In addition, she has published 11 books with three more in process.

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Laura Diane Lockhart
Laura Diane Lockhart 5pts

Fructose or refined sugar. I think if you're gluten intolerant it is likely you will have issues with refined sugar too. I know for my fibromyalgia, depression, anxiety, bladder issues and allergies it is recommended to cut out both. I have yet to be successful. But I would be very upset if I couldn't eat natural sugar that's in fruit.

Laura Diane Lockhart
Laura Diane Lockhart 5pts

I think the key is to eat whole, real food. Nothing processed. But yes I agree, a lot of contradictions.

Mathieu_Gagne 5pts

Great to have health advice by someone who relies on homeopathy. Wheat don't seems to do her much good either. 

Gia Beck
Gia Beck 5pts

As long as it's truly organic and doesn't have hundreds of ingredients I think we can it anything as long as we listen to our bodies and don't harm anything, like animals

S_Thomas 5pts

She evidently doesn't follow a grain free diet as it shows in her profile. It is articles such as this that cause more harm than good. I thank my God that I listened to the right people in effort to gain my health back. Dr. William Davis, Dr. Tom O'Bryan, Dr. David Perlmutter and Dr. Peter Osborne. If you are sick and don't know why you are sick look these guys up. They will help you when you get sick and tired of being sick an tired. Good health to all!

DrWilliamDavis 5pts

Wow, what a sad piece of misinformation and limited understanding. 

The wheat- and grain-free movement is NOT about gluten intolerance; it is about a rejection of ALL the components of these foods that provoke unhealthy reactions. This applies to the gliadin-derived opiates that stimulate appetite and initiate autoimmune diseases, wheat germ agglutinin that disrupts digestion and changes bowel flora, the phytates that nearly completely turn off absorption of iron and zinc, the amylopectin that raises blood sugar, ounce for ounce, higher than blood sugar, and new allergens created by the fiddlings of agribusiness and geneticists. 

Removing grains removes the small quantity of resistant starch that nourishes bowel microorganisms, but this is easily replaced through consumption of food rich in such starches. This is how humans did it for the first 99.6% of our time on earth until the USDA and Big Food got into the business of telling us how to eat for the health of big business, not for human health. 

Markie Parker
Markie Parker 5pts

Why is it a 'fad'?! This is an irresponsible headline for something that many take very seriously indeed! Such ignorance and insensitivity towards those who are truly benefitting from the absence of gluten in their diet.

Michelle Willing
Michelle Willing 5pts

Ok I'll reword it for you Jenny. I have had several statements from actual people that have had this happen to them. Didn't realise I had to word it so specific for you.

Mara Aslan Cummings
Mara Aslan Cummings 5pts

There are so many books about how to eat and so many of them contradict each other. The key here is to read as much as you can and listen to your body because what works for some might not work for others. And always eat organic and whole of course!!!

Jackie Strickland
Jackie Strickland 5pts

I eat gluten free because I must and it has been a blessing in disguise.

Julie-Ann Anderson
Julie-Ann Anderson 5pts

I can read a book or an article everyday that says something (anything) is bad. We'd starve if you believed it all. Just my opinion :)

Jenny Darling
Jenny Darling 5pts

I heard that the Easter bunny had an affair with mrs Claus

Gloria Warren
Gloria Warren 5pts

If you are not allergic to gluten, a diet without any may make you become allergic (hypersensitive reaction)

Red22 5pts

It isn't that you become "allergic" its that you likely always were sensitive to it but didn't realize it until you got rid it from your diet (detoxed so to speak).  Its likely that you will feel better without it and then realize how badly you end up feeling when you do get "glutened".  So many of us are accustomed to the effects of gluten on our bodies and see these effects as "normal" - like heart burn , bloating, gas, indigestion - a lot of people just pop an antacid and think these issues are normal - they are NOT!

Amit Mahalle
Amit Mahalle 5pts

Such a pathetic experiment and the result... I am not saying it is they are wrong.... But very amature...

Amit Mahalle
Amit Mahalle 5pts

U read this, this was there conclusion from few patients observe over a month... I will trust more detailed study as done in ayurveda which 10000 years old....

Wanda L. Skywater
Wanda L. Skywater 5pts

The 'wheat' that our elders grew & ate is no longer in existence, all wheat is now poisonous to consume... No matter what your blood type! But this gluten free thing no matter how well meaning is just another 'jump on the band wagon' fad... WAKE UP... Listen to your body, not the: mainstream~advertising~corporate~corrupted~puppeteers…

Linette Sue Montgomery
Linette Sue Montgomery 5pts

Gluten - if anyone who knows of or researches the Blood Type Diet or who has read the books on blood type diet and the science behind what food does in the body regarding blood type, would know that Gluten or no Gluten - wheat is Bad for O Blood Type ! And there are more O blood type humans in American vs A, B or AB blood :) "EATING RIGHT FOR YOUR TYPE" the Blood type diet http://www.dadamo.com/ How many people do not even know their blood type? I m O Negative Blood and my Mother told me this my entire life. I have had books on the Blood type diet since 2005 :) Judy Langley http://www.vanderbilt.edu/AnS/psychology/health_psychology/EatRight4YourType.htm

Curejoy 5pts

Thank you for your comment

Terry Taranto
Terry Taranto 5pts

Gluten free is the only option if you have celiac disease.

Mamta Khosla
Mamta Khosla 5pts

It may help some of friends who r gliten allergic

Libby Casarez
Libby Casarez 5pts

Whaaat? Danny, that seems so simple! How can we be expected to take note on our body functions and be hip to the newest thing that really isn't so new. I agree... If it's not working well then use your brain and figure it out.

Danny Grimes
Danny Grimes 5pts

Grains are a new comer. 20 thousand years/ what Stage are you consuming Them? some People Are Ill, because Of the Processing, and some Are Alergic, Because Of types, But If You Are having those problems and feel better By not Eating them/ Look At What Transpired In your Gut- Then, Find Other foods devoid Of Side effects!

Mary Collins
Mary Collins 5pts

Surely a good nutritionist would support the healing and balancing of the gut and all other systems at the same time as removing gluten from the diet!!