Curing Cancer With Carrots In 8 Months

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Six months after knowing she had cancer a woman came across a story about a man who prevented cancer by consuming 2.5 kgs of carrot juice a day. She tried the same and in 8 weeks her tumor stopped spreading, 4 months later her tumors started withdrawing and 8 months later a scan revealed that there was no trace of cancer.

In 2012, Ann Cameron was diagnosed with colon cancer. She decided not to take up chemotherapy as it didn’t work for her husband who passed away in 2005. Six months after her diagnosis the cancer spread to her lungs and reached 4th phase. She came across a story of a man who overcame skin cancer by consuming about 2 ½ kgs of carrot juice a day and decided to try it out.
8 weeks after a glass a day, her tumor stopped spreading and lymph glands began to shrink. 4 months later, her tumors started withdrawing and 8 months later a medical check revealed that there was no trace of cancer.
Carrots are rich in anticancer properties and carotene, which has proven to prevent tumor development in some. She later described this ordeal in detail in a book titled Curing Cancer with Carrots. So if you’re diagnosed with cancer, don’t lose hope and be open to potential remedies. It may or may not work for everyone, but natural cures like this are worth a try.

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CureJoy Editorial

The CureJoy Editorial team digs up credible information from multiple sources, both academic and experiential, to stitch a holistic health perspective on topics that pique our readers' interest.

CureJoy Editorial

The CureJoy Editorial team digs up credible information from multiple sources, both academic and experiential, to stitch a holistic health perspective on topics that pique our readers' interest.

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Vanessa Powell
Vanessa Powell 5pts

It's articles like THIS that make me so angry! Surely if curing cancer was as simple as using carrot juice, more people would be doing this? This just gives modern medicine and those going through this fight a kick in the teeth. A healthy diet obviously helps your body if it's going through any illness, but there's no way on gods green earth that carrots can cure cancer. Ridiculous!

SharonHofer 5pts

so do u just juice the carrotts or the greens also 

Thuan Quang Nguyen
Thuan Quang Nguyen 5pts

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Selina Inyangala
Selina Inyangala 5pts

True juice helped me heal ulcers that was really chronic

Kathleen Martell
Kathleen Martell 5pts

I wonder what impact carrot juice would effect on Rumitoid Arthritis?

Jessica Kanaris
Jessica Kanaris 5pts

Been drinking if everyday for the past couple years Sometimes adding beet juice also:)) gives me the vitamin A, beta carotene and iron I need. notice a lot of benefits from drinking it:)))

Camimila JVanstrom
Camimila JVanstrom 5pts

Yes a juicer is the best to use, but keep in mind, if your juicer has metal blades, you must drink it rite away. The friction from the blades causes heat which then depleats some of the nutrients rite of the bat. They sell juicers with plastic blades, that's what I recommend. A press is really the best out of anything. Look up Omega products. Juices in stores even organic have gone through a heat process, especially if in a glass container, so again loosung ALOT of nutrients by the time you buy it

Jolie Nantz
Jolie Nantz 5pts

Aminath, she just used carrots, but alot of people will add in an apple for a little sweetness. 7-8 carrots for a glass of juice. Our local health store sells the carrots in 25 lb. bags.

Bonnie Pieper
Bonnie Pieper 5pts

Too much carrot juice turns your skin orange.

Jacquie Schmall
Jacquie Schmall 5pts

I found out recently that a Pinapple is a cluster of fused berries. Am still puzzled. ^_^

Marilyn Moore
Marilyn Moore 5pts

We use to drink a lot of fresh carrot juice on a diet called The Hallelujah Diet . A friend of mine didn't have to wear glasses afterwards not to mention she beat fibromyalga .

Jolie Nantz
Jolie Nantz 5pts

My mom did...but she's still here with us almost 20 years later..we love her pale and freckled or slightly orange :)

Jolie Nantz
Jolie Nantz 5pts

Helen Devine , I know! Drink in the health!

Jolie Nantz
Jolie Nantz 5pts

Get a juicer (Breville is a good one) and then my Mom would use 7-8 good size carrots for about 8 oz. glass of juice. She did this 8 times a day. This was during her healing of her cancer. If you are just juicing for general health you may not want to do it that many times a day. She also did not allow anyone to say anything negative around her. Only positive words. Only positive thoughts.

Kaynat Rahman
Kaynat Rahman 5pts

carrot has a lot of karotin so its make yr hair thiker and longer thats why eat carrot juis regularly or apply it mix with henna . u can apply carrot past on yr face if u hve dry skin it can give u a glowing soft skin .

Heike Finch
Heike Finch 5pts

Best make it yourself, as the readymade carrot juice is not pure.

Leann Halsey
Leann Halsey 5pts

I've heard this but I've also heard there is too much sugar in carrots.

Sara Iwan
Sara Iwan 5pts

My dad had a tumor on his neck and after they remove it the chances to come back were high but he drank carrot juice for 6 months every day 2 glasses and some herbal teas and this tumor never came back since 12 years already... God didnt create plants and vegetables only for the beauty of thr eye HE created to be our cure our medicines ...

Anzy Shah Khan
Anzy Shah Khan 5pts

Samantha Sandra Roseann Pinto Zainab Rehman Sammy.. Drink everyday

Athie Dev
Athie Dev 5pts

Dev Ghana Pragasam Carmen Vkey

Amie Lee
Amie Lee 5pts

Will put carrot juice on the list.

Loren Wilkie
Loren Wilkie 5pts

Rhonda Wilkes Rhonda Fuller look into this

Khoily Living
Khoily Living 5pts

Not really just cause the juice gets to your bloodstream easily compare to eating them (most of the time u don't get the full blast nutrients coz the time of digesting loses some of

Penny Botkin
Penny Botkin 5pts

Brenda Jean Murrell you may want to read this